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I’ve extolled on the virtues of Clif High many times and I can go on extolling, even if his Web Bots’ predictions don’t always come true. (I’m holding out hope that Bitcoin will see another high in a few months, as they predict!)

This is a recent podcast Clif did on Forum Borealis as part of their Antarctica Unveiled series, which starts off with eight minutes of rare visuals of Antarctica. You can fast-forward through this if you wish to get right to the interview.

I’m running this episode today to continue a conversation I started about the non-mainstream geophysics known as the Expanding Earth Hypothesis, of which Clif High is a proponent. At first glance, this idea seems very farfetched but as you listen to Clif’s explanation starting at minute 11 of this interview, you may agree that it could make sense.

Clif proposes that our Earth does not have a molten core, that our Earth is alive and that its core is plasma, what could be termed a very highly-energetic, electric ‘Sun’. An interesting characteristic of plasmas is that these capture cosmic rays.

He says, “We’re now learning that this cosmic ray barrage that hit us in 2003 not only stripped off 5.5% percent of our physical atmosphere and 15% of its depth but it caused the Banda Aceh earthquake and it may be stated that the cause of that earthquake was an expansion event that occurred as a result of these cosmic rays coming in and being caught by the plasma within the middle of the Earth.

“Then, if we extend that thinking a little bit further, as that plasma grows, there’s something that is around it, which is the rest of the planet and so all this energy coming into the plasma has to do something, because it can’t grow infinitely and so what actually occurs is that energy becomes so condensed, so packed in there, that it actually converts into matter.

“So, it’s the reverse of a nuclear explosion, so to speak and it’s a matter-creation event and those matter-creation events caused the Earth to expand…so, it’s as though we had a rigid shell around an orange. As it’s growing, that shell is going to crack, as the orange grows within it and pressurizes it.”

This is just one of many very interesting topics discussed in this podcast.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This was a really cool conversation about ancient Earth history, the Creators (Noomos) and the Salish. Loved it.

    I agree, Tammye! I’d like to hear Part I and 3. Alex?

  • Last year, I think it was the 2017 summer financial report prediction, Clif’s data bots returned evidence of the long predicted US financial failure. The data returned to him suggested that bank failures abroad which would appear completely unconnected would benchmark the downward spiral. I wonder if he would consider the Punjab Indian Bank debacle one of the banks?


  • Please give links for Part 1 and Part 3…. I found a part 3 but it was only about 2 minutes long, so surely that’s not the part 3…

  • The Banda Ache “earth quake” was caused by a hydrogen bomb that had been placed in a deep ocean trench roughly 250 miles south of the bogus USGS location. The device was assembled at the Livermore Labs. It is likely this was a proof of concept experiment to see if a tsunami wave could take out India’s largest nuclear reactor located on the shore just north of Chennai. The murder of 234,000 people was just ‘collateral damage’. The Indian reactor was not harmed. The Fukushima reactors were. I learned this directly from an expat who left the US in disgust after being shown the shop drawing his friend has used to build the bomb at his place of employment – Livermore Labs. Is Clif High programming his disciples with his so called “predictive programming” for a mass mind control agenda ? Is there a Mk-ULTRA aspect to his work ? Is he attempting to cover up or distract from the single largest act of genocide in human history with his Expando-Planet theory.

  • it is exiting to hear the confirmation about mother earth,,,and as we go a bit further,,,,,as the frequencies of the inner sun raises,,,our planet moves into the 2, harmonic universe,,,into 5 D,,,and all with the matching frequency will move with her,,,

  • Fiction writer Joe Ferrell has made some pretty interesting observations jumping off of a flurry of high mucktymuck’s visits to the region a couple of years ago. Something is going on there that the government sneaks don’t want their employers (us) to know about.

    Yet even MSM has reported on huge ancient caves there and shirtsleeve temperatures. Beyond that fiction kicks in. just about like it did when flat earth was the accepted science of the day.

    It’s likely nothing more than the same militarization of a continent the same way other continents and space have been militarized. That’s the nature of the human beast.

    • “It’s likely nothing more than the same militarization of a continent the same way other continents and space have been militarized.”

      Yes, an ongoing militarization of the planet is always present within the Neocon mindset. However, there is much, much more going on inside the Lockheed Martin shelter than weapons proliferation. Evidence, so far, points beyond weaponry.

  • plasma, plasma, plasma… and yet…. you still haven’t done investigations into the Electric Universe, whose Big Paradigm changing overview is that IT is ALL about plasma physics. Daily new probe reports baffle the Standard Cosmology Model, yet are explained by plasma physics.

    Let’s go Alexandra!! Yes we love the aggregator approach for National Inquirer like snippets on health, ETs, UFO, JFK… but if you want to change the world, change more of your world view.

    • I subscribe more to the plasmic model aka the Electric Universe than any other cosmology and I have run many pieces on it over the years, as you will see if you search the site.

      I don’t get what you’re criticizing. The Expanding Earth model is a corollary to the Electric Universe.

      • Yep, Totally agree with you Alexandra. I had my interest woken up by a series on Edge Media TV before it went down the tubes. Over the years my acceptance of the Electric Universe has strengthened in a direct corrolation with my loss of childhood blind faith in NASA.

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