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Amazing Polly takes a deep dive into the background and childhood of Ukrainian-born US Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, who works in the White House as a member of the National Security Council and who testified against President Trump in Rep. Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry yesterday.

Vindman and his identical twin brother, Yevgeny were brought to New York from Ukraine via Italy in 1979, when they were three years old and they grew up in Brooklyn’s “Little Odessa” neighborhood in Brighton Beach, which is the US capital of the Russian Mafia.

She finds it curious that, out of the millions of immigrants and refugees that have arrived in New York, these twins somehow managed to appear with their grandmother in the Ken Burns Academy Award-nominated PBS documentary, ‘The Statue of Liberty’ (1985).

Alexander’s identical twin, Yevgeny is also an Army lieutenant colonel and he ALSO works in the White House, in an office next to his brother (!)

Polly thinks the two might fit the profile of some kind of CIA Lebensborn Project to create generational Deep State assets, in conjunction with organized crime networks.

She follows along that speculation, finding possible ties between the Vindmans and the Russian mob, as well as with Les Wexner, the billionaire sponsor of Jeffrey Epstein – who, incidentally also grew up in Brighton Beach.

Such ties between the Ukrainian-Jewish advocacy groups she cites and organized crime might seem tenuous until one considers that Alexander is currently trying to overthrow the US Government, his twin brother, Yevgeny may also be called to testify in Schiff’s Soviet show trial and that according to, their elder brother, Leonid:

“…was fined $1.3 billion along with his employer Unicredit Bank for violating trading sanctions by trafficking nuclear energy materials to Libya and Iran, runs Tungsten Capital an investment firm with ties to former Soviet satellite countries.”

Polly also found possible ties between their father Simon and the Italian Mafia and Eric Ciaramella, the alleged CIA “whistleblower”, whose identity is being so hotly protected by Adam Schiff and by Internet censorship algorithms, that she cannot even speak his name for fear of having the video removed by YouTube.

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Alexandra Bruce

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          • Bolivian. There is PROOF.. Trump also knew about it. Indigenous protestors were massacred.

            The Bolivian plotters went to the School of the Americas in Georgia and formerly worked for the FBI.


            But that’s just the latest. Do you support coups or not? Is it an absolute value like it is for some of us or just a relative thing?

            The Venezuela coup is much more publicized.

            Therefore, for Trump to sit there and cry about a coup is poppycock. But in general, he really is poppycock.

          • I don’t support coups.

            Not sure why you think Trump has any more control over the coup in Bolivia than he does over the one against himself.

          • LOL, maybe because the USA pays 70% of the budget for OAS.

            Maybe its the audio recordings of the coup military leaders with Bob Manendez, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others.

            Maybe its Trump’s coup attempt against another S American country recently.

            Maybe its the fact that Bolivia made a deal with China over its Lithium rather than the USA, whose President Trump was called a “fascist” recently by Bolivia’s exiled leader.

            Maybe its because Trump’s agenda, if one can be defined, seems to be wars for natural resources and gold, and installing new leaders. “America First” perhaps means economic hitmen, sequeing into coups and assassinations should the need arise.

            Maybe its because Bolivia also recently nationalized their Natural Gas industry.

            Lastly, maybe its because Bolivia recently kicked the IMF out of the country.

  • Although Trump has been beaten since he took office and it appears as a political hit scam, one thing I find strange is the fact President Trump and his sycophants have argued since day one that this is not a case of “quid-pro-quo.” Like hell! And, obviously, we need to add it to the “executive’s Law Dictionary” next to the definition of “is” of Bill Clinton’s fame. And, apparently, this is another case of political insiders pissing down our back while claiming it’s only raining.

    With that aside, now we need to know if such tactics are illegal. If so, Impeach. If not, stop the bullshit and carry on. So far, they treat it as if it is “in bad taste” rather a crime and we need to know the specifics.

  • A very, very, very tangled web, most of it started back in the cold war era.
    Then there is the CIA working in the USA, again, who never gets prosecuted.
    All the world is just a big game, to so many.
    May they burn forever.
    But that’s not how the recycling of souls go.
    Just my opinion, from my experiences.
    Please, make this, a better world, in little ways, it makes things better for all.

  • .Hallo Polly,
    we are penetrating deeper and deeper into. the rabbit hole –
    I appreciate the amount of research involved in attempting to untangle the web which boggles the mind – while getting to the bottom is very important for the main purpose of contributing to accelerate the demise of this pyramid of lies, deceit, corruption. The challenge is to be wiling to invest our energies to give birth to a radically different life experience.
    Thank you for your work.

  • What is wrong with all of you alternative media, F all this s%$t, just put a name and face to the deep state and go after them directly or shut the F^%k up.

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