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    CNN (CIA) has been leaning hard on YouTube to terminate Alex Jones’ YouTube channels in the past week but it appears that some medium-sized channels are taking the hit instead.

    In the wake of the Florida shooting, we’re seeing mass-terminations of certain YouTube accounts. In the past week, The YouTube channels for the 76k-subscriber Richie Allen Show and Bombard’s Body Language with 265k subscribers have been terminated on specious “Community Guidelines” charges of “Bullying”, in some cases, for videos which were posted over 2 years ago.

    Both channels explore alternative themes but I’d say that their presentations are balanced overall. I would never describe either channel as militant or abusive in any way, so this is very troubling.

    The question remains as to whether an alternative video platform will emerge with advertisers to support the work of creators, who have followings almost as big as entire cable news networks. That no such platform exists is probably due to the fact that advertising is not actually how YouTube stays in business.

    YouTube is a money-losing behemoth that’s only good for feeding AI and the Global Information Grid. Can you imagine the amount of data and servers and the electrical costs involved with maintaining YouTube? Just 15 years of YouTube data, alone is estimated to equal roughly 1 sextillion gigabytes, to say nothing of what it costs to serve over one billion users in 88 countries several billions of views daily.

    There are those who suggest that, since the Google-YouTube monopoly really only exists in its current form as a result of its relationship with the National Security complex and that it merely masquerades as a private enterprise, that it should therefore not be allowed to operate with the arm’s-length adherence to US Law of a corporation but should rather be as bound by these laws as any public utility.

    But that would involve telling the truth and addressing the fact that the scope of modern-day Fascism is beyond our wildest dreams.

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