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    I’ve never seen this video before! This short clip shows a young Fidel Castro in his fatigues speaking to the camera in English – presumably to the American people – just before he gained power.

    He states, “There is not Communism or Marxism in our ideas. Our political philosophy is representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy.”

    Candace Owens comments, “Social Justice. Is that AOC? Is it Bernie Sanders? Who is that?”

    Robby Starbuck, who is half-Cuban (and who just announced his political run to represent Tennessee’s 5th District) chimes in, “Tweak the voice in the backend on audio, it could be any one of these Democrat candidates. It’s the exact same thing.”

    Melissa Tate, who is from Zimbabwe tweeted this video with the following text:

    “People need to wake up and realize that everything that is happening in America today via the Left and the Democrat party is EXACTLY what happens preceding a country’s collapse into Socialism and Communism. I know because I LIVED IT in my own country.

    “Not a single Democrat or any one in the media has come out and condemned Communism in Cuba because that’s what they are doing here! Instead, they are pretending this about COVID. They don’t want people connecting the dots with what they are doing here.

    “I’m watching everything they are doing in politics, media, education and it is like Déjà Vu because I lived this before. It’s only HELL on the other side, Folks. My heart aches because I don’t want it to happen here but sadly it’s happening and Americans for most part are OBLIVIOUS. Scary.

    “Now, Biden wants to start censoring your own text messages to your friends and family? You people on the Left don’t see the evil in this? You are gonna go along with this because y have been brainwashed to hate your fellow countryman because their views are different? They come for YOU next!”

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    • Rick, with all due respect, your post is way too long. I would have been interested to hear what you had to say but don’t wish to wade through that thesis. It’s unfortunate.

    • Who Knows the Root
      of Communism? :


      — MARXISM Drives America’s Social and Trade Policies —

      “The doctrine of modern Communism, which is often concealed under the
      most seductive trappings, is in substance based on the principles of dialectical
      and historical materialism previously advocated by Karl Marx . . . Communism is
      particularly characterized by the rejection of any link that binds woman to the
      family and the home, and her emancipation is proclaimed as a basic principle.
      She is withdrawn from the family and the care of her children, to be thrust
      instead into public life and collective production under the same conditions
      as man. The care of home and children then devolves upon the collectivity
      . . . [Communism] subverts the social order” (( discover which pope wrote that,
      and when ))

      —and American civilization rapidly declines,
      accordingly (( read my essay, “Defining ‘Civil Society’
      Down by Defeating Reason with Emotion” )).

      Political affiliation falls on a continuum from
      extreme LEFTISM (( intrusive, doting maternalism )) to
      extreme RIGHTISM (( detached, uncaring paternalism )),
      where extreme leftism (s)mothers the citizenry with
      character-destroying welfare while extreme rightism
      champions independence and self-reliance to the point
      of mercilessness (( study my essay, “Trucfemism” )).

      Moderate maternalism equates with a nurturing
      concern and intrusive attentiveness (( advocating
      sharing and social interdependence )) while moderate
      paternalism equates with instructive detachment and
      inattention (( advocating private property and self-
      reliance )). The extremes of either one are
      destructive while both in moderation may contribute
      much to keeping good civil society. Today, America
      and all other Western democracies suffer from extreme

      — A Hellishly Bad Idea —

      Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels suffered the
      emotional pain of witnessing children slaving under
      the yoke of 19th-century industrialization. They
      turned their deep feelings into a hellishly bad idea,
      which idea to date has caused the unnecessary deaths
      of from 90 to 120 million people; and one may
      attribute to it many more millions, if one counts
      those who died at the hands of the socialist Nazis–
      the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

      It amazes what convoluted thinking leftists go
      through in trying to dissociate Hitler from leftism—
      dissociate liberal Democrats’ Socialism from the
      insane works of Hitler, as if socialists’ maternalism
      can’t employ fascist tactics (( Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-
      tung, Pol Pot )), and as if the sick feminism that
      possessed Marx and Engels wasn’t working in the
      Nazis’ opposition to capitalism (( the leftists
      especially don’t want you to know that the Nazis
      opposed capitalism )), opposition to intellectual
      freedom (( all Marxist tyrants were staunch book
      burners )) and opposition to Communism, which brand
      of socialism the Nazis rejected for only nationalistic

      It’s said that all communists are socialist but
      not all socialists are communist. Nonetheless,
      Hitler’s philosophy and his socialist movement were
      a hybrid offspring of Marx/Engels’ emotional
      collaboration ( The Communist Manifesto ) and Germany’s
      right-wing pursuit of material independence and
      restored national pride. The Nazis’ genocidal
      machinations were characteristically maternal and
      socialistic – a means to the goal of making Germany
      a workers’ paradise – while the cross-border advances
      sprang from angry rightists’ extreme paternalism; a
      drive to show the world who’s boss after the
      humiliating defeat in WW I.

      The only difference between Hitler’s brand of
      socialism and, say, Marxian Ted Kennedy’s is that Hitler’s
      planned utopia was for only the Master Race while
      Kennedy’s is for the world. One might say that the
      Nazis were selfish socialists, or National
      Socialists, and suffered a strange hermaphroditic
      blend of maternalism and paternalism—maternalism
      being the dominant mind for exterminating the Jews
      because only a feminine mind is capable of such
      emotional rage.

      All the other great genocidal maniacs of this
      century were Marxist sympathizers—maternalistic
      killers: Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, and
      more recently, communistic military leaders in
      Serbia. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned—or
      a maternal man angered.

      Maternalism is the creature that infected the
      mind of Marx and Engels. Maternalism is the same
      creature driving today’s liberal Democrats in America
      —and which drove the Nazis to insanity. Maternalism
      is the creature possessing all leftists who conceive
      philosophies opposed to Man’s innate drive to pursue
      a happy life through individual ( moral ) liberty. I call the
      mind of maternalism “emoting feminine mind.” It is
      the destroyer of civilizations.

      In my essay on Maternalism, I present this
      telling formula: Maternalism = Emotionalism =
      Irrationalism = Feminism = Marxism. The root of
      every Marxist-based theory is Maternalism:

      an emotionally irrational response
      to adverse conditions, which require
      rational analysis for remedying, but
      which rational thinking the maternal
      mind is incapable of exercising
      because her emotions are too strong
      and block sound reasoning [[ Both men
      and women have a maternal mind (emot-
      ing feminine mind) and a paternal one
      (rational masculine mind); a conflic-
      ted duality, but with one dominant
      nature that’s mostly gender-corres-
      pondent: paternal men and maternal
      women ]].

      For a socialist, his/her strong emotions
      concerning bad social conditions, such as seeing
      child slaving over machinery in a factory, demand
      immediate remedy to soothe the bad feelings (their
      drive to feel strongly about anything notwithstand-
      ing). Such a remedy might include destroying the
      factory, or denying the child’s family the meager
      but lifesaving wage, or executing everyone but the
      abused children.

      Such knee-jerk responses have been repeated again
      and again in less direct ways in our courts and
      legislatures these past sixty years; the worst of
      them being the 1964 Civil Rights Act (( it unconstitu-
      tionally abridged the rights of the majority by
      providing special rights for a racially incompatible
      minority )), the 1965 Immigration Act (( invited diverse
      races to overrun and dangerously divide the consti-
      tutionally protected majority that opposed such
      immigration )), and the Democrats’ Great Society Pro-
      grams (( confiscatory taxation of the productive major-
      ity for nurturing and growing an unproductive poverty
      class )), all of which have badly damaged America’s
      social infrastructure.

      — Karl Marx and Free Trade —

      Marxism is at the root of certain officials’ push
      towards installing the mechanism for achieving Global
      Economic Socialism: INTERNATIONALISM, which success-
      ful implementation requires that WHITE CIVIL SOCIETY
      in America be subject to the FORCED INTEGRATION of
      diverse races—using open borders, multiculturalism,
      multilingualism, and FREE TRADE to diminish whites’
      political and cultural strength; the State Depart-
      ment’s “Diversity Program,” in which it searches
      for UNDER-REPRESENTED MINORITIES from around the
      world, to plant in white communities, is integral to
      the effort (( State has announced plans on April 22
      for bringing over 3000 more Laotians )).

      Karl Marx valued free trade as a step towards
      achieving the workers’ paradise. In a speech given
      to the Democratic Association in Brussels, in 1848,
      Marx said:

      “We are told that free trade would
      create an international division
      of labor, and thereby give to each
      country the production which is
      most in harmony with its natural
      advantages [what liberal economists
      today refer to as “comparative
      advantage”] . . . [which] breaks up
      old nationalities and pushes the
      antagonism of the proletariat and
      the bourgeoisie to the extreme point.
      It is in this revolutionary sense
      alone, gentlemen, that I vote in
      favour of free trade.”

      Marx was correct in his assessment of free
      trade. The proletariat (( industrial working class )) in
      America is suffering great fear and seething with
      anger at the loss of America’s industrial base while
      a significant part of the bourgeois class of white
      collar workers is stunned by its unprecedented rout
      from the workforce, to accommodate both the incoming
      low-wage guest workers from Third World countries and
      the outsourcing of jobs to India, China, Pakistan, and the

      Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Bill
      Clinton, and their compatriot vulture capitalists in
      multinational corporations have engineered the
      beginning of the end of America’s middle class with
      passage of NAFTA, GATT and accedence to the WTO
      governing body.

      They’re planning a North America Free Trade Zone
      to complete the plan, which necessarily will force
      America’s standard of living to decline towards that
      lowest common denominator within the trade zone–
      Mexico. If you wish to see your children’s future,
      travel in Mexico (( or in “Hispanic” parts of L.A. ))–
      but don’t get in a car accident or altercation in
      Mexico; you’ll have a very hard time escaping the
      low-culture corruption there.

      Your tax dollars are being used to defeat you—
      to support the invaders and destroy your nation for

      Wake up, America!


      • Rick, Your long list of misplaced hatred towards the Germans is an excuse to justify the Genocide of the Ethnic German People. You need to get a handle on your Racism. All of what you cited has already been discounted. There is No putting the Genie back in the bottle.
        GOT MIT UNS

    • We need to understand what was going on at that time. He, like thousands of his fellow Cubans, were tired of the American mobsters setting up brothels and casinos in his country, living it up while the Cubans lived in poverty. He wanted to take his country back. Very noble, IMHO. So the question seems to be – especially given that we now know the main stream media is totally corrupt and treasonous – was Castro really a communist or was he character assassinated by the American media machine on behalf of their financiers?

      • Terry, You made me smile. My sister & I were saying the same thing yesterday.
        I would like to add about Franklin Roosevelt & Winston Churchill hanging around with Josef Stalin, the Communist.

    • Every instance of democratic socialism has led to one of two places:

      1) communism/authoritarianism of some sort.
      2) abject failure corrected by some form of market capital.

      Cool clip this morning on Fox News from Cuban sector Miami warning Americans against communism and the naivete of our young people who have never experienced it. They are also insulted by the lies of the media blaming the riots on America.

    • Trudeau is bastard son of Fidel! Marx was jewish and a part of r.child family.Bolshevicks were funded and run by kazhariancabal.They slaughtered tens of Millions of humans!!Mao was trained and funded by kazhariancabal.He Slaughtered tens of Millions of Chinese.Hitler was jewish.His g.father was cabal bank of england manager.Lenin was a 33rd degree mason,cruel and murderous,he slaughtered Millions of Russians and starved or tortured more.Bela Kun was a cryptojew kazharian WHO changed his name twice to Deceive others about True ethnicity.He was a genocidal Hungarian.R.childs started settling Israel area in 1880’s.R.childs stoked ww2 to create sympathy for cryptojews so Zionism could be a movement and accepted reason to steal Arab land.Palestinians,Yemeni jews,and some African jews are true semites.Most early Israel settlers were fake kazharians,not true old testament,Moses following Torah loving jews.This is proven by genetic studies.Tom Hanks Was a Rockefellet.DeGeneres is a Rothschild as is Zuckerberg and his uncle,Jeff Rothschild,ceo of software or something.Merkel is supposedly Hitlers daughter.Queen of Englands supposedly daughter of Churchill.Trumps a Scottish Rites mason.

      • bb: yep…yep… with FDR also a 33rd degree – who hated our wwi ally, Japan, so much that had the U.S. Navy viciously blockade them into starvation in hopes they would retaliate (ultimately they did…) so he could appear righteous when publicly declaring war against Japan. Mao & FDR’s “Uncle Joe” gained quick power through FDR’s plan. (PS: “ground zero” @ Hiroshima was the Catholic Cathedral – not a Japanese military base…just sayin’….).

    • Same buzz words as we hear today! They’ve done this all over the world. Socialist revolution in America though?…they may come unstuck this time.

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