This amusing sketch animation of a talk by Simon Sinek explains how a combination of failed parenting strategies, technology, and the resulting dissociative environment have created a wave of impatient young people from the Millennial Generation in the job market, who feel so entitled that they totally can’t hack it in the real world.

What’s not factored-in here in Sinek’s talk, is the tsunami of toxic xenoestrogens, or estrogen-mimicking compounds, largely derived from petrochemicals and pervading our environment, as pesticides, plastics and fire retardants, etc., which are the likely causes an epidemic of estrogen dominance that we see being expressed in the crybaby “Snowflake” culture; a culture which cannot countenance differing points of view, even though it purports to be “multicultural”.

Simon Sinek offers solutions for employers of this idealistic generation, which is in need of some hand-holding in his opinion: it has come down to employers of Millennials to pick up the slack of the largely poor parenting that this group received.

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  • Meh…Mister Sinek completely ignores the empty, meaningless, vacuous, facile, pillsbury dough filled, ungrounded, meaningless, er, did I say that already?, empty, oh yeh, said that already, drowning of the human spirit, tech distracted consumer society forced upon us. ..ey?
    uh, lol, a body art saturated, black, dark window tinted, raised up, thin tire, big fancified cast shiny wheeled, boom boxed rapper wrapped Escalde just wheeled outa my apartment complex of retired senior citizens…mustuh been visitin’ granny n gramps.

  • What struck me was, first of all, “the nation’s pastor” (gag!) Rick Warren and his best selling book “The Purpose Driven Life”, which apparently made a lot of sense to a lot of purposeless people. Simultaneously, the Westminster Shorter Catechism came to mind with it’s first question – “What is the chief end of man? The answer – Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”

    Now to most today who haven’t a clue about this Reformed catechism, which is similar to any of the historic Christian sect’s catechisms, is that fundamental principals such as this were historically prerequisites for church membership.

    Not since catechisms have fallen aside have so many been so ignorant and purposeless!

    There are over a hundred such questions and answers provided in the aforesaid catechism intended to engage prospective church member’s brains with their hearts. Believe it or not, this WSC was in early America a part of the grade school curriculum too. It was not deemed to be un-Constitutional, but doubtless was controversial due to each state in the union which had a special relationship with one Christian sect or another over the others and each would have preferred their catechism, but like I said, they were all very similar.

    By the end of the 19th century cannonical law was disintegrating and by the mid 20th century the very thought of “law” in most Christian churches was all but forgotten, the Bible and the church institution transformed in the minds of many into magical super spiritual religious entities with a few loose goosey sociological obligations. Laws, actually, but we don’t like that word, so it must be expunged from our “spiritual” vocabularies. This is anarchy!

    The church was happy to turn all education over to the government completely and the “secular” government welcomed it’s new found powers over the children of distracted and dumbed down parents.

    In my lifetime I have witnessed the degradation of Western societies through the aforementioned process as Marxian social engineers program the minds of school children on the mistaken belief that the state can replace man’s chief end and final accountablility to a Divine Creator with the state.

    It always ends badly, yet fools keep attempting to do it better, thinking previous failures were merely mistaken applications instead of being fundamentally fatally flawed by misdiagnosing the nature of man.

    Today I see children raising children all over the landscape, with each family member seeking their own personal gratification in whatever form they can, whether real or imagined.

    It’s what I call an open insane asylum.

  • I’m just not on board with this.

    “through no fault of their own” — Let’s repeat that several times and let it sink in. Now, look at past generations. No one in any generations prior to the Millennials arrived at adulthood in a certain attitude because they were at fault. We are all a product of our time and space. Poor parenting? Well, I can say that the majority of kids I knew didn’t consider their parents particularly good at it, but our parents did what they thought was best under difficult circumstances, mostly.

    I can certainly see the Millennials’ problems in addressing life after school. We all faced a version in our own time. The narrator does a good job of outlining the Millennials’ problems for us as well as how they occurred. However, he’s purporting to do EXACTLY what he says was done wrong in the first place–changing things around them to meet their demands, babying them and further adding to their low self-esteem. Not that corporate America doesn’t need changing; it seriously needs changing. But, his POV suggests that good leadership existed in former generations. WTF? Are you mad? It’s always been a crap-shoot with regard to so-called corporate leadership. Mostly, there is none and what passes for leadership (blind profiteering) is rote management until the next layoff. Nevertheless, continuing to indulge the already completely indulged is absolutely not the answer. For a second, think of their great-grandparents’ and grandparents’ generations. Those generations went through so much more uncertainty, stress and strife. You want to make things easier? You want everyone to try harder–oh, except Millennials?

    He ends with the statement that something better needs to be created FOR them. What? Here’s what I hear him trying to get to: The central problem with Millennials is that they have had nothing to push against in coming into adulthood, unlike former generations. If you have nothing to push against you wander. I disagree, there is plenty to push against if one wants to put shoulder to boulder. We see examples of that everyday in the altnews. There are smart, willingly dedicated young journalists who are admirable in so many ways for their work. They are pushing against something and it’s BIG, really BIG! They are attempting to change this world. They are having an “impact”. They are forming real relationships. They find accomplishment in their work. They stand up to hardline ridicule and the threat of monetary shutdown most days. They are not whining. They change, they evolve–they are troopers. And, that is just one example.

    Past generations did what they could with what they had. The lesson is: If you want to make a better world, have impact, find joy, create good relationships with others and in work, YOU have to create it. YOU have to learn the skills. YOU have to stop being the whiner and wake up to adult responsibility. Everyone is on their own in this difficult lesson. Yes, so are Millennials.

    I was told that no one makes you feel “a certain way”. You feel it and you must manage yourself or change yourself so you don’t feel that way again. Now, we are supposed to make them feel better, too? OMG.

    • Spot on Elle…but for one angle…oblique as it may be, millennials have been handed a forked path.
      On one hand they truly do have a very bleak future in their young and aspiring faces, the threats, chains and inescapable psychic domination held by corpses, advertising, tv, technology, false educational goals, ecological demise, empty and rote work, all jilted by undue and expectations based on vacuous social and spiritual values.
      On the other hand, they dwell on the crest of a wave of MOST INTERESTING TIMES, a long time Chinese admonition with at least a solid meaning of ‘step up, or give up’, a true challenge to one’s soul and one which implies an avenue of potential filled with the promise of personal challenge and meaning…in the long run.

      • Apparently, the whiner group can all get jobs lying for YouTube now. –You don’t have to be smart or interesting just able to read from the script and willing to deceive the public.– A new byline for YouTube.

  • I feel sorry for these kids & young adults. They have been socially engineered far more intensely than previous generations. Remember how there was so much pressure to remain physically young? Knowing what I know now, regarding the outright evil that has been done and is indeed increasing, I’m glad I’m 60 years old. I am also glad I was intelligent enough to predict the future, based solely on historical review and current trends and refused to reproduce. If I had of had children, I would be worried sick over their protection. The psychopaths in control have deliberately created a largely selfish and dumbed-down culture, which grows more disturbing almost daily.

  • Simon Sinek – has outlined the problems very well – in this very clear graphic presentation.

    Where he comes up short is on setting out his solutions of what to do about it.

    Saying that corporations alone – need to take on the task of reparenting this generation is a very scarry (single solution).

    Step back and look at the total length and make up of Simon’s graphic presentation:

    it looks like this:


    How about it looking like this:


    Most of the media reports on ‘Problems’

    Little time is spent reporting on possible the ‘Solutions’

    Simon is smart and thoughtful – I’ve seen him spend time on ‘Solutions’

    Please pass on to him the suggestion to create an extended graphic presentation that spends time on a much more comprehensive set of solutions – than to tell these young people it’s not their falt and that they will be saved by the corporation they go to work for, … “Frightening”

    Again, he has done a great job setting out the problems – the next task is to follow that up with an equal amount of time (or more) on setting out possible solutions.

    He can do this just let him know to keep going and finish the job he started!

    This way his finish point becomes a solid starting point for all.

    Thank You for reading my comments.

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