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We are living in the world created by the central bankers. Their planetary stranglehold was almost complete before Trump killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on his third day in office. The TPP would have effectively nullified national sovereignty for all signatories.

The rise of nationalism that we see around the world is a reaction against the attack on sovereign nations by the Globalists, those denizens of the City of London, Wall Street, Brussels, Frankfurt, the old big international banks and interlocking corporate cartels. Their various agents decry nationalism as “racist” when it is simply the natural pushback against the Socialist transhumanist technocracy that the Globalists are attempting to roll out. This is the real, undeclared war fueling the derangement of the Mainstream Media and the ongoing rolling coup against Trump.

Harley Schlanger joins Dave at the X22 Report to talk about recent signals from members of the Federal Reserve Bank that they might pull the plug on the US economy to sway the outcome of the 2020 election.

“In Jackson Hole Wyoming at the annual Kansas City Federal Reserve retreat, you had a strategy put forward for their new
global empire. In fact, the term they used was, ‘It’s time for a regime change in international finance.’

“One was the head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney who called for adopting what he called the ‘synthetic hegemonic currency’.

“We just have to move to the next phase, which is total central bank takeover. Now, at the same time he presented that, there was a second proposal put forward by people connected to BlackRock. These included foremost former central bankers, like Hildebrand the former head of the Swiss National Bank, Stanley Fischer who had been head of the Israeli National Bank and who had been a key figure in the Federal Reserve in the United States for a while.

“And the term they used is, ‘We should put fiscal policy into the hands of central bankers.’ that is, merge fiscal policy with monetary policy, so that not only will they be the ones who determine how much funny money is created but they, rather than elected governments will determine where that money will go.

“The third scam that’s a part of this is the Green Financial Initiative; the idea that we have to break forever with fossil fuels, we have to get rid of nuclear, get rid of coal. Why? Because of CO2, because the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t. A bunch of anti-science nonsense, that’s being used to destroy what’s left of industry in the advanced sector.

“Now, just to finish the picture was former Federal Reserve President of New York, William Dudley calling for the Fed to essentially engage in a coup against Trump and what he said is the Fed should consider ‘how their decisions will affect the political outcome in 2020,’ and he said they should send a signal that the President, not the Federal Reserve will bear the risks, including the risk of losing the next election.

“Dudley is openly calling for the Fed to pull the plug on the economy to defeat Trump, so that, I would say is a clear picture of accelerated moves toward a new banker’s dictatorship.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • So in my humble opinion there is just too much attention placed on President Trump and feels as though it’s now become a distraction. I’ve researched this bit coin and what I feel reality about it is, “the super computer ” and algorithms, at any point with a small adjustment can wipeout bit coin instantly. Now I’m trying to figure out what the banks are doing with the “debt forgiveness ” and Chase Manhattan pulling out of Canada. We have pulled out of the main bank and moved to 2 credit unions. We got rid of the “debit card ” and use cash or credit and the credit we have limited ourselves to 2500$ with monthly pay off. It shits all over our credit dropping us from 825 to 725 and affects our internet rate on something like a car even though we own 2 homes, one paid off. I do not trust the banks and am obviously suspicious of what is planned next. It would take years to ween us off the dollar so I’ll just keep reading until plan shows itself. Anyway just my thoughts.

  • Mister Schlanger makes an odd comment early on in regard to alt energy as an impossibility. He also overlooks the intense and extreme chemical toxicity industrially generated solely through bubblin’ crude greed. An apologist for billionaires?

    • I think he’s just saying that wind and solar cannot replace fossil fuels for 7B+ people. Electric cars ultimately derive their power largely from coal and nuclear-powered electric plants.

      The biggest problem with fossil fuels is the toxicity, I agree but until there is a bonafide alternative than can replace them and the infrastructure to deliver it (including the redesign and production of all-new machines), it’s what we have to live with.

      Moreover, at this fragile juncture in our history, the US is finally energy self-sufficient due to fracking. Until we are back up on our feet, there may not be much motivation to roll out the suppressed tech.

    • Unless we win the globalist war and rid ourselves of the control of the likes of Rockefeller, then the man is speaking a truth. That said, I do hope for sore losers on their part with Free Energy at the main.

  • One thing that I know for sure. The earth will not end in twelve years but will go on long after humans end themselves. Apparently there is physical proof that nuclear annihilation has already occurred on earth twice in pre-history and somehow we stand here today, cardinals feed at my bird feeder and tomatoes can still be grown from the ground.

    Fukushima may make life in the North Pacfic a rare miracle for a few millenia but life will return. Just ask the Octopus, who is alien, came here on a rock we call an asteroid and whose embedded genetics sprang to life in our beautiful waters. And now we even have a song by Ringo Starr about her. LOL

    I love making fun of myself but also of the cultural Darwinistas.

  • Dear Alexandra,
    I have emailed the video to Edward Young, HM Private Secretary, with my message: ”

    Someone, please let Boris know he has to get rid of Osborne’s ‘Evil’ little sh*t at the Bank of England!”

    In case you did not know, Edward Young is an ‘old soul’ like many of my trusted colleagues, and hence one of the truly ‘good guys’ in this world, He is also reportedly the most powerful man in the UK!

    This is despite the despicable little midget, Bercow, the ‘S’qeaker of the House of Commons, making out as if he is!

  • Remember what happened to the last President who tried to print U.S. Treasury notes? JFK
    Remember the Pilgrams Society ? S.S.D.D. Their fingers have gotten longer, around more necks.
    So,I believe there are too many Faulty Towers in the U.K. And around the world.
    But, can they be fixed?
    We will get John Cleese to repair them!
    Best Wishes for Trump 2020!

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