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    If there were real paleontology happening anymore in academe, the Paracas skulls could easily be the hottest story in that field.

    At an earthquake-damaged museum currently closed to the public in an undisclosed location in Peru, LA Marzulli and his team demonstrate how the Paracas skulls are very unlike those of Homo Sapiens, in so many ways. Besides NOT possessing a sagittal suture, which in humans separates the occipital bones of the skull into two, the occipital bone is just one big piece in the Paracas skulls. We’re also shown here that in the Paracas skulls, the foramen magnum, which is the hole at the base of the skull, where the spine connects, it is located at the very back of the occipital plate, whereas in human skulls, the foramen magnum is located toward the center of the base of the skull.

    Add to this, that the Paracas’ average brain capacity is 25% larger than that of humans, that the bone density is much greater, that the eye sockets are much bigger, that the cheekbones and teeth are much more robust – and that initial DNA results of the Paracas skulls contain genetics not found in any other species on Earth…you’d think paleontologists from all over the world would be knocking each other over to study these skulls – but no.

    What’s up with that?

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    • I perceive a spiritual universe, which base on intelligence (dark energy) and intellect (dark mazzer). At a certain moment spiritual intelligence and spiritual intelelct came on earth, creating all kinds of spiritual plants, animals and human beings.
      Detecting the old shows all spiritual forms.
      Because of the vision of biological evolution, now there is also a spiritual evolution.

      So: I came on earth at some time out of space as an dark/aliened spiritual being.
      I am present on earth and is now known and not aliened any more.
      By spiritual evolution there is a goal for being on earth.
      This goal is: find “heaven” in oneness, in singularity beyond any duality of good and bad, and beyond gender.
      There is a basic question: who/what am I?
      When I am a form, gender is present by good/bad.
      When I am energy, good and bad is gone, as well as gender.

      This video shows how spiritual beings changed/transformed their forms……………..

    • I have recently been revisiting Graham Hancock’s and LLoyd Pye’s excellent work. This discovery and the conclusions arrived at only confirm that I have been lied to about our origins. Although the finger waggers would label me a conspiracy theorist as a derogatory comment for not accepting the bilge I have had pumped down me since childhood by relations, the education system ad Mainstream Media the true conspiracy is by The Powers That Be and their gate keepers.
      I have introduced Lloyd Pye’s and Graham Hancock’s work to a lot of people and have been amazed by the reaction. They all go through an initial anger stage when they first realise they have had the wool pulled over their eyes. Once they get over that I am then able to introduce 9/11 without getting the blank stare.

    • I have been following Brien Forster for years, he has brought a lot of information out about older civilisation s of this world that main stream science won’t touch with a twenty foot pole.

    • Why aren’t paleontologists all over these Paracas skulls? You know but I’ll repeat. It challenges the delusion of their scientific methods (NOT), the conclusions or their ego-based assertions from which they profit in the outer world and their entire view of reality.

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