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Clif High joins Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog with solid analysis about the looming hyperinflation, zombie apocalypse, Holodomor 2.0, the impending stock market crash and the potential closing of the market for a matter of time and the future of cryptocurrencies.


He begins with his personal advice about how to deal with Joe Biden’s vaccination strike force teams when they show up at our doors. He suggests that we not be afraid but instead, to take the opportunity to be friendly and to red-pill the door knockers and collapse this wannabe totalitarian effort from within by overwhelming these untrained volunteers with the truth. This is an information war and this is how to win.

For example, we could share the data points that have informed our decision to avoid the jab, like the CDC’s own report, last week of over 9,000 Americans dead and over 430,000 adverse events reported to VAERS as of July 8th. This is many more deaths than all previous vaccines combined and these numbers could in reality be much, much higher, according to a 2011 Harvard University study that revealed that cases reported to VAERS may account for less than 1% of actual cases. There’s also the nearly 18,000 dead and nearly 1.7 million officially reported injured on Europe’s EudraVigilance system and double those numbers in Asia and Africa.

If this fails, you can always call 911 to report any trespassing strike forcers that refuse to leave and if your police are “woke”, you can still insist on pressing charges.


But I digress, because the main message has to do with with the impending zombie apocalypse, engineered famine and economic crisis accompanying the collapse and hyperinflation of the US dollar, which Clif says will begin in earnest in late September and October.

We are looking at the imminent collapse of the federal economy. He says government accounting software is full of built-in limitations, which will make budgeting and payments all but impossible, as the dollar hyperinflates. He says, “The Government will actually not be able to write checks, because the computers will refuse to print them…there are all kinds of – thousands of – constraints that are built-in to software that were figured at a time when there was a more rational, notional view of inflation that was closer to reality. Now, we have this weird bifurcation, where we have the mainstream establishment; the Biden administration and the Fed, maintaining through lies that inflation is not as high as it is and yet, in the factual, day-to-day reporting of it, the inflation is creeping out, beyond their ability to actually control the prices. Unless we put price controls on, we will soon reach the point where many of these government contractors will exceed the constraints, simply because of the course of the inflation creeping up.”

As an example of this, he says, “There are federal agencies here, in Western Washington that have to get special permission to go and buy gasoline for their vehicles, because the gasoline is costing more than the amount allocated on the contract they’re working under.”

Clif estimates that we are currently experiencing actual inflation of 30%-40% so far this year, if we look at John Williams’ Shadow Stats on most of the things the Federal Government is going to have to buy. This will cause all of the budgets to be re-done and the software revised. This will affect the Government’s ability to pay people, that will mimic the days of the Weimar Republic of early 1923, when 90% of the non-military federal employees walked away, because there was no point in showing up.

The Bundespost shut down, the markets shut down because of hyperinflation, causing the government to collapse and “There was no one for the population to go and beat up, because all of the federal employees had converted over to just being civilians and they were irritated, as well…

“We are at the death of empire. All empires die of hyperinflation. The British Empire died of hyperinflation and the Pound Sterling took a huge hit and it was the global reserve [currency] of the planet. This is the closest we’ve had in modern times to what we’re going to be through and it cut about a third of purchasing power away from the average citizen of the UK. So, we will lose about a third of our purchasing power as we go forward through this hyperinflation in just the next few months.”


Clif says, “Inflation only exists if you have to compensate real wealth for dollars or for your currency. We could use Monopoly money and run an entire country on the Monopoly money and print it out in vast quantities every day, as long as we were destroying it every night, so that we were dealing with a known set of scarcity. And that’s what they’re trying to manage. This what they call Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). And the idea is that we will open up the spigots on the front end and we will pump as much money as is politically necessary to keep the populace from cutting the throats of the power elite and stringing them up on trees. That’s their goal. And then, on the back end, in order that we not run into a hard wall of money having to equal value, we will siphon the stuff out before it reaches that point.

“So we can print a trillion dollars ever hour and suck out almost a trillion dollars every hour and as long as we are able to maintain that sucking process, so to speak on the back end, everything is good because we’ll only have to reconcile, say a billion dollars per hour with real value, which is doable.

“So we’re at that point now where the empire is collapsing. It’s collapsing because the money is no good and the lack of sound money is more than just the philosophy and the liquidity. If your money is unsound, it affects the populace – every single individual – at a core energetic level within their being and it shapes all of their destiny. And it shapes their destiny for all of their life…

“Sound money produces a situation where one person need work to support four…We’re rapidly approaching the point now, as was encountered in 1789, when almost every person in the family has to work in order to get enough money to provide food. The only reason why we’re not like the peasants in France that revolted and set up the guillotines is because they’re supplying us with this ‘stimulus’ money…to maintain the populace calm. That’s their goal.”

This has led to difficulties in getting anyone to work and the consequent collapses in the supply chain, which was entirely expected by the power elite. This is what’s known as Kondratiev’s crack-up boom.  “It happened in 1789 and a lot of the elite lost their lives. This time, they don’t want to lose their lives.” This is a big part of what the Vaxx Apocalypse is all about, as well as the engineered famine that is on the horizon.


Clif continues, “They’re attempting to take advantage of the fact that people don’t want to work. They’re going to create labor shortages in the food industry and…they want to starve hundreds of millions of people to death over the next two years. The reason that they’re attempting to do this is because their plan to destroy those same number of people over the next five years with lockdowns has failed. 

“It failed because…of a counteroffensive. The face of that counter-offensive was Trump. He took actions back in 2020 that today are pushing the power elite towards starvation of us, because their plan to lock us all down and kill us off slowly, in our own little cages fell apart. So now, they’ve got to do something, because they’re committed. They’re at a stage now, where they can’t back down and they must continue with the idea of trying to kill as many of us as possible, now that we have this Great Awakening and now that they have broken the veil of secrecy…this is why the door-to-door thing (vaxx strike forces).” 

He says, “The vaccine is not a vaccine…they’re trying to inoculate maybe 95% of humanity out of existence.” As far back as 2003, he says his Web Bots data was coming back with 1.24 billion people dying prematurely and right now, we’re at a point where slightly over 2 billion people have been injected with the spike protein-graphene oxide paramagnetic nanoparticles.

He says that certain UK groups associated with the Tavistock Institute are predicting that 60%-70% of those who were vaccinated will sicken and die this fall. If their data is accurate, it would be very close to his Web Bot predictions starting 18 years ago. If 60%-70% of the 46% of the US population that the Biden administration claims has been vaccinated, we’re looking at over 100 million dead in the US and a collapse of the social order. We won’t have enough truck drivers, we won’t have enough dentists, doctors, airline pilots, cargo ship pilots, etc.

Just prior to the vaxx die-off, which is starting to happen now, the victims will lose their mental faculties, due to micro-blood clots in the brain and in the heart, which are the cause of neurological damage and enlarged hearts, according to recent autopsies in Europe. “Blood clots occurring at a capillary level. This has never before been seen. This is not a rare disease. This is an absolutely new phenomenon.”

It’s been reported that 19 out 20 Democrats have taken the vaxx, so their demise will accelerate the end of wokeness, along with a post-apocalyptic economy no longer being able to support such nonsense.

I’m not going to summarize the whole thing but this is a blockbuster interview with amazing insights, well worth you time.


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  • Do you remember a prophecy in the Gospels that the end times would be shortened by divine action or mankind would be completely destroyed? Is this the “ascension”/new America promised by new age people and just about every patriot? People will see it coming in different manifestations….the return of the historical Jesus, the Christ in Spirit growing and metaphysically quantum tilting the balance toward a new world, Trump coming back and patriots prevailing, etc. Hmmm…you know humans are psychic and often the prophecies are long told before they occur in history. How many end time prophecies have been given worldwide?? Probably as many as flood stories from long in the past. We better hope the end times will be shortened because this is sounding pretty dire.

  • This is all happening because America has become too succesful. Its producing too many million/billionaires and they’re butting up agaisnt the global elite and cutting in on their profits and land. So in turn they’ve systematically destroyed the education system and small business and monopolized the big tech industry; in turn destroying the ability to become rich and compete with their wealth.

    • No Dwayne, This is happening because America allowed the ‘Federal Reserve’ to take over their Currency in 1913. Which then in turn had to go to War to feed the Beast. That is in fact what WW1 & WW2 was all about, setting up Global IMF Banks. Look at Gaddafi in Libya when he went against them as well.

      • Absolutely. The Fed… and the IRS spawned to collateralize the debt interest are the spider at the center of the cabal web. Nothing’s going to change until these cash cows are denied the cabal. The continuous wars are part of the same system of harvesting the common folk. We’re dealing with parasites here. I wish people would stop calling them the “elite.” There’s nothing about them that’s elite except the money they’ve stolen by fraud over the centuries, going at least back to the 1700’s with the formation of modern banking which was the system meant to do the harvesting. Some folks say it’s a system with roots in Babylonian Debt Slavery. Some folks say it’s a system of interdimensional parasitism. You decide how far you’re willing to go.

      • Every person who goes against the international banks is executed: Lincoln, Kennedy too. Andrew Jackson fought them off back in the day. Also note that the Federal Reserve was ‘approved’ by Congress on December 23, 1913 and signed into law on Christmas Eve by Wilson. They didn’t have a quorum, everybody was out on vacation. Congress is arguing now over bills and tactically trying to hold them up by not showing up. TX dems did it recently. Is the FR ligit?

  • Thanks so much. Great stuff. Ivermectin gets rid of Corona in 48 hours. There needs to be many small lawsuits filing claims for deliberately withholding it and HCQ. Only by holding them legally responsible for murder is this going to change. This was great, full of info, and one of Clif’s best. I pretty well see the writing on the wall, but, what was the most helpful were the time frames. Also appreciate the admonition to red pill the door-knockers and to be nice. I feel ready for bear but honey catches more flies. The info appears too roll off backs like water. For decades, the CIA has done a great job of brain washing. I also see a bright side of this as the end of Allopathic Medicine which would be a great benefit. Without allopathic medicine,, this could never have been carried off. And the end of 78 vaccines being pumped into out babies and children by age 18. A big reason that we rank on the bottom of industrialized nations for health rankings.

  • there are more detailed published plans, Klaus Martin Schwab explains in his books, “defining the post-COVID world” or “the great RESET” or “the fourth industrial revolution” and “capitalist global economy” he got a new ID with a new birth date, to escape court of Nuremberg! he says what it is, how it is, and how it will be, in his books!
    how is it possible to have such criminals running the world?
    how is it possible for the governments of the world to legalize crime and remain in office?

    • How is it possible for the world to legalize crime and remain in office? 2 factors: Because people vote for them and because they steal elections to make sure.

    Humanity is the Alleged “Divine Creation” managing this planet, RIGHT???

    • I tend to think David Icke’s well researched books tell us. It’s so outlandish people can’t believe it. But it accounts for everything that looks like insanity around us, including the pedophilia markets and ritual sacrifice. If we could just connect the obvious dots the problem would be clear and the defeat of the parasites inevitable, but secrecy, brainwashing and corruption of our systems are their weapons. They may also be the weapons of our demise, with our saying all along the road to perdition how impossible it is. The growing “communism” is an old device of this cabal and their preferred “ism.” But make no mistake, every “ism” sooner or later leads to a world where humans have become the slaves of this “avatar” and everything belongs to them because they grabbed the monetary and financial system first. Theirs is the real final solution.

  • Racist, gender hating, fear mongering, introvert who wants attention. Where’s ur buddy Dump Truck now??

    • Still a lot RICHER and more important than YOU will ever be.
      Queer, stupid and blind is no way to go through life.
      I would wish you good luck, but it would be wasted on your pathetic, race-based, gender-queer existence.

  • Yes, i dont think they’ll ever admit the jab caused any death, that would only excite the population and send people into an alarmist frenzy. Like he said, they’re ALL in now; they’ll deny til’ the bitter end, until the wheels fall off.

  • God bless you two for speaking up! I fear that change will not come till the bodies start to stink. Maybe then we’ll be ” right”.

  • “Contrary to popular opinion, excessively high deficit spending and exorbitant government debt levels are not the primary cause of a hyperinflation. In most cases they have been the result of other exogenous events such as ceding of monetary sovereignty, war, rampant corruption or regime change. It is these exogenous events that result in the public’s rejection of the currency, a collapse in the tax system and the government response of printing more money to fill in the confidence void. Ultimately the confidence void cannot be filled and the currency is fully rejected by the public in the form of hyperinflation. In my treatise on the monetary system I discuss the importance of this unspoken agreement between the private sector and public sector.”
    “Inflation can and does occur in a perfectly healthy economy. In fact, since 1913 when the Fed
    was founded inflation in the USA has consistently risen at 3.5% per year on average.3 One might assume that this means the country has experienced some great injustice, but the truth is that the 1900’s were characterized by the greatest economic expansion and wealth creation the world has ever seen. Despite the common citation that “the $USD has lost 9x% of its value” Americans experienced an unprecedented period of prosperity during this inflation. In fact, the prosperity became so gross in the 1990’s that Americans felt entitled to second homes, second cars, and just about every other luxury good known to man. What has not occurred is hyperinflation, which is a very different animal than inflation.”

    • James, Your last paragraph has many holes. The 1900’s were the greatest economic expansion for the Bankers & Oil Cartels & Their Buddies, such as Auto makers & Rail Roads. It was Not the Real Laborer whom enjoyed these luxuries. It was Not the Real Laborer buying 2nd Automobiles & Second Homes!

      • & Lets Not forget the “Staged” (not so) ‘Great Depression’ The Bankers Confiscated the Farmers Land!

      • Yup. Under our “system” the harvested is the common worker, the harvester is the class that set the system up. Slowly but surely everything siphons to them. Crashes, wars, taxes, corporate hegemony and the corruption of law, courts, politics and everything else you care to name are their designed processes to make this so.
        Humans are in general peace loving and honest. They’re not much interested beyond their own lives. It’s this class of harvesters who are warlike, unbelievably destructive of the planet, corrupt and evil in intent. “History” is the story of their adventures, not ours. In every era the story was the same. Us being harvested, them doing the harvesting. The myth that none of it is connected is just that.

    • They are wrong. It will be many more deaths than they said. We need to spiritually prepare for the horrors to come.

      • Think of it like the Bubonic Plagues….the results will be the same as that decimation of population and they’re well documented. Not all of the effects were bad as it led to the rise of cities with their opportunities and the movement of people away from serfdom and feudalism. The people continued to rise through the 19th and 20th centuries developing wealth and democracies while the “elite” seemed to atrophy. Not so fast. Wouldn’t be long, historically speaking, before that rise got slapped down by the real powers…and that’s what we’re looking at now.
        Our Founding Fathers were well aware of the tendencies of ‘elite” tyranny and set into motion protections, each one of which has been compromised leading to the slap down now. Ben Franklin’s “democracy… if you can keep it” well understood where the problem lay. And Thomas Jefferson’s warnings about central banks have been completely realized. We the People seem not to get it, although hope to God that’s changing.

  • Most of the people I know that have had reactions from the inoculations don’t even realize that it is a direct side effect from the jab! You really think by winter they will associate the death toll to the jab?

    • Yes, i dont think they’ll ever admit the jab caused any death, that would only excite the population and send people into an alarmist frenzy. Like he said, they’re ALL in now; they’ll deny til’ the bitter end and the corpses are rotting in the street.

    • Nope, the spin machine will tell them it’s the variants and off they will go for further jabbing. So predictable.

  • I really do not see this taking so long to get through. WE have
    already been through a huge nightmare. WE knew this would happen, and we tried to warn them. It doesn’t mean it will not hurt to the core. There are many talented people
    who did not take the jab. I believe we will be fine within two or three years.

    • And Fauci faked the jab. His fake jab was televised. It was his left arm. The next day on one of the fake news channels he was asked about any after affects. He stated “just the usual vaccine soreness as he patted his right arm.

  • You know i feel sorry for all the folks that could die, but…. DAAAAHHH
    What were they thinking.

    My opinion of the medical profession is that they are the best paid assassins around! If they inoculated themselves and die its like they reaped what they sowed.

    May God have mercy on his IGNORANT people

    • It is not that they weren’t thinking. It’s that they were not informed. And refused to listen to what they called “conspiracy theory”. I am heartbroken as my adult children chose the jab. In fact my whole extended family got it and so did almost everyone I know.

  • Georgia Guide Stones
    Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian.

    Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    Guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity.
    Unite humanity with a living new language.
    Rule passion—faith—tradition—and all things with tempered reason.
    Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    Balance personal rights with social duties.
    Prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite.
    Be not a cancer on the Earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.

  • My family and circle of friends have studied all this for over 10 years; now Cliff you have confirmed all of my intuitions as of recent upcoming events…Thanks so much for your informative broadcasts…

  • YES!!! The AVATARS are loosing badly Folks!
    Does anyone Remember a movie called “Soylent Freen”???
    These “Vampire- Like” Avatars will NEVER be Allowed to take over this Planet!
    The whole Farce is turning against THEM….and ONLY THEM!

    • From your lips to God’s ears…but it sure is nerve-wracking and sometimes such optimism feels like whistling past the graveyard.

  • What about all the DC politicians that got the jab? Are they all going to croak, or did they get a saline injection to fool everyone, as I have suspected all along?

    • You are “Catching-on” Quickly…at Least in part!
      Just re-watch the movie Avatar…Where ONLY the “Natives Won”…REMEMBER???

  • Wow, great informative video. I always enjoy listening to Clif High. Things are going to change so fast. Hope we have a better world soon. My niece told me the other day that she is very smart and intelligent. I wanted so much to tell her that getting the vaxx was a stupid decision. My mom’s next door neighbor has been sick ever since she got the jab. I can’t believe how people believe the media and all their lies. I’m not getting it. I knew that all of this was a bunch of bull$hit when it first started happening

  • “…as long as we are able to maintain that sucking process, so to speak on the back end.”

    In the end – this best defines government.

    The dollar is going nowhere anytime fast. Bitcoin is crypto so its basically for criminal networks and individuals (like me) who don’t want their transactions tracked. So, some form of this will continue to exist. But given the Facebook masses with no heads that are totally captured by big/gov and big data with every step they take staring blindly into their surveillance machines with a smile…

    Gold funds everything and will continue to soar, it will eventually have to back whatever form of currency each country decides upon.

    I don’t believe the Fed when they say they’re going to crypto. Look at the current exchange rates:

    $1 US = $337130545647.17 Venezuela Bolivar
    $1 US = $0.85 Euro Dollar
    $1 US = $21.6 Czech Krona
    $1 US = $6.46 Chinese Yuan
    $1 US = $0.72 British Pound
    $1 US = $109.9 Japanese Yen
    $1 US = $1.35 Singapore Dollar

    What these numbers men, for example, is that it takes $6.46 Chinese Yuan to equal $1.00 in our money. The dollar is strong based on most world currencies and historically competitive against the Br. Pound, Euro and the Canadian Dollar.

    We’re being fed a farce. The data does NOT support it. If they are going to purposely tank it, the numbers aren’t there to suggest that it is now.

    Given that we’ve already seen hyperinflation across the board and this is the dollar while spending is crazy means that the Fed and the IMF have no plans to dump the dollar anytime soon and that they are busy at the sucking game. YES, that is VERY true.

  • In regards to the hyperinflation, many of not most of us, if we have any savings at all, have it saved in U.S. dollars. What should we do with our money…?

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