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Over the past week, the Biden Administration’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki announced they want to be able to universally de-platform you from all social media, if you post truthful information about the COVID vaccine.

Never mind that Big Tech has already been coordinating such mass de-platformings since 2018, with Alex Jones and many others.

The Biden Administration had a few days previously announced they will not only be monitoring your text messages but that they will be censoring and flagging any COVID-related text messages that run counter to their narrative.

I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

Now is the time to become exquisitely present to the danger that encircles us. These people want to kill 95% of us. They’re starting by having us kill ourselves on their behalf. They’ll come after the resisters later.

No one will save us. It’s up to us to stop this.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I work in a dementia unit in Pennsylvania and I promise to keep this updated. I don’t know how to use many other links or sites, so I’ll keep updating this thread..I deal with dementia on a daily basis, I see it’s effects and know what it can do to someone and how they react. However, lately I’ve been noticed increased violent behavior within a few of the men in my wing. NOTE: All residents in this facility that I work have been vaccinated at least ONCE. We’ve already had to 302 (have committed for mental instability) it’s only getting worse, and their confusion is worse than ever. I thought the progression was natural until it’s become undeniable..something is WRONG HERE! It’s getting weird, patients that were fine one day, suddenly can string a sentence together when they wake up, I’ve sent patients out and have been diagnosed with brain hemorrhage’s (MULTIPLE) within the last two months, now I’m not saying I know what’s causing this but it sure ain’t adding up, further updates coming soon.

  • Thank you Alex for trying to make /wake up/ shake the tree… get people to listen!
    I understand your frustration! I’m trying at home with friends and family to wake them up!! The brainwashing from the left is very very effective!
    Again thank you for your work! Please practice so yoga/ exercise because we need you to continue to be our strength!!

  • And I DO just love saying this………


    (I was RED PILLED by AJ more than 20 years ago. And HERE is a middle finger to all of the ‘tin-foil-hat-wearer & ‘conspiracy theorist’ ACCUSERS!!!…..STICK IT!)

  • Alex God Bless You for speaking out the truth and trying to wake up those brainwashed individuals that are still asleep. I feel your frustration. I am saddened to see so many people in my own medical profession that have forgotten their Hippocratic oath to do no harm to their patients. They are being complicit in commiting crimes against humanity for violating the Nuremberg Codes. Mahalo, Marvin P. Matlock, MD

  • I only wish that I could post this on Twitter and Facebook to see their reaction, but I am at War with Big Tech.
    Oh, Well… There’s always Ginger Psaki, the weak Japanese rice wine!

    • Time to wake up people. We have no more rights in Canada and USA. Biden and Trudeau have taken all away and given them to Gates Fauci and China. My mom is still sick from her second jab and I pray to creator that she does not die. These vaccines are killing us. One of my close friends is currently in a coma on life support after his second jab but we are not allowed to talk about it I say bullshit fuck you media and pharmaceutical companies and Gates and Fauci and all the rest.
      Not sure if America is aware of the genocide that has happened here in Canada with all the Indegenous children bones and unmarked graves being found at the residential schools and our stupid piece of shit prime minister who is an out right liar is doing nothing. Let’s have an inquiry for what fuck the Church of England and all other religions that caused this to our Indigenous children and families. Canada is no better than anyone else for what they have and continue to do to our Indigenous communities.
      Michael khan and others get your head out of your ass because they are coming for you too. Good luck to everyone for your survival.

  • Take easy Alex your blood pressure is going to really up high! Thank You 🙏🏼 for all your information that is waking a lot of people!

  • I’m with you Alex I stay pissed 😠 off all the time what in the hell are we going to do??? The military will be no help I understand that they plan on calling for military control over the country before the 2022 elections so we cannot vote and they take complete control. This is scary stuff there will be no hope for us

  • Viva Frei and Barnes did a 2hr interview with AJ. He pretty much bares his long and short suits in life and politics.

  • Jones has such great discernment that he sees that Biden works for globalists. Duh, every politician does. HE couldn’t see through Trump though. And he supports the police. They are the thugs for the politicians, you idiot. Jones is certainly not smarter. That is not humility, it is fact. He misinforms intentionally, supports our enemies, and pretends to be upset with what is going on, while he is one reason it has gotten this far. I am the true revelutionary. Jones says that by listening to him, that you are part of the resistance. Bullshit. YOu are just a spectator of an actor. True resistance researches for oneself, educates others, has weapons, and actually does things. Jones is not promoting revolution, he is pretending to be a hero while misleading gullible sheep and collecting millions of dollars.

    • Very well said. And May we have the numbers to actually allow the gallows to rock and roll.

  • I have not taken the Jab. I do not plan to take the Jab. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and was told that I was a candidate for a hip replacement. He agrees that the jab will likely be required before I can get the replacement. That is coercion. That is illegal.

    • Ron, That is Correct Coercion & illegal. There are No Provisions that allows State or Federal Branches to dictate to us about our Health. That is how Pro Chose got away with it back in 1973. “My body, My Chose.
      I have my dogs Rabbi shot verification that states “I have vaccinated this animal in accordance with the Recommendation”
      No Vaccine can be forced on anyone of us, Period.

    • Please, please, please find yourself another doctor. What you have been told is total BS and so WRONG! So many have been sick from the jab.

    • Heard some good info on a recent Juan O Savin interview. Right now Biden is the executive of the US corp. The real power is in the nuclear force of the country; who holds the nuclear football. Biden does not and that was determined by the upper chains of the military.

  • This is just terrifying! And what do we do? I’m a nurse, and during the little spare time I have I volunteer in support of conservative candidates. I donate money to and volunteer with groups like FreedomWorks. I write to my representatives.

    What more can you or I do? Is this just inevitable and nothing we CAN do? Maybe I’m wasting my time volunteering, etc. Terrible times…

    • Martha, The Best you can do is to take care of yourself. Do Not get vaccinated & do Not wear mask.
      If your gonna be involved with a group Please look into CSPOA, ‘Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association’.
      What I find astounding is that back in my youth I learned these things about ‘Sheriffs’ being the highest ranking official to uphold Your Rights.
      Looking at Senators is Not the answer & please don’t give money!
      I Registered with the CSPOA to take the ‘Constitutional Class’ It is a couple hundred dollars but I have this Passion for it & I want to know it Well for my grandchildren.

  • Jones has grown so strong after battle? FUnny but he has never been incarcerated for his work as I have, hasn’t been in hand to hand combat 30 times as I have, Is a multimillionaire while I have nothing, hasn’t lost his house and all vehicle as I have, and is so angry at the establshment? Funny but he supported trump as Trump took down the economy, let the so-called covid narrative rule and hardly fought it at all, who let Fauci and Gates prosper and set the agenda, who added a trillion dollars to our nuclear arsenal, built 21 new foreign military bases, and lied and deceived continuously. Trump and Jones cause so much division and Trump was placed in power (and Q existed) to make people feel like they had a man on their side in power to save them. His purpose was to not only cause division, but also to placate possible rebellious people from rising against the government. Did Jones know? He sure got richer and his so-called “banned” did not stop him and he got a republican right-wing platform to make more money and to appear more glitzy. Jones is an entertainer and a fraud who is partially responsible for the position we are in. He is a liar. He has given some good information, but I also get it from other sources. Jones is a shill.

    • I honestly know little about Alex Jones and so not in any position to make a justifiable comment, other than in about 2009 he was in the video with Dr Rima about the gaskets stored around the USA by FEMA and what it might be up to. A few other videos I happen to watch about Alex Jones seemed to present a fair dinkum set out of matters. On that basis I respect the man. As I myself do a lot of writing (see to expose in my way the New World Order rot, I appreciate others to do so likewise each in how they deem best to present matters. Infight between those seeking to achieve the same goal to get back to normal and oppose the New World Order is only going to divide and undermine our goal.

    • I agree with you 100%!
      People are talking and worshipping this false Ashli babbit and it makes me so angry that these so called reporters haven’t done anything to really investigate this!
      While babbit may be dead, the actress who portrayed her isn’t. Her real name is Ashli Nylen. She’s married to Jesper Nylen, who happens to be a doctor that lives right next door to the white house. Don’t tell me the DC selected didn’t know.
      And the “shaman” is Jake Angelii, and he’s a professional antifa traveler, who just happened to be the satan figure who was the lead in the CERN opening ceremony.
      The 3 of them all moonlight at paramount pictures.
      Ashli works for the Colorado department of transportation. And her husband is also a government employee. They forgot to mention these things.
      It didn’t take much research to connect these things.
      Now I wish people would connect the George Floyd matters because that one goes much deeper, and is much more sinister!

      • I just looked up “ashli nylen colorado dot” and I found her photo on their site:

        Ashley Nylen

        This is not the same woman, at all.


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