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    The Biden administration’s Surgeon General issued his first “health” advisory, by declaring a war on “misinformation”, not on the virus, itself.

    He says the Rockefeller Foundation has made a $13.5 million commitment to “counter health misinformation”.

    He called on Big Tech to do more to censor those who dissent from their genocidal agenda.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Please, for the love of humanity, rid these ‘pronouncements’ from the so-called hand signalers for the deaf – the only people benefitting are those whom are blind! Now, for the real crux of this message — Please, for the love of humanity, rid us of a so-called sturgeon mineral with so few ribbons to assert his ignorance of anything except ‘automatic’ awards of a uniform. Yet another from the coup of many from one source (don’t portend to not know of that which I hint) who knows little – or far less than that, ‘getting big’ for an audience of select morons. Lying, cheating, sneaker wearing idiots flock together – of this I am certain.

    • They’re on the Naughty List. The “NWO” purveyors know there’s a storm coming; yet, the Morons continue their Communist Agenda. Let say farewell to the “Wanna Be” Surgeon General. Genocide is a Crime Against Humanity, & also Qualifies for the Bonus Round at his Tribunal, with an additional Indictment of Mass Murder. Congratulations Moron. You get a bonus!

    • It was Rockefellers through their boy Kissinger that had Ebola and AIDS created and spread to Africa for their racist, filthy minds.

      And Camilla, Kamala was right on one thing only – Biden is a racist.

    • The Rockefeller Foundation donating money to ‘health misinformation’ is the very definition of irony. As Rockefeller invested heavily into petroleum based medicines while ostracising holistic medicines while keeping a natural health practitioner until his death bed. Clearly a case of government taking a bribe by foxes in sheep clothing to guard the chicken coup.

    • Figured as much, although I thought it would have been Bill Gates or George Soros! Been hoping that Gates Wife would come forward, telling all she knows, keep from her ass going to Guantanamo Bay for Treason, going before Tribunal, getting hung until she dies!!!

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