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    At a veteran’s cemetery, a cellphone’s Bluetooth app displays several nodes in the immediate vicinity, where there is nothing but the graves of recently-buried soldiers. It appears that the graphene nano circuitry from the Death Shot is still transmitting Bluetooth signals from the corpses six feet below.

    As discussed by Todd Callender, an attorney who has been defending military victims of vaccine tyranny, his team discovered that coronavirus is actually a patented device that was designed to be the backbone of the infrastructure of the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN).

    They also found a patent for harvesting energy from the WBAN and, indeed that all of the manmade viruses, like HIV and SARS-CoV-2 have their own IP addresses and all of the ‘vaccine’ ingredients have IP addresses, as do most over-the-counter medications, such as allergy pills – and that all of these drugs’ IP addresses are connecting to supercomputers owned by IBM and Microsoft.

    You can download a WBAN energy-harvesting phone app right now, at Inpersona that bills itself as “The First Web3 dApp that uses your heartbeat to mine crypto…You are a Crypto Mining Machine.”

    It is Bill Gates’ Patent 060606 brought to life.

    Todd says that, whether they’re harvesting the electromagnetic energy that we emit or they’re bombarding us with electromagnetic energy to alter our state, the common denominator is the telecommunications industry and it appears to him that the Swedish telecom, Ericsson is the primary culprit, along with Huawei that have a global monopoly on 5G.

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    • Bovine sequence here. A valid test with substantiated data would be to move the phone around the suspected stones. Otherwise random devices could be scattered around in a false perimeter.

    • Operation Domestic Quell (from the 90’s) had all the big conglomerates putting nanotechnology in our food and in our drinks. People have no idea how advanced the intel agencies have become thanks to the seemingly endless stream of illegally seized tax revenue. Physicians are not taught about nano so when you go to your doctor with a problem this infiltration is causing, they are going to prescribe even more poisons to make you sicker. The end game is control – on every level – and if you are unable to be under their thumb you will be eliminated.

    • This is how I noticed it with android. I used to go to a hospital cafeteria for lunch for about 20 yrs and use the guest wifi, and sometimes an ear bud. After the first round of Vax, when I would drag my finger down to ” select” which wifi I wanted, instead of possibly 4 choices with different names like ” guest” , I got about 25 adressess that began with MC00000000 then a series of numbers. They were never there before. I never noticed Bluetooth, but there were dozens of new wifi starting with MC___.
      I don’t get them anymore. I suppose that was startling too many people. Like we weren’t startled enough pulling white strings out of co- workers and loved ones. I’m not too popular, so one of the bags with clots is the first youtube short I ever put up. It’s a bag coming out of a liver and we are pulling those white clots out. And a Dr got shitty with me, saying the same things were in his mom before she died, and he wasn’t allowed to see her. They were full on registering wifi addresses, not just blue tooth. Maybe that’s why they died? Maybe it takes more graphine to register as a wifi address than a blue tooth? Can someone tell me that part? Alexandra, look at my first u toob short, that is a bag coming out of a liver with the worst Vax you could find on it was one of the deadliest cereal numbers beginning with E from. MDRNA
      I’m FeLiNa O’Reite on YouTube. The first long video is me getting pulled over, so go straight to shorts.
      And this body is still alive, and it doesn’t have an MC —-address anymore, and they haven’t taken any more Vax. If there is anything this video proves to me, is that they got better at hiding the addresses from civilian devices. Because when this started, like I said, where there were about 4 options in a hospital cafeteria, and within a week, I don’t remember sitting down or even checking for awhile because we were so busy. Then there were dozens of these MC ones, but most of those people are probably dead if they didn’t have someone physically keeping their organs alive while pulling these clots out like spaghetti. The medical equipment isn’t even thick enough to support clots like that coming out. This has not happened. People , drs, nurses, wouldn’t seen these clots if they were back from Vietnam. Mortuary people? Nope, nope, nope. This covid started, and if they gave it to a few people from different wars, than it was post- mortem.

    • Smart dust via food, water, geoengineering or vaccinations can be introduced and transmit info back to whoever using ELV or low freq.

      A new camera/sensor, the size of a grain of salt, has shaken up the technology world. These miniature cameras can operate wirelessly and are small enough to inject into the human body. Watch out for Smart Dust.

      Sounds like something from a movie, right? Well this invention is very real and is changing the way we research and observe.
      Yes detox, zeolite, C60, NAC precursor to glutathione and helps un calcify your pineal gland in brain (helps with intuition and thought process). Your atmosphere is polluted also get rid of fluoride -is a poison

    • This is pretty spooky. What is the ultimate purpose? I don’t think we are seeing it yet, because we have not yet been shown the Vaxxine’s ultimate purpose. An actual Zombie Apocalypse may be possible. How long has this experimentation been going on? Vietnam? World War II?
      Remember “The Night of the Living Dead?” I put nothing past these Satanic devils.

        • omg when i did this setting at my kitchen table
          my light blubs showed up as having bluetooth
          under the heading
          I’m sitting directly under an LED canister. Of course I prefer
          the original Edison blub but the government took them away.
          sneaky was to attack someone turn up the 5g and zap

      • You should probably check everything within the range and make sure nothing but the person is there (need to also be sure that the person does not carry anything); otherwise you will only see the device without knowing where it comes from.
        Or cover everything in the room with tin foil or something similar, and make sure no signal is coming from outside.
        You should also test with multiple bluetooth apps, in order to make sure that that there isn’t any software bug.
        Furthermore, it is preferable to have an “open sourced” app and let someone else examine the code in it.
        I’ve already tried to check myself, and haven’t got any reliable result enough to convince me that it actually comes from the person or elsewhere.

      • Should this be considered as real evidence???
        He’s the general concept of “scientific evidence”

        Otherwise you won’t know whether the signals comes from other devices or some sort of software bug or else.

        blows my mind when some people jumps into conclusion based on their belief.
        These folks could be either right or wrong, but if they don’t do the right kind of study, it will be basically the same as when these governments & a-holes of big pharma trying to force on injections based on fraud (no evidence of virus).

    • What he needed to do was go into the oldest part and keep going to more recent times and see where it began.

    • Thank You for this one more incriminating video! It would be great to also sow that remote areas, far away from people are having clean screen…

      • That’s been done by some people in Mexico. Out in the middle of nowhere, far from any signals whatsoever, vaxed people were shown to be emitting addresses. Also, there’s other videos showing the recently dead emitting addresses.

        BTW, Clif High has asserted that caskets nowadays have RFID chips in the them and that’s what’s being picked up. I like some of Clif’s stuff but he is wrong on that one. I just called one of the largest casket manufacturers in the U.S. They are not putting RFID chips in caskets.

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