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There are some 60 metabolic pathologies now associated with estrogen dominance, in an epidemic that is affecting most men, women and children in the developed world.

Although there is ample science linking estrogen dominance to all kinds of cancers – not just the ones classically deemed to be hormonally-driven, medical practice has not caught up with the science.

When was the last time your General Practitioner ordered bloodwork to test your hormone levels?

With the involvement of hormones in virtually all physiological processes and as the underlying cause of conditions as widely-ranging as belly fat, acne, depression, erectile dysfunction and cancer, it’s a wonder that modern medical practice does not concern itself more with testing a patients’ hormone levels before proceeding with their diagnoses and treatments.

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  • Carbon is the matrix for human consciousness/mind.
    Hydrogen ist the carrier of human consciousness/mind.
    Oxygen ist the transformer of human consciousness/mind.
    Nitrogen is the forming issue for human consciousness/mind.

    By a lakc on oxygen disease appear, where artificial Hydrogen becomes needed.
    By the right amount of oxygen, healing appers and self healing is possible.

    All the hormons are a family, in which general- and special relativity as well as quantenmechanics are active.

  • The ongoing global emasculation of males is intentional and part of the “depopulation” agenda. The NWO elites are very patient, preferring administered vaccine sterilants and promotion of homosexuality to outright extermination

  • Is it known that there is a spiritual impact on the hormones?

    By spiritual gender fights the hormonal impact base on CH3.
    By spiritual gender harmnony the hormonal impact NOT on CH3.

    This CH3 appears by a lack of oxygen inside the body.
    That is why there is a need for using the breath in oder to become healthy.
    This way there appears self healing on all level.

    I work with breath even since 1981,

    • I’ve read in more than one metaphysical tract that the endocrine glands are the “eyes” of our non-physical aspects, which are locked into our 3D bodies.

      • I discovered vasopressin, which has a special carbon structure./matrix.
        Where other hormones have a carbon structure of duality, vasopressin has one of a circle (eye).
        Vasopressin comes from the glands of the stem brain, where vasopressin becomes “injected” into the blood.
        Now this blood carries the eyes/”black holes” of the non-physical, so the spiritual, all round inside our 3D material bodies.
        Almost all hormons have an “empty” connection besides the connections of C,H,O and N. By this empty /non-physical connection the spirit of intelligence, intellect, of thinking, feeling and sensing can enter the hormone, where the hormone becomes a spiritual impact.
        Now basically there is a spirit of “destruction” and one of healing. This impact is present inside the hormones.

        In special:
        Serotonin is a hormone what can not become produced by technical instruments. Serotonin is for me the hormon for living life in love.

        Adrenalin can and is for me the survival hormon.

        Again, the basic difference is CH3………..

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