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What is blackout bread? A blackout bread is not just for preppers, but first and foremost, for everyone! We never know what will happen and there have been so many talks about a blackout in the past. A blackout is a power outage and we can all relate to this word. That is why it is important to be well informed. That’s why I want to show you in this video how you can bake bread without electricity even in the worst case scenario, in the event of a blackout or power failure. I hope we never experience it, but it’s always important to know how to help yourself. What I’m going to show you today is a worst-case scenario of baking bread without electricity if the baker’s is out of electricity or your oven isn’t working because of a power outage. And I promise and prove to you that it’s not just any bread, but really good and, above all, delicious bread.

To bake bread with tea lights, you can use bread dough up to 500g. It is also important that you have two pots that fit into each other or that you have one pot that comfortably fits a baking pan or springform pan. You need enough tea lights (please pay attention to the important information in the video), these should have a burning time of at least 4 hours.

As described in the video, you should consider the distance from the ground to the pot as much as possible. Of course, this depends on how heavy the pot is and how much the grating pushes through. The flames of the candles should not touch the bottom of the pot if possible (and if they do, it is not so tragic). However, the heat directly above the flame is hottest and most effective.

If necessary, a normal stainless steel pot with a glass lid is also suitable as a pot, it may just take a little longer in it. A cocotte (a roaster) is best. This stores and conducts the heat best.
If you have any further questions, I am always available in the comments.

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In any case, I wish you a lot of fun imitating it, because this is not just about the bread, but also about how good you are at improvising. Afterwards, the result tastes good too.

Have fun and bon appetit!

In the video I chose the following ingredients:

• 450 grams of all purpose flour or bread flour
• 1-2 tsp dry yeast
• 1-1.5 tsp salt
• 280ml of water

If you want to bake with 500g flour, use 300ml water. The rest stays the same.
Wheat flour or spelt flour, type 405, 550, 630, 1050, works best. Wholemeal should also work well. Rye flour only proportionately, max 15%

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