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    I missed this Steven Greer video when it was posted a couple of weeks ago but it’s a great follow-up to the Dark Journalist interview with John W Warner IV that I posted yesterday, in relation to the imminent release of a report by the Director National Intelligence about UFOs.

    The main purpose of Greer’s update here was to explain why renowned attorney, Daniel Sheehan, who has long been associated with Greer’s Disclosure Project and is well-known for his work on Iran-Contra and on the Silkwood case is now representing Luis Elizondo, who Greer describes as a “professional disinformation agent putting out false intelligence about the UFO matter through the mainstream media.”

    Greer explains that Sheehan was hired by Elizondo because the Pentagon was about to pull his security clearances. He says, “It wasn’t because he was doing things with TTSA…They [the Pentagon] wanted him to do that. It was because he had resigned from TTSA, falling-out with the people that were the hardliners wanting him to present that there was an ‘alien threat’ or a threat to the National Security.”

    In other words, Elizondo is being threatened with loss of his security clearances, not because he was disclosing classified material but because he ‘went off the rez’ and no longer wanted to lie about the ‘alien threat’.

    Greer continues, “And he has told two people on my team, including attorney, Daniel Sheehan that he knows and the other people, like Chris Mellon know that there is no such thing as an ‘alien threat’, that there is not a threat to the National Security but that’s the only way they can get this in front of the American People to get more overt funding for the Space Force and eventually, a conflict with these extraterrestrial civilizations. He has flat-out said he knows that everything he’s been saying about this being a ‘threat’ is untrue.

    “Now, Daniel Sheehan has also shared – and this is even more explosive – that Luis Elizondo has informed him that he, in fact has been in a facility where an actual extraterrestrial vehicle was stored. Now,  why is that important? Because he’s all over the news, 60 Minutes, every Mainstream News channel, along with his other cohorts in the cover-up, such as Leslie Kean, Nick Pope, Chris Mellon and others saying that ‘we don’t know what these are’.

    “Now, interestingly, he absolutely knows that some of these craft are, in fact of extraterrestrial origin. He must also then know that some of them are ours. For example, the recent Jeremy Corbell interview on Fox News, where they were showing these triangles swarming our Navy ships. Every one of those pyramid-triangular-shaped objects with the flashing light on them are from either Northrup-Grumman or Boeing or Lockheed – most likely, Northrup-Grumman. Those are man-made UFOs. They’re anti-gravity vehicles. Everyone in the aerospace industry, at any level of clearance knows this.

    “So this is a big problem. So I told Mr Sheehan, I said, ‘Look, you have to be very careful if you’re going to work with this gentleman. You have to understand that he is a master of disinformation. I am quoting from a senior CIA official who wrote me about this when they first emerged, after Unacknowledged came out in 2017. And of course, Daniel Sheehan knows this. He told me point blank, ‘Yes, we know this.'”

    Greer says Sheehan is representing Elizondo in the hope of getting him to come clean and possibly after him, to get some of the others to admit they know that there is no threat from UFOs and that they have been coerced into making these claims…

    “The head of the Lockheed Skunk Works, Ben Rich wrote, in answer to a friend who asked him, ‘Are these extraterrestrial or man-made?’ He said, point blank, in writing, signed by him on the Lockheed Skunk Works stationary letterhead that they are both. They’re both man-made and extraterrestrial.

    “Now, this is of course one of the most preeminent aerospace figures of the 20th Century and this is not a contested item. It’s in his penmanship and signed by him, back to a friend, that we’ve acquired. We have enormous amounts of information like that.

    “So, these people that you see on 60 Minutes that you see on Fox News and CNN and all the media, this is the ramping-up of the false disclosure that we warned about in 1999, when we wrote the paper, ‘When the Disclosure Serves Secrecy.’

    “Why? Because they want people to now know that there are UFOs but they want to put this big lie out there that they are a ‘National Security threat’ and concern. This is what Nick Pope and others keep saying. By the way, Nick Pope has admitted to two people on my team that he has been paid large sums of money to say these very scripted things in the Mainstream Media so that he has been able to buy some really pricey real estate in Soho in London and elsewhere.

    “One of my concerns about this is that, while I normally do not engage in sort-of gossip, is that now that these people are mis-educating deliberately the American People and the world on this. It is a very big concern. They have stepped into another level of deception. It’s one thing if you’re at a UFO conference in front of a thousand people. It’s another thing if there are millions and millions of people hearing this lie.

    “Now, all these people, from Chris Mellon to Luis Elizondo to Leslie Kean to Nick Pope and others know for a fact just what I just said; that there are two types of UFOs seen: man-made ones – that is the bigger secret, by the way. The ET issue is not as big a secret as the man-made ones, for a reason I’ll get into in a moment. And that this is not a ‘National Security’ threat.

    “All the images that you have seen in the Mainstream News of the Tic Tac, of these pyramids and triangles – those are ours and they were filmed and known, at some point they would release it to open the door to this subject. But there’s more coming…

    “Unfortunately, we’re at a point now where there is a massive information campaign that is false and the reason they want people to think all of these are things, that we don’t know and can’t figure out how they fly is so that eventually, they can put out more scary information, perhaps next month with the Director of National Intelligence Report, showing even more gruesome events that have happened, that show in fact, that these are a threat to the National Security. Why? Of course, that with the Fascist military-industrial and industrialist complex want people to be afraid of something.

    “So this is the next big thing. It’s much bigger than 9/11. It’s much bigger than COVID. We’ve been warning about it for some time. Unfortunately, we’re trying to see if some people can get pulled off the precipice, including Luis Elizondo. That is why Daniel Sheehan is working with him. Now, I’ve made it very clear that Daniel Sheehan has told me he would do this that if he cannot get Luis Elizondo to speak the truth and come clean on this that he would drop him as a client…

    “My understanding is, you know, people are complex. I think both Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo regret what they’ve done. We also know that there are other people who are beginning to come forward with information, which sounds unbelievable, such as Jacques Vallée, disclosing that in the 1980s, he saw a document describing CIA-run alien hoaxed abductions in Brazil and Argentina. We are going to be releasing this soon…

    “There are a number of things that need to come out and I’m making an appeal right now anyone who has has information or has been on a tactical team engaging in these false flag operations from the 1950s until now need to come forward and expose this as a hoax. The reason for that is that if we don’t expose the trickery and the hoax, the thing that the American public and the world are going to be left with is this terrifying perspective of there being a threat from Outer Space, which will justify not only the expansion of weapons into space but also the Space Force and this ‘alien threat’ narrative that they’ve been working on for 70 years.

    “Remember, Wesley Clark, Four-Star General Wesley Clark, as well as Wehrner von Braun and Carol Rosin have stated that they have seen documents that were very Top Secret that were listing all the nations that we would get into wars with and that the big crescendo, the final card to be played, as Wehrner von Braun stated would be the ‘alien threat’ card. We are there now in 2021, May of this year.

    “By next month, who knows where this will have gone? We need to move forward very aggressively to get the truth out, so we are working so that. In the next month, ‘The Cosmic Hoax’, this next documentary that all of you have helped fund – and I’m thanking you very much for that – we are already now in post-production on that and I’ve seen a rough cut, the first 45 minutes. It’s amazing. It’s going to blow people’s minds. It’s going to be case-closed.

    “That film is not going to be proprietary. Every single one of you need to find influencers, celebrities, networks of people to take that film and post it on every site on the planet the instant, I mean the day it’s released…

    “The reason they keep saying we don’t have anything that can move like that Tic Tac or move like those pyramid or triangular object over the Destroyer; the reason they’re saying that, even though it’s it’s an absolute provable lie is because it preserves the element of surprise. It preserves the element of surprise of a false flag operation, where those same technologies that are man-made and controlled by covert programs can be used in some kind of scary scenario..and make it look like it’s the aliens did it, blaming on the aliens…

    “I think if we can expose this central lie, we can prevent this disaster and but that’s not going to be done by CNN and CBS News and 60 Minutes. It’s going to be done by us and you guys, all of us together have to join hands and expose what the truth is…

    “Everyone has a list of a few hundred people they may have been on their social media pages uh some may have thousands some may have millions uh it doesn’t matter because if millions of people share it with a few hundred people we’ve reached hundreds of millions of people so everyone needs to see that this is kind of how you can join in this effort.”

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    • After this past year I think any and all things should be considered from this dark group we are trying to overcome. The other point to consider is from the Biblical view. Another way to confuse all of us is to disguise or distract us from the Satanic part of the story by introducing off-planet beings as the “bad guys”. To introduce the Cabel story to the public is going to be hard enough so best to deflect it by creating another villain.

    • Pay no attention to that Satanic, coronavirus pandemic, forced vaccinated, hyper-inflated, homeless, jobless, fracked and oil-soaked, Fukushima irradiated police state we foisted on you via the 9/11 and London 7/7 false-flag attacks!

      v Here is a piece of toast with the face of Jesus on it!
      v Here is freaky alien dude (Annunaki, Nephilm-elite) with an elongated skull mating with a chimp!
      v Here is a Mayan dude sayin’ it’s “the end of the world”!
      v Here is a weird noise in the sky for you to go “WTF?!” at!
      v Here is (another one?) photo-shopped image of a TERRORIST guy who’s been dead since 2001!
      v Here is a Project BLUE BEAM Virgin Mary in-the-sky to keep you distracted in la-la land!

      Meanwhile, we will continue our de-population, loot and pollute the planet scheme we hatched at a secret Bilderberg, Illuminati meeting, from our REX-84, continuation of government, radiation proof D.U.M.B. (seed vault), where we protect our elite, trans-human, trans-sexual, incestual, DNA genome blood-line! Mazel tov!

    • I think for those of us who have never had an “alien” experience there has to be a way of distinquishing between “aliens” and “entities–demons, devas, jinn, etc” Many years ago I ended up in an unwanted alternate state of consciousness at a meditation retreat. I would sleep without losing consciousness and at that time I saw the “shelf elves.” Many years later I was recovering from surgery on drugs and saw the “shelf elves” again. I know they are called “shelf elves” because of the psychonauts. For thousands of years humans have had experiences of “entities” that arrive with a shift of consciousness. These are not aliens. They could be real or they could be imaginary. I think they are real, but whatever. Aliens are not from an altered state, post surgery, and they don’t arrive in meditation or drug experiences, but in spaceships. Aliens are not entities. Aliens are beings from outer space, not interiority or inner planes. So that is what we need, proof of aliens, not entities.

    • I feel forewarned against some strange 9 11 like fake need to go to war in outerspace against the “aliens” that I have never seen nor experienced.
      I listened to the Dark Journalist broadcast on this as well, and I still don’t know what “aliens” are or mean. What does it mean to be in a “hanger with some military grade flying machines and some alien??? The aliens have to have been modern because there are not ancient records. In fact, it wasn’t until the Ptolemaic Universe model was replaced that people began to speculate about “aliens.” Are there solar beings on the sun, Venus has the lovers, Martians are warlike, and lunatics are on the moon–that was the 15th century. So, how do we know that aliens aren’t demons? There is a word in every language for demons. They have a better pedigree.

      • Why would spiritual entities need spaceships and genetic harvesting from humans? Why would d.mons put rfid chips in humans?Both scenarios have happened many times.Many references to aliens throughout various cultures whether in artwork,tapestry,Bible,oral traditions.

        • I read a lot of ancient literature and am relatively familiar with the Bible, archeological records, ancient cosmologies (like the Ptolemaic universe), and was always puzzled by lack of alien reference. In fact, when the word entered medieval lore with the rejection of Aristotle and opened up the possibility of multiple universes or worlds, historians made a note–so isn’t just me. I would like a fuller disclosure.

    • Well, it was only a matter of time before Greer jumped on the fake alien invasion bandwagon. After all, he must present himself as the real deal so his “love and lighter” followers will be willing to board the “lunchbox” spaceship of the malevolent aliens he aligns with to get his information.

      I agree with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, who wrote in her article*, “Keep in mind any fake/real alien invasion being finally acknowledged by the military or deep state is aimed at controlling the narrative and erasing over 70 years of secrecy which has stunted the growth and progress of human society on Earth for generations.”

      Further in the article, Kerry Cassidy also writes, “That the whole adrenochrome crisis stems back to the Draco/Reptilian/Grey agenda on Earth and that some of the dark side humans regularly prey on children and other humans. That they conduct human sacrifice rituals daily while those off planet and underground and undersea civilizations traffic in human slavery for food and sex and other purposes such as experimentation. That we have been invaded repeatedly for centuries going back to the beginnings of human occupation of Earth. This would be a start.”

      *Article found at

          • You shouldn’t be so sure with no evidence that has been put forward, only stories that can be called Propaganda! I know human trafficking is real, but the rest is questionable & deserves Solid Proof/Evidence.

            • Exactly, anyone who is so sure of something like “aliens”, without any evidence is highly suspect. Personally, I think this but another rabbit hole we are given to distract us while they destroy the us.

    • We all know Biden is planning a faked UFO event. People I’ve known all my life either think the earth is flat or believe the earth is hollow and full of aliens that will hatch soon.
      No wonder the govt was able to pull of a scamdemic.

        • Melinda, When you use the word flat-ish, it reminds me of the ‘Ferguson’ map of 1893. I had it framed, very cool! Based on Professor Orlando Ferguson ‘Square & Stationary Earth’ according to Scriptures. Even has the Angels at the “Four corners of the Earth.”

    • It was only a matter of time until the CIA threatened, cajoled, or bribed well-established researchers into aligning with them. It has been well-known that Elizondo is (was?)a CIA shill. TTSA was a grift from the very beginning, so now we are watching the earthly war mongers vying for our beliefs.

    • First it’s Russia , Russia ,Russia , then its COVID is a global threat , and next it will be blame it on aliens .

    • Greer… are the inside……as well…..I don’t trust you. Some valid points ……information…….and as always……another well-played angle to the dangle.

    • It is unnecessary to suppose that UFO technology has been reverse-engineered from recovered alien craft.
      Given 70 years, sufficient funding, and at least one unambiguous sighting, it is quite possible to *forward*-engineer our own craft. All that is necessary is the knowledge that the craft exist, and therefore the technology underpinning them is somehow possible.
      The agencies and the complex know this, which is why they have always back-pedalled on the unambiguity of any sightings or encounters.They have simultaneously exaggerated the capabilities of ‘aliens’ through other channels, in order to make the technology gap seem unsurmountable to those of us who believe in the existence of those aliens. To the extent of seeding the ground with notions of spirituality, inter-dimensionality, religious or consciousness progression gateways and the like.
      They do not want us to know that (1) the issue is a technological one, and (b) they have already in fact made that achievement. We do not (unfortunately) require expanded consciousness, or a revolution in morality, in order to possess these secrets. Just as in the past, with every kind of tech, we only seem to acquire the ability to wield it for anything other than warfare *after* the fact, not before it. From explosives, through the manufacture of organic chemicals, to complex electronics and nuclear power, the story has always been the same. You develop a tool to serve an immediate aim, generally for conflict, and only afterwards find out it has other more benign uses (if you survive).

    • I know Greer’s heart is in the right place, but….
      I trust Bob Lazar a lot further with truth.
      We will see how far the disclosure show will go, I hope in the right direction.
      God bless us all.

    • Didn’t extra terrestrial originally mean operating outside of terrestrial limits? So they can be said to be extra terrestrial and man made, it doesn’t mean 👽. It wouldn’t surprise me if those grey beings are also man made.

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