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    Sean of the SGTReport schools us on the latest shoptalk about the Google ‘Adpocalypse’, which has gutted his life and mine, as well as that of many thousands of others, who helped make YouTube more popular than any other video platform on the planet.

    Although it behaves like one, YouTube is not a public utility, even if it is the second largest search engine in the world. Content curators and creators must seriously begin moving to another platform; one which is not actively seeking out to destroy our businesses.

    Steemit is the new platform recommended by Sean and by others I know. The trade-off is terrifying. A new platform, with relatively no traffic, compared to the billions of people who make Google- and YouTube searches and uploads, every day.

    The heydey of the alt media on Google/YouTube is clearly over and we must step lively! America has become a full-blown Corporatist hellscape. Our erstwhile friendly Internet conglomerates are focused on putting us out of business, not just by demonetizing our advertising but with the algorithmic filtering of search results, the filtering of emailed newsletters directly into Spam, the blocking of hyperlinks within newsletters and the mass involuntary unsubscribes to our distribution lists, all of which with I’ve fought daily for almost 7 years.

    In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet and the current face of Silicon Valley touted Google’s recent tests to combat so-called trolling (that would be any information on which Anderson Cooper would not report); “I’m absolutely convinced that these questions about validity, good information, bad information, will be sorted out. There’s a straightforward technological solution to an evil behavior. It’s easy to do, we did it, it can be replicated. And there’ll be more such solutions.” In November 2016, Google announced a new project (aka algorithm) to automatically “Fact-Check” news in real time.

    I’d love to see THAT Fact-O-Meter!

    Sean makes an analogy, here between Google-YouTube and the sickening power of the Crown of the United Kingdom, using a clip of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s totally barfworthy Oath of Office:

    “I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors…” (It goes on, beyond ad nauseum but you get the picture). The Crown technically owns 1/6th of Planet Earth’s land and it can seize the mineral wealth beneath the properties of all so-called landowners in Commonwealth Countries and only be responsible for replacing what they dig- or drill out from beneath your house with soil.

    I’ve heard a rumor that the US was sold to the Crown in the 1930s and that the US is, in reality no longer functioning under US Constitutional Law but under Admiralty Law, as vassal state of the UK. I need to investigate the unimpeachable veracity of this rumor – but it is certainly NOT an open fact, if true. Conversely, in Canada, Australia and in a handful of other “countries”, the Queen remains the titular Head of State, her head is on the Commonwealth currencies and her corporation, the Crown, owns ALL of that land!

    Are you lot OK with this?

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    • no. i’m not OK about Her Satanic Majesty at all. in my opinion Queen Elizardbreath owns nothing except title to the most ridiculous, pathetic, woeful, deluded existence it seems possible for a human-like creature to lead on this poor, beleaguered planet. unless she’s invited something even more pitiful that calls itself ‘The Devil’ round for tea at Fuckingthem Palace. pardon the F bomb an’ all, but when you’re dealing with the lowest, dirtiest and most harmful things, sometimes you need to say it like it is, or people won’t realise how much they need to keep it away from themselves. and no i’m not OK about ‘secret’ ‘servants’ like (un)Trudeau, or other treacherous and slavish entities like Gargoyle and Themtube either. there you go- given the correct spellings for that lot anyway. what a derisible and despicable story we currently have to appear in. this can’t be where existence was ever meant to lead

    • I am sickened by the way the British Mainstream Media brown tongue the Royal family and the way the the sheeple frantically wave their Union Jacks to command everytime the PR machine roles out the inbreds at some carefully controlled event. When I try to explain the truth to others I am greeted with a diatribe of brainless programmed retorts about how lovely the Von Windsors are. No I am not a Royalist. The French sorted their problem with a gravity propelled sharp pointy thing.
      I would hope the true support that the Alt Media really has would manifest itself to follow the independant truth movement to a new platform leaving Youtube a desert only occupied by dancing cats and videos showing how to decorate a cup cake.

    • It was that alleged x-CIA guy who made a comment in an earlier video posted here. He suggested that the RICO Act should be brought against YouTube and Google for criminal acts of collusion, etc. I don’t know the details of the law as it has been used to bring down organized crime in the past. And then we have YouTube. It is no longer just a corporate entity playing hardball with loads of Deep State backing. They are now throttling content from everywhere through algorithms with the help of Google. Criminal? I’d say so. I can’t image what characteristics they profile for in their so-called “managers”–criminal liar? Certainly doesn’t include ethics or basic morals when you are the mouthpiece of deceit. The description sounds like YouTube profiles for blank minds to be filled in later by the corporation.

      The excuse that Youtube touts for shutting down channels is their advertisers. That’s a load of BS. Anyone who has followed their long take-down of the altnews knows it. However, the bottom line is to get off YouTube. If your subscribers are investing in your work they will continue to invest. Yes, you will lose those who are too lazy to put in a link other than YouTube and YouTube is counting on that. But think about this–why be on YouTube when they have been/are demonetizing altnews work to nothing anyhow? It’s scary but it will pay off. Just takes time.

      The legacy MSM is dying a loud and ugly death by their own hand. In fact, it seems they can’t shovel fast enough digging their grave. You see it. Everyone knows it. Taking over YouTube is a last ditch effort to survive through technical warfare. They will lose.

      • Dear Elle,I certainly hope you are right. I have been following Alexandra for years now, and the bushwacks she has gone through. That has opened my eyes to Google and it’s control measures of demonizing sites of true information.

        • The MSM is funded with loads of cash from their overlords throughout the system. Yet, they are still goin’ DOOOOWN. They got no other card to play. This is it for them and they are well aware of the fact. I’m ready to watch Rome burn, if for nothing else than getting a little payback for people like Alex.

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