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Dramatic footage of Yemeni Houthi rebels allegedly storming a cargo ship in the southern Red Sea has emerged.

Your tax dollars – given to the Islamic Republic of Iran – at work, training their Houthi special ops forces to land a helicopter on a moving cargo ship and hijack it in the southern Red Sea.

The video from Yemeni Military Media shows at least seven masked men drop from a helicopter and land on the top deck of the ship and then seize control of the bridge, raising both the Yemeni and Palestinian flags.

The footage was released by the movement’s TV channel Al Masirah on Monday.

The ship was hijacked on Sunday by the Iran-backed group, who said the ship was linked to Israel.

Israel claimed that the seized ship was instead British-owned and Japanese-operated.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Notice how high in the water it is? It’s empty.
    What will they do with it?
    Well they have the captain and crew.

    • Yep.

      The second time we see the “helicopter”, it sounds very much like a drone.

      This film is what I would do if I wanted to fake a hijack or theft so that people would believe something you wanted them to believe, like most propaganda. Oh. I would also make sure its on utoob.

      Kudos to the housekeepers on this ship, though. It is cleeEan.

      So who did what, and why?

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