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One of the oldest stories on Earth is that this place is victim to a recurrent cataclysmic event, akin to a reset button that can send advanced civilizations back to the Stone Age in a geological instant.

The Great Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Bible, the Three Cataclysms of the Vishnu Purana, the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The history of the world is rich with stories of cataclysms.

The 5 Suns of the Aztec teaches that the present world was preceded by four other cycles of creation and destruction.

According to official records of Project Nanook, Major Maynard White, the US Government discovered in the late 1940s that the Earth undergoes major magnetic flips every 10,000 to 12,000 years, which causes the surface of the Earth to catastrophically shift in the space of one day. This information was officially kept from the public.

The mysterious Great Pyramid of Giza was built with dimensions that memorialize the Golden Ratio, Pi and the speed of light and along with the Sphinx, forms a working clock of the Great Year.

The Great Year is the astronomical cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic, a cycle that repeats just about every 26,000 years, leading many to speculate that the cataclysm is a somewhat fixed event in this cycle of time.

Many researchers believe that the Great Pyramid, along with several other ancient structures that memorialize the Great Year were built to warn us about the recurrent cataclysm.

Our Sun has its own recurrent cycle and in almost ever cataclysm story throughout history, the Sun plays a major role.

Researchers have found 11, 88, 200 and 2,400-year cycles, which involve the oscillation between Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum; Solar Maximum being when the Sun exhibits the most sunspot and solar flare activity. Many researchers now believe that this cycle leads up to a recurrent nova of our own Sun.

Recurrent novas have been observed all over the night sky the mainstream theory is that stars become congested with atmospheric material and eventually expel in an explosive outburst.

And there is much evidence our own Sun experiences these recurrent novas, which likely is related to the solar flare and sunspot cycles. The latest research tells us that the Sun is more electrical than it is nuclear fusion and that it has an electromagnetic relationship with the Earth.

This would suggest that the electromagnetic reversals of the Earth occur when the Sun novas. And so the big question is: when will that be?

Douglas Vogt has been studying this subject for decades and predicts that a recurrent nova will next occur in 2046. He arrived at this date based on Sun cycles, as well s Biblical coding.

The Maya Long Count Calendar began in 3113 BC and was marked by days, not years; 1,872,000 days. Nearly all sources brought the Maya Calendar to an end in 2012, by dividing the number of days by 365.24 days in the year.

But Jason Breshears of points out the fact that prior to 713 BC, there were 360 days in the year. In 713 BC, all the civilizations of the world changed their calendars to add 5 days. In Persia, these extra 5 days became known as the “Bad Luck Days”, in ancient Mexico, the “Useless Days” and for the ancient Maya, the “Unlucky Days”.

When we adjust accordingly, we have 864,000 days before the calendar change, 1,008,000 days after, which brings the Maya Calendar to an end in 2046. This also raises the question, what happened in 713 BC?

According to the Bible, 86,000 people were killed by an angel that year, followed by God moving the Sun by 10º. Perhaps one of these cataclysms happened that year.

Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers has been closely analyzing all this scientific data and based on the rate of decline of Earth’s magnetic field, he concludes that the solar nova will occur between 2040 and 2060.

This is one of the oldest stories on Earth and if it is true, then it would explain why so many people are convinced the world is going to end in 20 years. It would explain the entire “manmade Global Warming” cover story.

It could explain the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

It would explain why Ray Kurzweil estimated the transhumanist Singularity for 2045.

And it would explain the entire outrageous, desperate transhumanist goals of the World Economic Forum.

For if this were true, it would mean they are attempting to achieve the impossible: maintaining their power throughout the Earth’s Great Reset.

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  • Gate keeping yes, except the introduction of mRNA gene therapy for a cold that makes you die two years older than is the pre jab averaged age of bucket kicking. I can’t help but wonder if Neanderthals might have been very much like us before they got mRNA shots some 25,000 years back.
    I also find myself wondering whether these shots my also contain the “off switch” for the “God Gene”, (as described in a video of a claimed CIA seminar about this jab that apparently creates angry responses to any pro spiritual writings or religious scripts.

  • I have never heard these globalist connections being linked to the coming colapse of earth’s Electromagnetic field other than from my own incessant thoughts. When I’ve commented on it there is never any response. It is reassuring to know it is being put out there by others, and rational conclusions are not confined to my busy little mind.

  • Greg’s report is 1000% CORRECT! We (humans) have been through this MANY times before.
    And I have been saying all along…..the reason these Psychopaths are in such a hurry, to kill us all off, is that the next Cataclysm is upon us. When these Psychos emerge from their underground bunkers/cities, they do not want billions of OUR BODIES to litter ‘their’ planet.

    Edgar Cayce also spoke about what WILL happen, in OUR/THIS period in time. Look into what he had said; also see: ‘Edgar Cayce’s Map’. Which shows, pretty much, the DRASTIC Earth Changes that will happen. New Land rising….like Atlantis; a land bridge from Australia to NZ…..Iceland & Greenland. Africa will now be 3 islands. Most of Europe & western Russia will be under water. The west coast of the US will ‘fall into the sea’/be under water. The east coast’s coastline will come further inland/Fla will ‘shrink’. The Great Lakes will ‘drain’ into the Gulf….forming a new, HUGE river, from north to south. And so on.

    ALL HUMANS need to take heed and plan accordingly. Zombies & Demons (NON HUMANS) please ignore this…….we don’t want you, as we HUMANS rebuild the HUMAN Race!!

  • We now have 140 nuclear plants on the planet. Who will keep these plants from melting down and fissioning into the planet, if the plants are not being managed? People always seem to forget the nuclear plants when discussing such scenarios.
    If Dane Wiggington is correct, none of us will be alive by 2046. humans will be long gone by then. The rate of animal and insect extinction is remarkable, hardly anyone speaks about this reality.

    • That’s what I worry about too! Having all of these nuke planets, and the stored-underground-spent fuel rods coming back to bit the Survivors of this, in the ass! I’ve looked into it a bit……but it seems like the ‘safest’ place, to escape this radiation, is in the Southern Hemisphere. After all, those ‘in the know’ (the ‘good guys’), say that the next Root Race comes out of the Brazil area.

      • Maybe they are not really nuclear plants. I heard long ago, they run on steam, that’s why they are always by a river or lake.

      • yep and the BSers like M Adams spend all their time seling their wares and keeping people afraid of their on truth ! So they are afraid to live and act like the sheep they are and jsut repe his nonsnes and donohignat all sam as MIk does. A lot of talk and thats it !

        Mike censors a lot for people to keep his herd as he sees fit ! I know becasue I was one of them. A real free speecher and got banned and for what exctly, pointng out MIkes junk ? I call total BS on Mikes sites as free speech outlets. Maybe 50% at best as MIke isnit who rio wht he claims to be. Many will fond out the hard way as he gets worse about talking in circles most of the time now. Is he evil, NO just ignorant same as his herd ! He is 50% correct on most matters and 100% on some as well.

    • Indeed the climate warriors need to get their heads out their own rear ends, and recognise we need to leave the next age only with the natural mess to clean up, not extra radioactive garbage we so carelessly discard or push away for others to be poisoned with. A race that lets the worse than useless make the decisions that should be made by those who are at least guided by a rational sense of responsibility.

  • The Mayan calendar does NOT end in 2046 – it simply is the end of an era and another one begins. This is a common mistake that is made but a Taino shaman (indigenous Cuban) who had studied for decades with Mayan shaman timekeepers told me this a few yrs back. This was right before the big Dec. 21, 2012 flap about the world ending (again). He was very clear about this, there is no end to the Mayan calender, just as there is no end to any calendar. It’s like in December, at end of the year, you get a new calendar or flip the page to Jan of the new year, it’s simply the ending of one era and beginning of another one.

    • So that beautiful photo is supposed to represent the Mayan calendar?
      If so, that is hilarious because that is the same design engraved in marble at the Castle in Germany, where the SS met on a regular basis.

  • First, I’m pretty sure it’s (not archaics).

    If you are interested in learning more about the researcher that Mr. Reese mentioned (Doug Vogt), the following may be of interest:

    I’ve been following the Earth Changes channel (now on Telegram) for years. I came across Doug Vogt earlier this year and posted the following on the EC channel July 25th:

    “Okay, so I’ve come across a supernerd name of Doug Vogt (at also on YT) and he has a theory of everything that I’m still getting into but I thought I would pass along what I’ve come up with so far in case I get hit by a truck or something. TL;DR is the sun novas every 12068 years (a very specific number that he says is verified in the Torah), a bunch of ocean water gets evaporated, the Earth cools, the evaporated ocean water winds up as snow miles thick and we have an ice age for a good long while. At this point I am going to kibbitz and suggest that the way those critters end up flash frozen at the poles (with green food in their bellies and mouths) is the polar caps get so heavy that they are pulled to the equator by centrifugal force, quickly melting and submerging all civilization that was near the previous much-lower sea level. The bad news is he calculates the next nova is slated to occur in 2046, perhaps explaining why the DS is practicing eating bugs and getting hysterical about getting rid of everyone who doesn’t have a confirmed reservation for space in the DUMBs (and thus might pose a danger to them if left alive topside).”

    Which led to this exchange with the Earth Changes proprietor (Michael Mandeville aka MWM):

    “MWM Posts: Re Solar Nova every 12068
    You can relax by letting that one go completely. It is definitely not happening. Facts in the ground and on the ground absolutely testify to a completely different reality.”

    “Dear Michael,
    please save me the 100+ hours of watching the nearly unwatchable Doug Vogt Diehold videos by pointing me to where I can easily find refutation of his theories. Please help me with this.”

    “MWM Posts: ok. – will post later, maybe tonight.”


    On August 22nd I posted:

    “I couldn’t wait any longer for “later”. He (Doug Vogt) seems to be a very serious, straight high school physics teacher-type guy, prone to verbal typoes using very poor sound equipment. His theory is (as far as I’ve gotten) is not outlandish; somebody could start with his “Series 1, Part G (or 6) and then watch “Series 1, Part 10” and get most of what he is saying. Regarding the 12,000-year (or so) gap between solar burps (which have previously reset civilization back to the Stone Age each time, he references peer-reviewed studies published in journals like “Nature” (for one example) that find pertinent debris in glacier core samples spaced 12,000 years apart. There’s a lot more to it than I have time to describe; I’ll just say that I’m not sorry for the time I’ve spent watching his (usually half-hour) videotaped lectures.

    Interesting side note: the G/6th lecture was filmed 4 years ago, the 10th one was taped more recently; in the meantime, Doug appears to have aged about 10 years, apparently due to having contracted “I got real sick last year” illness (which he called “covid”, whatever that is, and which I am chalking up to him being so busy researching that he never gets out in the sun so his vitamin D level is probably zero).”

    Bottom line, it looks like there is gatekeeping going on concerning this subject.

    • Gate keeping yes, except the introduction of mRNA gene therapy for a cold that makes you die two years older than is the pre jab averaged age of bucket kicking. I can’t help but wonder if Neanderthals might have very much like us before they got mRNA shots some 25,000 years back.
      I also find myself wondering whether these shots my also containbe the off switch for the “God Gene”, (as described in a video of a claimed CIA seminar about this jab that apparently creates angry responses to any pro spiritual writings or religious scripts.

  • Sky Books by Radu Cinamar say that button is inside earth under Romania.
    That’s the history eraser button! Ah, Space Madness…

  • It’s the end of the world, and we know it. But I feel fine?
    Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.
    But don’t worry, be happy.
    Just some old music that came to mind.

    • That’s right James. I have felt fine through this entire 6 years. It’s because it is the Natural Cycle of the Heavens in accordance with the Earth that takes place every 2,160 years.


      • HEY KennyBoy, it is not His-Story. It is Her-Story. Do your research please. Lastly this whole website/internet is a DISTRACTION. LOOK WITHIN KennyBoy :)))). EVERYTHING IS AN EXTERNALIZATION OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, WAKEY WAKEY :)))). DROPS MIC 🎤………….

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