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    Clif High explains that The Piscean Age is ending and coincident with this are what his predictive linguistics have long been calling the “strange energies from space” and the collapse of our current world political and economic order.

    Whereas the Piscean Age has been characterized by group behavior, as in “schooling fish” and where we were herded like sheep by the Globalists, the Aquarian Age is about knowledge, which is an individual process. He says, “We are individuating but in our individuation, we are finding collective pathways with our other individual citizens in forming new power blocs. These new power blocs are threatening the Globalists.

    “They decided to unleash the biowar now to try and dampen us down, to crush enough of the population, to kill enough of us that the mind virus of freedom can’t spread. Thus, we’re in this biowar, which is a real war with the Globalists and which may spread into kinetic war – likely will, to some degree these next few years, as the Globalists, who are fighting an existential battle, they are fighting for their very existence, for their very lives, for the lives of their families; for the millions of dollars, the power base they’ve stolen for generations. They are fighting for it all.

    “It is at this moment, over this period of time, that they will lose that, with an awakened global population, because, WTF, they are waking up…!

    “As the political system comes undone, the Globalists had infiltrated the political system and the institutions with Wokianism and rampaging Communism but all that succeeded in doing was cracking open the rigid overlay that they had put on everything and allowing the rest of the population to come up through freedom.

    “The Communists and the Wokianists are a very small percentage of the population and will be overwhelmed, as we all stand up and say, ‘WTF? We’re waking up!…This year, we will see the United States Federal Government start breaking down, as they have an inability to pay for stuff [due to hyperinflation]…

    Clif High has yet another way to look at the impending UFO disclosure; that it is to a large degree the source of the dollar implosion and that the effects of the disclosure will be epochal.

    “A lot of the Patriot community is saying that the UFO thing is a distraction from the [election] audits and so on…and I say, ‘No!’ It is a key ingredient that was placed in there to cause problems for Dementia Joe and the Usurpers, for the Coup. It’s there to cause problems for Joe and his handlers, because the UFOs and the secrecy will break open – you can’t dribble that sh*t out. Once you admit any aspect of it, once you acknowledge officially that there are UFOs, then from that point on, it will break open in chunks like a glacier falling off of Antarctica. It will not be dribbled out in little tiny snowflakes. It’s just impossible to do that. This is just the way the human mind works…

    “And so the secrecy is going to break open and flood out and the Government is going to have a shoe shoved up its a** so far, they’re going to feel it. Because the secrecy was propelled by bad money. They’re thinking they’re going to cut their losses on the bad money, which will, indeed happen.

    “But once they do that, all those people that used to be bribed won’t be bribed anymore and the sh*t’s going to come out, much more than the Government wanted, because it will be leaking out around the edges, not simply coming through the officialdom of the Congress and their official leaks. It’s going to ooze out everywhere. It’s the Overwoo…

    “This is just the beginning of it. It’s going to be a global cultural revolution, in a way that the Globalists are unable to control. It’s already slipped out of their hands. They think they’ve got some approaches to it but it’s falling by the wayside, by the day.”

    He says this global pan-humanity movement has already begun but it is going to kick off like mad starting in June, which he’s labeled the month of “Danger” for the Globalists, whereas July will be month of “Panic” and August will be the month of “Change.”

    He says, “All of the people in the upper echelons of government, in the upper echelons of finance, of law enforcement; the entire criminal Cabal…secret organizations like the CIA, all of their torture chambers, all of this kind of sh*t is in the “Panic” mode in July, they’re going to be dumping all kinds of crap and they’re going to be freaking like mad to cover their tracks and get their a** to some level of safety somewhere, as humanity boils over in summer, no matter what the weather is…the Globalists are going to panic this year…

    “And then, we’re going to change sh*t in August. How we do it, not up to me to say. I just know it’s going to happen…It’s all coming out, once that little bit of it comes out, all the dots will be made visible, all the lines will be made between them, people will start connecting all of those little dots and they’ll see what the secrecy has done for the UFOs and how it destroyed the money and how it was a tool of the Globalists in keeping the global population pushed down, while they tried to steal all the technology, etc., etc…

    “It’s Vindication Woo for all of the Woo people, it’s Vindication Woo for all of the conspiracy nuts, because we were not nuts!…and hey, biowar, even Fauci has to admit it, now! And Vaxx as a delivery vehicle for the spike protein. That’s f***ing obvious! The spike protein is the bioweapon…!”

    He says the change that we will see coming in August will be necessarily traumatic and painful and we would do best to keep calm, as we assess what has happened and quickly move to create a new government. The constitutional government structure is sound, we simply cannot allow for it to be captured, due to our inattention. Reasonable voices will emerge, solutions will start being presented.

    The Globalists have lost.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Cliff, I would love to have a coffee or tea session with you!
      I love your thinking, and would love to have a mind meld session with you.
      Share our thoughts, and that sort of good stuff.
      Until then, keep up your great work! It is greatly appreciated!

    • Yes Sir you are right! There is many people who still sleeping and the time to wake up is here. Right now, we cannot go back though, let our Divine Universe to guides us together with our own intuition. I will share your message that is profound! Younger generations need to hear you that probable they do not have any idea about the “Global Reset” because they have being too busy hiding, playing with all the technological games, sick, in long lines looking for items needed or any other reasons.

    • I have faith in the people to wake up. I do not have hope in the govt. or the media to do anything for the people. Demand truth and let the awakening happen. And most of all ask for help from the Divine. Let’s experience miracles too.

    • Love this, yes! Alexandra Bruce, and Alex Jones, and CliffHigh, just nailed it from the start!

    • I like this guy… how can I be in contact with him? He leaves it open… I like that. The only way I’d go for a US constitution is if I had to sign my name for a given period of time… and support it.

      That would mean no free shit on the table. Why? Because it can’t be free. Governments don’t make money, they steal it. We’d have to go private… fuck the left, fuck the right.

      Wanna be a commie? Go for it! You can sign up over at that trailer across the street… but YOU have to support it. If you steal it from me, I’ll have your ass lashed to a tree… and let the people do whatever they want with it. That’s right, bring shame to your family…

      I’m comin to the USA brothers and sisters… look for me…I’m an old fuck too, Fuzz

    • I feel if you were to not speak the devils language your information would be more believable.

    • Here in Nevada people are tossing their face diapers in droves. …and this makes “those who would rule over humanity” very very scared.

    • Clif. Do you HAVE to say “WTF!!” so much? It gets old, and it’s unnecessary. Thanks.

    • Aprx. 10 years ago there were a series of videos called The Wakeup Project. I can’t remember how many there were but they were about 15 minutes each. It was stated in these videos there would be an extraterrestrial event some day. The reason for it was to make the people think we could possibly come under an ET attach so there was a need to create a One World Military to protect planet earth. This is just another part of the One World Government agenda.

    • What kind of mushrooms is Cliff taking? I want some!! Ruff road ahead, no turning back now, onward we go!

    • Who in authority is going to dare accuse, much less prosecute these luciferian psychopaths that have finally (publicly) seized power in these united states? They have been running the show since LBJ and now have taken us to a place where every element of the former “of, by, and for the people” government is under their control. The swamp is so deep that it is incapable of being drained lest we allow the entire DC structure to go down the drain with it… but again I ask, “who is there in authority not beholden to – or extorted by – the deep state that will dare prosecute them?” .. no one…

      • Terry, Who in their right mind would say “Prosecute” Not I. Many have already been “Taken Out” There is a Hush of Silence, if you stand still you can hear.

      • My opinion: Like the song says, “ In ‘65, I was 17”. And perhaps, my generation, “ the baby boomers “, did begin to awaken. But the powers that be, have used many tricks to dumb us back down. Especially the Kennedy and Manson hoaxes along with other stuff to put us in shock (Stockholm Syndrome) and seriously derail any thoughts about rallying together. And it’s been said that, Satan, will use his two weapons against us: Brainwashing & Mind control. It’s easy to see that everyone in the media And the White House are using sorcery and spell casting for the icing on the cake. Trump is not the Messiah. I know a good person in the military. But like my family who made up all 5 branches, both officers and NCOs, they don’t follow God. They follow their Commanding Officers. The American Empire. The World Police. We need so many bases around the world in order to protect the Royal Family. No matter what they tell you. It’s to protect the Royals. Kiss that ring along with that fat ass.

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