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If you think Adam Schiff’s “impeachment inquiry” is valid, you might be a Soviet Communist.

If Roger Stone’s conviction on process crimes and a possible 50-year sentence is what passes for rule of law, the Bolshevization of America is all but complete.

Being a Classical Liberal and until recently, a lifelong Democrat, I never thought I’d be writing, let alone thinking such things. But as the psychological civil war grinds into its third year, these thoughts have become inescapable.

If Donald Trump doesn’t prevail against the deranged criminals in our government, I will probably have to leave the country. Not in a huff, like all the Hollywood people, who claimed that they’d move to Canada (and didn’t) but because I’ll genuinely be afraid for my safety.

Radio host, David Hodges breaks down the seven stages of the Bolshevik takeover of America. In the past, Hodges has sometimes occurred to me as hyperbolic in his statements but not in this presentation.

These are the quick bullet points I made of his talk. We are currently halfway through Stage Five in this seven-stage process.


Stage One: Intimidation, censorship, political correctness, the total disruption of culture. If they control your words, they then control your thoughts, they then control your actions.

So, if you’re Trump-supporting Roseanne Barr and you make one ambiguous tweet while you’re half-crocked on sleeping pills, not even your stellar 40-year career and the billions of dollars you’ve generated in the Biz will save you from Cancel Culture.

Stage Two: Bankrupt America with subversive organizations to trigger the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The government, churches, universities, etc. have by now all been infiltrated by Communists.

The goal is to overwhelm the US public welfare system (i.e., healthcare for illegals) in order to precipitate an economic collapse that would lead to the implementation of a Socialist system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”, as is being proposed by 2020 Democrat candidate Andrew Yang.

Stage Three: Manifestation of the multi-generational plot to install treasonous presidencies. Bush I & II, Bill Clinton and Obama. As Hodges says, “John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are the only [modern] presidents who have even acted like they gave a damn about the American people. The rest of them served Globalist, Deep State interests, designed to undermine and take down this country.”

The relentless looting by these treasonous regimes has now brought us to the edge of economic collapse.

Stage Four: Judicial political tyranny, such as we are witnessing now.
The treatment of Julian Assange, the Mueller Investigation, the “impeachment inquiry”, the kangaroo court convictions of Maria Butina, George Papadapoulos and Roger Stone.

Along with the tyranny of judicial politics, you also get voter fraud, rigged voting machines, etc.

Stage Five: The takeover. They win in the 2020 election. Who’s they? The people who oppose the Constitution. The Bolsheviks, i.e., the Democratic Party, the Deep State.

Now, they control the legal processes completely. Now, there’s no chance of mounting a legal challenge. There wasn’t much before but it’s gone now.

Now, your right to assemble and to organize against these people as a criminal event. If you write a blog post, “Dear America, I think the people running our country are criminals.” You’ll get a failing social credit score and therefore, you can’t travel, you can’t be on the Internet, you can’t hold a job. You’re a non-person. That’s coming.

It’s already halfway here, online, where publishers like me have been repeatedly and without warning de-monetized, de-platformed and sometimes de-banked.

YouTube’s new terms of service goes into effect next month and creators have been warned that if their channels aren’t “commercially viable”, they may be deleted without notice. FKTV may soon have thousands of pages with broken links.

Stage Six: The purge.
Let the food shortages begin. You want your food? Here, cross this line and if you’ve got a wrong Threat Matrix Score, you don’t get to leave the camp. They rehearsed this in 2011 Operation Mountain Guardian.

They will take advantage of weather modification and prevent growing seasons from happening, cause fires (NorCal, etc.)

And when you have a takeover like this, it’s never complete until you have the gulag and the exterminations. Shall we go through who’s done this? How about Stalin? How about Hitler? It’s going to happen here, if we follow the course that we’re on.

Stage Seven: The new normal. “Once you have most of the resistance out of the way and everybody else is scared poopless and afraid to speak out, you’ll have a continual state of martial law, hence the extreme surveillance we see; spied on by Vizio TV, Alexa – all these devices that spy on you constantly. They’ll know instantly, whether you’ve been naughty or nice and freedom, goodbye.

“Then, of course there’ll be an endless state of war because it makes a lot of money and this will be the march, eventually towards the New World Order.”


“These are the seven stages of a Bolshevik takeover of the United States of America this is how we’ve lost our Republic.

“I never would have said this was possible ten years ago. I never thought it would come in the form and as swiftly as it’s coming now and what was creeping along for about 68 to 70 years is now moving at us at breakneck speed…

“I never thought we would be here today. Not like this. I thought the takeover would be more gradual, more peaceful, would be economic in nature. I didn’t think it would be like the Bolsheviks.

“We are going to have violence in this country like you could never have predicted but when people tell you there are guillotines in the country I haven’t turned my attention to proving that yet…

“I think we’re gonna see terror on a scale that we have never witnessed in this country. People used to talk about Andersonville Prison. Remember that, from the Civil War? and how basically, Confederate soldiers would be starved to death?

“…That’ll seem humane as to what’s coming….People just don’t get it. If we were to stand up now, collectively as a group we could push this back.

“I don’t know how far. I don’t know how long. But we could.

“But reaching the undecided masses that still think that CNN spouts the truth, when they’re nothing but a propaganda tool, it’s hard to do and I need you to spread the word because we need to give everybody the opportunity…

“You know, they’re not even hiding what they’re doing. During 9/11, they were secretive. And we’ll go forward from the 15 years since and they are totally out in the open and in your face.

“I’ll give you one example. If you used to talk about the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations and say, ‘These extra-political bodies do not belong running our government and people that belong to these organizations, we have to question their patriotism.’

“When you said that, ‘Oh! You’re a conspiracy theorist! Put a tinfoil hat on, Hodges!’ … and now, they don’t even hide it.

“Hillary Clinton does press releases with the moniker of the Council on Foreign Relations in the background. George Soros speaks to people worldwide with the World Economic Forum in the background. They’re just as evil as the CFR and the Trilaterals.

“It’s out in the open, Folks. They’re making their move right now. They’re going for broke and they’re going for broke because you’re waking up. That’s what they’re afraid of.

“Zbigniew Brzezinski said in 2011, before his death he said. ‘It used to be easier to imprison a million people than kill them. Now, it’s more convenient and better to kill them than to imprison them’

“And that’s the model they’re operating off on right now. They are going for broke, because they know if they go much longer, they’re gonna have a problem.

“Last night, I reported on farmers [in the Netherlands] and rural interests, like in the Yellow Vest movement [in France], that’s partly a rural movement and in [Hong Kong, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil], they’re going crazy.

“All across this planet, there are uprisings now against illegitimate political authority that abuses its citizens. The global authority in this in this world, the people behind the scenes, the puppet masters whose names you’ll never know, they can’t tolerate any more people waking up. They have to end it now.

“And to end it now, they have to first start with the President. Then, they have to do away with the Constitution and then, they have to do away with any Americans who still think this is a Constitutional Republic or desire or return to it.

“That’s it. So please share this far and wide.”

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  • So I live in NM, in a city that is very pro-child, very pro-education, we have parks all over the place, some of the coolest parks I’ve ever seen. Here they are very protective of children, we need ID to pick up the kids period, parent, grandparent and if anyone else, sister brother cousin you hafta go to the office and the office calls the parents for personal ID and talks with the person picking up the child, very very pro-child. With that said, I was at the park with my granddaughter and I saw a young boy, 13 years or so with breast, girl pants with a bling belt, boys shirt, boy haircut but clearly a hermaphadite ( probably spelled wrong), I had shades on and tried not to stare but he/she (for ease of typing I’m going say she) was pushing the little merry-go-round my granddaughter was on, she was tired so I offered to push and she laughed and said thank you. I was pushing and she started talking to me with a clearly female voice, and said, I like playing with little kids, they aren’t’ mean to me, I asked what school what school she went too and she said xxx, I said, don’t they talk about it with you and your class to educate them that you are a twin? She looked at me in surprise and said, how do you know that, I said, well I’m old lol I know a few things, she said no they just ignore it, I said well this is a very religious town, they don’t push religion in school because it’s against the constitution but that’s why they ignore it. Perhaps your parents can talk with the school and make it a learning issue for the students and she said they tried but the teachers don’t want to confuse the kids. I said, well you seem pretty well adjusted considering the situation, and she said yeah, from way back my parents showed me pictures and how it happened that I’m an xy/y/x, it’s weird, they tested different parts of my body and DNA in my mouth, blood, skin, no matter where they test, one test is x/xy/y it’s all different. I said, well your parents are pretty awesome to have raised a pretty awesome kid, you know so much medically I guess becoming a doctor would come easily too you. She laughed and said maybe, I just gotta figure out what I want to be, my parents said wait till I’m like 20, I don’t know what I want, I said well your two people in one why get rid of one for the other, be who you are and just be happy like you are, do you hafta choose? She said no but my mom said it’s gonna get harder as I get older. The kids all ran to the swings so off to the swings we went and continued to talk, her mother was watching us the whole time and came over to join in pushing the kids and listen to us talk. She introduced me to her mom and we said hi. She went onto say that she liked being just normal like she was. I said, well I love that, I love that you are so well balanced at such a tender age, I mean this is the hard part for you, your just now starting to change as a human going thru teen years and once you push through this you’ll know what you want to do. Her mother just spontaneously hugged me. Mom said, I had to choose the best place to live and this was it for education, I really thought they would be more supportive but this is a very religious community. I laughed and said yes, my granddaughter keeps asking who god and jesus is lol, I asked her where she heard about it and she says school. Mom said, oh yes, when I approached them about having some sort of education about xxx’s, gender and the twin thing they buckled down about it and said they don’t want to confuse kids, I said, well the god issue is also confusing kids because your asking them to believe in a fictional bein that has never manifest it’s self to humans, we are asked to believe in something that’s not real yet my child is real, the DNA is real, that fact that my child was born with both male and female chromosomes is real, I believe the Supreme Court would believe that my situation would be allowed to be taught in school before your issue is allowed to be taught in school and perhaps we should get lawyers to address the issue of teaching god jesus and DNA, chromosomes in class, if your going to teach one you must teach the other. The principle adamant said, we don’t teach religion, bit it slips out among the teachers sometimes. So my point being is no, their isn’t X chromosomes and Y chromosomes, sometimes this happens, when eggs are fused and a child is born with both. Your commentator may have touched on it lightly but other facts need to be taken into consideration. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent again.

    • This child is a hermaphrodite of an extremely rare type. What you’re describing is called “genetic mosaicism”.

      Whereas, “gender dysphoria” affects less than 0.5% of the population, true hermaphroditism affects a fraction of that and genetic mosaicism a fraction of that, again.

      The child has a genetic condition and not what is generally being talked about these days as an issue with gender identity.

      It’s an amazing story and an amazing life this person will lead and with a lot more acceptance than at any time before.

  • Of course, another plea that America is targeted by “Leninists” of communist Russia fame. After all, we’ve heard that all too often since the fifties. However, these recent hit pieces have a bad habit of altering their vernacular with terms suggesting other than what is true. For example, the “left” of today’s standards are not socialists per se, but anarchists. A big difference between those who care, yet, appears from the “burning bush.”

    With that said, we can always bet that another clone from the “Birch Society,” that may or may not be from a religious sect, to spew the “red scare” narrative concerning recent events. I see this as just another attempt to convince the public to sway from placing regulations on or to reform Wall Street and their business practices and force common sense behavior as a means to avoid socialistic programs.

    As it stands now, the marriage of government power with corporate greed is more of a model of fascism. Obviously, a notion is hidden by the Birch Society’s worldview. This poor slob is foaming at the mouth with his paranoia and wants everyone else to partake in his obsession and delusion. Therefore, there is nothing new here and I will move along.

  • Fancy that. I was raised in one of the Communist countries.In our education system we were indoctrinated that this is going to happen when this ideology will overtake all western and other countries.I was sceptic about this dogma at time of my youth but had to repeat it for the sake of acceptance. Now after all those years and being here, freed from that environment, must see that this is ‘actually happening’ here on the west,although in different form,but with same outcome and end results.

    • It depends on your circumstances and preferences. Some people have been saying Russia, which I think is interesting.

    • There are few, if any, safe places to go. Most either depend on the western world for agiculture, industry and technology, along with the IMF backed banking and funding that it makes for great bribery mechanisms to get the host country to do their bidding, unless they want to fall to a coup, like Bolivia.

      I’d look for real small and real remote places, with an emphasis on very hard to get there from here. I’d list places but I don’t want to give away some choices I have…

  • What they haven’t disclosed yet is why the emphasis on AI, even if it means the enslavement of the entire world?

    They also haven’t explained just what happened out there in the Nevada desert with Jack Parsons in the 1930s ans how this event ties into my point on our enslavement and to whom.

    Hint: Alistair Crowley

    The rabbit hole beneath all others from SGT Report:

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