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Stranger then Fiction News’ Ron Johnson riffs on current events as only he can do, with a focus on nationalized healthcare, accompanied by classic footage of nuclear tests and recent White House press conferences with Sean Spicer.

Johnson’s position is surprisingly Centrist and pragmatic.

It was announced last Monday that Donald Trump has said he would meet with Kim Jong-un. “If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would absolutely, I would be honored to do it,” Trump said Monday in an Oval Office interview with Bloomberg News.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • god this spicer is a real freaking moron hahaha unless i guess hes just playing his role so well in trumps 4D chesss but like V i dunno trump playing connect four HAHAHA END THE FED END THE SHIT DOLLAR STOP AMERKA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

  • According to Veterans Today the CIA has violated the DMZ and the peace treaty with North Korea. They captured a General with their “Ghost Walkers” interrogated him and executed him. A violation of the peace treaty and an act of war. The CIA refuses to acknowledge that the “Ghost Walkers” existed which leads to the veterans foolish enough
    to follow the CIA being denied Veterans Benefits. We have to assume that Congress or the president does not have control over the CIA.
    But the responsibility of such acts of war by the CIA is the responsibility of Congress and the President.

  • Kim should not go to the White House if he values his life, they could seriously poison him with slow acting toxins from any source, a toxin left on the arm of his chair, gas in the air ducts in a lift, poisoned food and drink, you name it, they have got it, they could toast his brain with microwaves and leave him brain-damaged, for instance by directing a microwave beam directly down into his head from a device hidden in the ceiling even whilst he is sitting opposite Trump even on the quickest of visits to the White House, even if he just visits for a 20 minute chat and does not stop overnight.

    Usury under the Rothschild banking system is not permitted in North Korea, and such a reluctant slave is due only the death penalty in Judaic understanding, even as the late Sephardic Rabbi and leader of the Israeli Shas Party Ovadia Yosef stated, only if a Gentile serves the Jews does he get a long life … and we can draw the immediate conclusion that if he doesn’t serve the Jews, that such a Gentile will have his life shortened, the conclusion is obvious. Yosef said that other than serving the Jews, Gentiles have no place in this world …

    And of course, Kim is no ordinary goy, he is a leader of men, so he will will just have to be got rid of as far as they are concerned.

    Kim should restrict meetings solely to video link conducted from the safety of North Korea, and regard going to America as going to Israel. Netanyahu said, “We will poison all our enemies”.

    Look at those Russian diplomats who recently all died whilst abroad from various strange causes. Kim should be strongly aware all the time that these Jewish-controlled people wish only to see him literally dead, like Saddam or Qaddafi, and bearing that in mind, stay away from any physical meeting at all on American soil. Just thinking of the film ‘The Interview’ with the poison put on the hand of the assassin to be delivered during an apparently friendly handshake of introduction.

    When someone obviously wishes you dead, you do not make the fatal mistake of thinking that you can actually visit them and still walk out in one piece, the Jews are absolutely fearless as regards poisoning people or assassinating them by any other means, and they will simply just do it in a flash even with a very slow-acting poison if the opportunity presents itself, and leave the ‘conspiracy theorists’ to write about it uselessly for decades afterwards, just as they still do about 9/11, whilst their country still remains totally in the grip of the Jewish perpetrators.

  • But realistically,….what are the chances of Un visiting the WH? He is a god, remember. To lofty to converse with a mere mortal link Pres orange. Really, leave the confines of north korea and risk assassination for not using the petro dollar, among other reasons?

  • Can’t stand Oshama, but he didn’t create ISIS, their creation was the ultimate consequence of the Connecticut Cowboy’s blunder into Iraq. It is true, however, that we have been aiding Islamic extremists in Syria.

    As for Trump meeting with Un, good idea, why not? There is no chance of war with N. Korea, as it borders the PRC, a nation where Trump has some of his shitty products made, and whose state owned (Commie) bank has not only loaned Donnie money, but is also the largest money paying tenant of the palace of capitalism, Trump Tower. And why don’t we have single payer while other advanced countries do? None of those other countries have pretense to Empire, something that no matter who occupies the WH, we consider a national imperative.

      • i do too as well and the GD generals that trump said he wasn’t going to listen to are the ones that have been stopping him they DO NOT want him to meet n korea has wanted to meet with amerika for decades id gather and ever since trump got ELECTED i believe our first election like EVER…with over 90% the hildabeast had like less then fracking jill stein THAT IS HOW MUCH like obama said there no such thing as election fraud HA! but false false flags 4D chess or whatever cutting his CORE base of over 80% in HALF and getting the anti trumpers to luv ya ON A FALSE PREMISE how can that possibly be good how about some truth massive truth arrest the bastards (trump supposedly is very upset with all the bastards trying to stop him at every turn) and lots of hangings what do we do with traitors and THE REAL terrorists?! do you think trump is playing 4D chess trolling th world right now? what is taking so fracking long and now we have to wait for the french elections to get global currency reset?! *pilling all his hair out*

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