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I’ve retreated into an unbloody world of animated depictions of astronomical measurements. All this trauma has got me dissociated. I’m out of body and I’ve gone cosmic.

A few years ago, I wrote a book about the 2012 hoopla, where I learned about how the Solar System orbits around the center of the Milky Way galaxy once every ~240,000,000 years (one Galactic Year). The trajectory has been classically described as a “horse-on-a-carousel” motion, passing through the Galactic Plane every ~35,000,000 years.

So it’s interesting to see all of this data animated in what looks more like a corkscrew trajectory, or what is here being called here the Helical Model by musician (and slick computer animator) DJ Sadhu. This same creator made a video about the orbit of the Solar System’s planets around the Sun that went viral worldwide, including on this site. You’ve probably seen it, it’s very cool.

DJ Sadhu says the animation was based on the work of Indian ethnobotanist, Dr. Keshava Bhat and he admits that the scale of both the corkscrews are off. Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait says the errors here are more than just about scale.

Plait, a professional skeptic who’s served as the President of the James Randi Educational Foundation says first, that the orbits of the planets are tipped by 60°, not 90° as shown, so the planets are sometimes ahead and sometimes behind the Sun; they’re not being dragged behind the Sun in a “vortex”. Second, the “carousel” motion of the Solar System occurs with a periodicity of four times per Galactic Year, not the dozens of times shown. Finally, the massive curlicue trajectory shown of the Solar System as it revolves around the Galaxy is completely wrong; Bhat confused the Ecliptic Plane with the Galactic Plane.

Otherwise, Plait calls Sadhu’s animation “lovely”, which it is and I think still worth contemplating – anything to put the hideousness of what’s happening in America into a greater context – and that transports us away!


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  • You made an astute observation of the true nature of scientism’s theory!
    A question:

    How is it that, when Polaris (never deviating from its fixed position directly above Earth’s Magnetic North Pole) and its neighboring stars (each, never deviating from its unique positions in the sky), are videoed – and played back at High Speed – how can we observe perfectly concentric “Star Trails” surround our North Star while assuming Earth, simultaneously, spins at 1,040 mph; wobbles at 23.5 degrees; orbits the Sun at 66,660 mph; the Sun screams through the Milky Way galaxy; which is only one of a gazillion other galaxies rocketing at incalculable speeds to infinity and beyond?


  • Try using titling during the video. I was hoping to understand and watched the whole thing, but I kept waiting for something to and found it boring. So what, we are spiraling in space. Over my head. What connection to the Grand Master Universe do you have? What is a vortex?

    • Chris,

      a vortex is an opening where information of any kind can enter into the own body.
      Such a vortex is similar as a whirl inside floating water, where the flow of water meets a rock. Inisde the spiritual body, there are many of such vortexes.

      The connection to the Grand Master Universe, is a connection of attraction, which is named also a spiritual gravitation. The grand master pulls the spirits home. That is the attraction.

  • When there is said, our solar system is a vortex I could agree in some way, because in our solar system is not predestined a black hole.
    This is different to our galaxy. There is a huge black hole inside. When this black hole is involved in this video, I quess the video will have an other presentation.

  • The heliocentric model is a flat universe of lines, which can bend, moreover are no-waves.
    The helical model moves inside flat universe by waves, where waves are build op by points.
    There is a vortex for going inside and a vortex for going outside.
    By the heliocentric model the direction of motion is going inside the vortex.
    By the helical model the direction of motion is going to the outside by the vortex.

    Now the question is: should love come inside or not, do I want to know who I am or not.
    This directs the direction of motion.

  • The first question I have is: is the wind blowing or appears any wind by attraction.
    Almost any one thinks, the wind is blowing.
    By blowing and sending by the sense organs, now the double slit experiment comes in focus.

    I see water vortexes, where they appear when the water comes from above to down under,.
    So here again the question, is there a waterfall or is there a water acctraction?
    This is the same by love. Is love given and sended or attracted into the inside.

    Observers are sending out of the random of the brain.
    Perceivers are attracting into the void of the brain, present inside the middle brain.
    In religion: does God attract or give?

    Even by the big bang must be asked this question. Became the original organism exploded or torn apart? Whenm torn apart, there was a silent noise lioke a kiss and not the big bang.

    By attraction any wave becomes a line, which can bend.
    By sending any wave stays a wave, where by meeting a resistance it is discovered that waves are build up by points.

    Any out of the body experiences happen, because of an inner pain inside the body.
    This is valid too for all near death experiences, where there is a tunnel for going to the outside of the brain, entering the individual aura. In this aura all old images are present, because the base on separation, with the belonging pains (colours of the aura).

    Any scientist explains universe by his own experience.
    Any being is an organism organising itself, where is inside a CENTRE.

    I guess that this model base on sending, projection and observing.
    Therefore I doubt it.

    It is said that there is gravity, which never disappears.
    It is said that light can disppear.
    I could also say that singular light is gravity, is attraction.
    The apple on a tree attracts his noursihment out of the tree, get a soul and becomes attractd to the earth.
    Is ther any one thinking that the tree sends an aplle to the earth?

    By the story of adam and eve, the apple was not ripe enough, at the moment it was taken from the tree by the woman for presenting it to the man.

    The soul needs love and wats to attract this love to the inside.
    This must be a universal law.

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