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    Question: What do the following things have in common?

    1. Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano.
    2. The Mare Orientale, the huge geological structure on the far side of the Moon.
    3. Planet Mars’ Olympus Mons, the solar system’s largest volcano.
    4. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter.5. The Great Blue Spot on Neptune.

    Answer: They are all located at or very near to 19.5º latitude of their respective planets.

    According to an interesting idea first advanced by Richard Hoagland in the 1990s, 19.5º is the latitude where the hypothetical tips of a merkaba (two tetrahedrons interlocked within an inscribed sphere) would be located relative to their polar tips. Hoagland proposed that these spots might be vortices that indicate how the hyperdimensional aspects of planetary bodies are expressed along tetrahedral lines as their energies are stepped-down into 3D. It’s a trippy idea to ponder, as Kilauea’s recent activity has caused 1,800 people to be evacuated from their homes, with no sign of slowing down.

    Physics Girl, who was born and raised in Hawaii uses accepted geophysics to explain the anomaly that is the Hawaiian Island chain, which is part of the larger Emperor Seamount Chain that’s over 3,600 miles (5,800 km) long and terminates at the Aleutian Trench off the coast of Siberia.

    While most volcanoes are created by geological activity at tectonic plate boundaries, the Hawaii Hotspot is located at the center of the Pacific Plate and is generally thought to remain static as Continental Drift moves the plate across it in an island-making assembly line.

    That’s the official explanation. There’s lots of very cool geophysics to gnaw on in this piece. Mainstream geophysics is psychedelic enough, without getting into Hoagland’s tetrahedral-hyperdimensional physics or the Expanding Earth Hypothesis – but the fact that the Hawaiian Hotspot is located near 19.5º N and in the middle of the Pacific Plate, in same the region of the planet that has seen the greatest degree of expansion, per the Expando-Earth model and is accepted as having the greatest amount of oceanic crust that is under 10 million years old due to Seafloor Spreading – all makes me wonder if there’s a relationship between of the bulk of Earth’s expansion having occurred in this region, the Hawaiian Hotspot and hyperdimensional physics.

    It would be fun if someone could come up with a Theory of Everything that would link hyperdimensional physics, the Expanding Earth Hypothesis and Plasma Cosmology (aka the Electric Universe) – and I wonder if that would be the TOE that the Atlanteans knew and that advanced aliens and the Breakaway Civilization know now!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • LOL. While you talk about a “theory of everything” Alexandria, you continue to avoid looking into the EU Electric Universe model, which successfully predicts so much of what is confusing and contradictory in current cosmology model. Every year a growing successful seminar, now spreading to the UK also, attended by physicists, electrical engineers, and a spectrum of eyes-open scientists and attendees; plus weekly quality Space News videos, and many scholarly books.

      again and again the recommendation is made to you… but no follow up. Once again, here is a link to a good intro video done by Rex on leakproject:

      So WHY is this? I suspect it is the clubby relationship that Alexandra hangs with DJ who hangs with Joe Farrell. And Farrell has to defend his Giza Death Star model. I have emailed JF and he said “don’t contact me again!” Hmmmm. Turf wars? can’t crack a book or two? Dwardu Cardona is every bit as scholarly as JF. Competition for market?

      They buy into the catastrophe model but like Hancock, also protecting his market share, they don’t like the idea of planetary catastrophes that might have ended the Bronze Age. See AncientDestructions website Peter Jupp for more. See Thunderboltsproject channel on youtube. See holoscience site by Wal Thornhill. See hundreds of hours of well made videos…

      So WHY does this club skirt around actually developing their “theory of everything?” ??? !!!

      There is something hugely engrammatic about the Saturn sun model, and catastrophes so recent yet at the root of our current religions, religious iconography, and the sociopathic fixation on Saturn as Satan. This ENGRAM seems to be the underlying reason people who claim to be rational seekers will not and/or CANNOT look at this material.

      As for JF, degree in “patristics,” which is what? the study of early Xtian church “fathers?” If you spend any time looking for forensic evidence for these folk, as demonstrated on the site and see that there is NOT much, that too much “patristics” is just made up by later monks as part of their Matrix Lie… then we also have to question the EMOTIONAL reasons JF won’t look at material that might just reformat the back story of the Bible, and thus take away much of the Xtian story we have been spoon fed.

      You want to wake more Alex? Don’t stay in the same sandbox all the time.

        • Actually I have pretty much watched everything you have posted daily for the past 2 years. (subscribed under a different nom-de-plume)

          OK, it’s your site, your choice. A few mentions 5 years + ago; there’s probably more on kids parasailing (which was fun btw).

          Imho EU is a bigger than Copernican model revolution, tying consciousness to physics, overturning a dead cosmology. And Talbott’s work on Saturn is at the psychological root of our present religions and malaise. But whatever…

          Hey… more robots pleas.e

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