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Michael McKibben and his team of researchers at have dug up “indictable evidence” usable in a court of law regarding the foundation of what we know today as the mainstream media, in tandem with the intelligence agencies of the 5 Eyes Alliance and how the origins of today’s mainstream news propaganda outlets and those of the main national intelligence services are inextricably entwined.

McKibben’s group has uncovered that the original MI5, MI6 and GCHQ were founded and staffed in the first decade of the 20th century by newspaper men, which is a fascinating revelation. There are documents that show how newspaper men and later, those from TV and radio comprised the original staffs at the CIA, FBI, NSA and the State Department – and that all were directly under the thumb of a group of people in England called the Pilgrims Society.

As McKibben says, “This is the body of the Leviathan that is what we call the Deep State today.”

There were 650 people in attendance at the Imperial Press Conference in 1909. On the surface, it was a group of newspaper people from all over the British Empire gathered at Shepherd’s Bush in the West End of London, in a pavilion at the French-British Exhibition called White City. Ostensibly, they were gathered to discuss things like the cost of telegrams used in newspaper reporting and the future of journalism, as one would expect at a conference like this.

But what McKibben’s research team discovered on the side was that a select group were having secret meetings with the House of Commons and the Prime Minister, planning the formation of the Empire Press Union. Soon afterwards, Sir Gilbert Parker, the Prime Minister referenced these meetings as the source for the founding of the Home Defence and Colonial Defense, aka, MI5 and MI6. Gilbert even stated in the parliamentary record that he was going to recruit two people from this Imperial Press Conference to assist him with gathering information from around the planet. These 650 newspaper men would be stationed all over the world in the Commonwealth nations, spreading propaganda as paramilitary soldiers and intelligence agents, controlling public opinion through the printed word.

Thus, all of the leading British and American newspapers were weaponized in 1909 by the British Government-led Pilgrims Society, including The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Times, Observer, Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, etc.

As radio and television emerged in the 1920s, the list of Pilgrim-weaponized intelligence/propaganda/media expanded to BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CBC, CNN, CNBC, Comcast, FOX, CIA, FBI, NSA and the State Department. All remain under the  control of the (British) Pilgrims Society to this day.

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben take a deep dive into the historical details of all of this, which sheds such an important light on the agenda driving so much of the information we consume daily.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Weird dream I had this morning, I keep seeing John Wayne calling James Stewart Pilgrim!
    I think there is a connection, but it’s broken!
    Old time programming from old movie?
    I think I’m out to lunch now, LOL.
    Any way, this sounds like the lizard crown queen.
    And the pedos in power to keep their ways, even if they give up cash to do it.
    This world is in deep state sh*t.
    Change a few laws?
    Think about who writes them.
    Kind of like Brexit.
    All passed by the people, will not be implemented, EU wins again.
    Power corrupts!
    We may have the power of the people, but the media has the masses under thumb.
    There must be a way, legal action? Nice dream.

    • We may end up with Brexit being enacted but Britain is the majority funder of EU defense union which will rob us of sovereignty from a different route. The British people are totally out of the loop about this. (

  • Interesting stuff. Isn’t it also interesting that Pilgrim Society member Harry Truman, finished up the nasty little Rocthschild WW2 with dropping nuclear bombs on Japan. Later, founding the CIA and NSA, and once again, The White Queen wins.



    • and then there’s this current tidbit:

      “Turn down any corridor in Francis’s Vatican, and you are likely to run into a de facto communist: Francis has a communist running his order, a communist running his Council of Cardinals (the Honduran cardinal, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga), a communist running the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (Margaret Archer, a British sociologist who has said that she represents the “Marxian left”), and communists such as the renegade Brazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff and the Canadian socialist Naomi Klein drafting his encyclicals.

      It is no coincidence that the only U.S. presidential candidate who made a visit to the Vatican during the campaign was a socialist who had honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Bernie Sanders turned up at the Vatican in April 2016, having received an invitation from Pope Francis’s close Argentine friend, Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo.

      “We invited the candidate who cites the pope most in the campaign, and that is Senator Bernie Sanders,” explained Sorondo, who added that Sanders’s agenda is “very analogous to that of the pope.”

      How the Jesuits Control Major Media Companies

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