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    The correct balance of hormones is invaluable to a healthy body, while an improper balance of estrogens, in particular can be harmful to health in both men and women. This interview starts with a discussion of the decline in levels of two beneficial estrogens in women over 50, with the concomitant rise of one malicious estrogen and the resulting adverse health effects which can be reversed with new, noninvasive plant-based treatments.

    To greatly simplify the complex biochemistry involved, the liver is a site for estrogen metabolism. The estrogens are taken up by the liver, where they are converted into different metabolites. The major oxidative routes of estrone and estradiol are 2- and 4-hydroxylation but 16-hydroxylation is not uncommon, especially as a byproduct of toxic xenoestrogens.

    There are around 100 estrogens, if one counts all of the metabolites and malevolent xenoestrogens found in the modern environment but the main three estrogens are:

    1. Estrone (E1)
    2. Estradiol (E2)
    3. Estriol (E3)

    Generally, Estrone (E1) and especially its 18-hydroxy metabolite have been found to be an underlying cause of heart attacks, strokes and cancers, in both men and women. Conversely, Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3) are known to decrease the incidence of heart attacks, strokes and cancers.

    Beneficial estrogens represent 80% of those found in the bodies of young healthy women but as they get into their 50s, the levels of these beneficial estrogens plummet to 10% and the harmful E1 Estrone increases to 80%, increasing women’s risk of disease.

    Similarly, men in their 50s have by that time accumulated higher levels of unhealthy estrogens in their bodies than have ovulating females in their early 20s!

    The main cause of this increase in the E1 estrogen and its malevolent metabolites in both middle aged men and women has to do with diet and lifestyle. Even oil-free vegans are exposed to the ubiquitous pesticide glyphosate, a compound used in the Vietnam War Era chemical weapon, Agent Orange. The best answer is to strive to eat organic.

    Surviving and thriving in this quite frankly genocidal environment is a challenge, requiring that we become educated and take matters into our own hands. At the same time, breakthroughs in anti-aging medicine are coming online, which are giving hope to many, not just for increasing longevity but for improving the quality of life during this extended period of life.

    There are new methods of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for men and women which use bioidentical hormones isolated from wild yams, which are exact molecular replicas of the hormones naturally produced by the human body. Still, because even bioidentical testosterone can be aromatized into estrogen, with its unwanted effects, intervention with bioidentical hormones should be a last consideration, in favor of using organic, plant-based compounds, which aid in the liver’s metabolism of the accumulated malicious estrogens and to promote hormonal balance. Such phytonutrient compounds, like Estro Block can be found at Take the detailed Hormone Quiz, to discover where you may have imbalances and their suggested plant-based treatments.

    Hormone Replacement Therapy was given a very bad name, due to the appalling ravages of the drug Premarin, widely prescribed to treat the discomforts associated with menopause. The trial which got this drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was based on a study of 16,000 women.

    Premarin is derived from mare’s urine and the compound is not bio-identical to any human estrogens. It is foreign but it is “recognized” by the body as the malicious E1 Estrone. (Premarin’s website is basically an advertisement to stay away from that drug). Even worse, Premarin has most often been prescribed to be taken with a form of progesterone called progestin, a hormone which, like E1 has ALSO been found to be associated with an increase of heart attacks, strokes and cancers – by 5X-8X!

    The choice of the wrong hormones for HRT in the Premarin protocol has resulted in thousands of cancer cases. Premarin may have been a factor in my mother’s cancer death.

    In 2010, these new yam-derived bioidentical hormones were studied in France with 88,000 women, using E2 and E3 transdermally. A cream applied to the skin is absorbed, bypassing the liver and thus avoiding the creation of toxic metabolites. These were used in conjunction with bio-identical progesterone – as opposed to the malicious progestin. This French study showed a decrease in the incidence of breast cancer within the group.

    In other words, Dr. Pati says that when healthy levels of bio-identical or molecularly-identical hormones are restored to the bodies of post-menopausal women, this has been found to be protective against disease.

    Dr. Pati says that it is not necessary to replace E2 and E3 to reproductive levels. Levels that have been shown to be protective to bone mass and to the heart are sufficient and she says that dosages can be easily calculated by urinalysis of telopeptides being excreted, as these correspond directly to bone loss.

    However, the least invasive way to manage your hormonal imbalances resulting from bad food, water, air, etc. is not through HRT but though balancing your hormones, with the consumption of specifically-formulated organic phytonutrient compounds, which metabolize the bad forms of estrogen into the more beneficial forms and which do not suppress testosterone.

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    • According to me, the entire hormone system is like a family of issues, where general relativity and special relativity shows the interactions between all hormons.

      All these hormons ARE spiritual beings, with their own intelligence and intellect.
      At the hormones I am aware of, there is an “empty” connection, where a “dark” energy/matter can enter this hormone. I detected this “dark” issue as a spiritual impact by intelligence or/and intellect.

      Spiritual/biological/hormonal evolution base on sexuality and in special on spiritual sexuality.
      Where sexuality is in harmony between partners AND inside one human being (male or female), between the inner partners, now these hormones acts for health and consciousness.

      The question now is: how to free sexuality from disharmony.
      As long this answered is not found, there is a need for hormonal therapy.

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