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The biggest meat company in the world, JBS is currently shut down globally because of a cyber attack. To Ice Age Farmer, it is obvious that what we are watching is the marriage between Klaus Schwab’s imminent “cyberpandemic” and the Globalists’ war on meat.

He says, “Union reps are already saying there could be a protein deficiency globally, if we’re not able to get JBS back online and processing,” but he says what’s not mentioned is that JBS had already started idling some of their facilities, due to a drought in Brazil that has destroyed their corn crops, causing feed costs to explode, coinciding with a drought in the US, leading to seven dollar corn.

Reuters has reported that BRF, the world’s largest poultry exporter was considering slaughtering their chickens and stopping pork and poultry plants because of the record corn prices, “So it is no surprise that they reach into their back pocket and pull out that perfect excuse, the ‘cyber pandemic’.

“They are, after all, a World Economic Forum partner company…with the World Economic Forum, who’s openly advocating for the post-animal economy. That’s because JBS is in on it. They want to end animal agriculture. So does Tyson. Here’s Tyson foods, stating their commitment to sustainable protein and to Davos, to the World Economic Forum.

“Yeah, they’re in on this, so they know so when we heard Klaus Schwab utter those words last year at the cyber-polygon-think- tank-exercise, where they talked about how there’s going to be a ‘cyber pandemic’…as Klaus Schwab uttered those words and as the FireEye hacking toolkit was stolen and as the SolarWinds hack meant that Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world were suddenly ‘vulnerable’ to any of these things, suddenly, that script was launched; this carte blanche for anyone to do anything they wanted to their pipelines or to their meatpacking facilities, just shut it down. Turn it off for a while. Let the gas prices rise. Let the meat prices rise. They’re just starving out consumers and getting them used to this new normal; increased gas prices, increased meat prices…

“They’ve just hit the panic button and launched into overdrive, blamed the ‘cyber pandemic’ – and it’s just like blaming COVID; it’s just this boogie man, ‘global problems require global solutions, plus it buys us the ability to turn off the meat we can just do whatever we want!”

“Now, at the same time, we’ve got these fake meat companies also working hand-in-hand with the World Economic Forum and in fact, they’re going out and donating fake meat right now to food banks and food pantries and to other emergency sources, so when people who are losing their jobs and these lockdowns are going out to get help from the food banks, they don’t come home with real meat anymore, they come home with fake trash from the Meatless Farm Company and Impossible Burgers and stuff like that.

“Now, who are these companies that are just giving away fake meat?…If you look at this company, just as one example, this meatless farm company. Well, they raised a new round $31 million to fund post-lockdown growth…

“The funding round was managed by recently-appointed meatless farm director Leopoldo Zambaletti, who has, oh, 20 years of investment banking experience at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse. Leopoldo showed this funding gives meatless farms the ability to take advantage of consumers’ desire to Build Back Better in the wake of COVID-19.

“He’s right there, virtue-signaling this is part of the Great Reset. This is part of weaning people off of meat, now that they’re just going to shut down the production and blame the cyber pandemic and we’ll give away our free meat over here.

“They’re going to get this done, by hook or by crook. Remember, WIRED magazine: Fake Meat Is Coming, Whether or Not You Like It? Now, you see it now you see what they mean…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no more important message I can include in this video than we need to start growing our own food and raising our own animals today. They’re destroying the food system by design and we need to be growing food for our families and for our communities more than ever before, so I’m gonna get back to that, right now and I hope you do the same! Thanks for watching.”

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  • US government/Bill Gates have to be responsible. There are no coincidences. Who would want to shut down this company?

  • Since the Meat Producer is referred to as “Biggest in the World” perhaps They are involved in disposing Human Bodies from Human Trafficking…. Good Reason for a “Shut Down”

    • Very possible as MxDonalds has been confirmed to have been serving customers child flesh.Read a detailed,lengthy article on the very long roots of s.nist evil in McDonald family tree Theyre one of the thirteen evil clans.Go to foodbanks in IL. And have seen or been fiven some fake meat.One pack I tried.It was beans,pretty good.Other I did not.Saw more of this just this week.Most Americans could stand to eat less meat,especially beef.Enormous inputs and envirodamage for a lb. Of beef.Dont suppirt the woketards,lying,forced deathjabs,or terror campaign.jbs is a Brazilian co. We need to recreate localized,builtin redundency everywhere.Satphones,hamm radio,c.b.s,not just cellphones.Batterybanks,solar,propane,natgas,woodstoves,small turbines,algaefuel.
      Food sources should be decentralized as well.Community gardens,foraging,private gardens and chickens.Maybe someone hunts or there is a ranch/professional farm nearby?

  • When the lights go out, the communications are down, you can’t buy food, and you don’t know what to do… Go out and find something Communistic and DESTROY IT!! That’s what these damn globalists think we won’t do. I say we prove them dead wrong.

  • WHY haven’t supposed THINKING HUMANS caught on yet????? 99.99% of ALL ‘hacking’…… done BY THE CIA!! SO…….the CIA strikes again!

    • Yep!cia,fbi,d.state hired hands.Pull your $ out of the banks before they bailin.Stop buying commiecorp. Products like coke.Stop using Bing,microsoft,,twatter,mailchimp,yuktube,etc.Bayer is a nazicorp. Thats poisoned us purposely.Bezos had a local traffic light changed so that any red lights in front of a warehouse were very short thus interfering with union organizing.Also sought snitches to prevent union.These activities were in AL or GA I want to say.Bezos took a tax credit on his spawn and got u.s. $ from i.r.s.Nauseating how greedy these humans are.Swiss banks and elite holdings need to be hacked,danaged,burned,stolen,whatever.Theyve waged War on normal people. CIA created Blackrock is buying up whole neighborhoods as is Vanguard.Dont sell your home orfarm to Bezos,Gates,China,these hedgefunds.

  • If I can ever agree with a globalist agenda this is it: the elimination of worldwide continuous cruelty to animals, as delving into meat industry will reveal. As Paul McCartney once said, if abattoirs had glass wall we would all be vegan/vegetarian. I myself have been vegan for the past forty years so this does not affect me personally but it would be great to feed pets their proper food without the remorse of knowing that food was sourced from the suffering of another animal. It has long been known a plant based diet is best for the health of people animals and the environment but this keeps getting pushed to the side………..

    Also most sources of psychic/mystical material will tell you no soul evolution/ascension is possible without a cruelty free diet……….

    • McCartney is a mason and adenochrome cloneclown.Lennon was shot because his albumn,Imagine,was recorded in the 528 solfeggio frequency.Like it or not,there Are carnivores.Cats,dogs,rats,snakes are carnivores as are most people.Animals do not have to suffer to be food.Very quick arrow or killshot.

  • So the biggest meat producer is closed? Good riddance. There is enough cruelty in the world. Over 3 MILLION cows a day were being slaughtered. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 50 years. We won’t suffer protein deficiency by going meatless. There are plenty of cruelty-free sources of protein. Legumes, learn how to make your own vegeburgers at home.
    As a species, we should have evolved beyond meat-eating centuries ago. Do you have any idea of the tremendous pain and suffering in meat processing plants, one so big in California that it can be seen in satellite images? Plus all the environmental damage from water usage and animal waste that winds up in our water.
    The globalists might be behind this destruction of the meat industry – but God means it for good. Educate yourselves

    • You presume much.Blasphemy to even think you know what G.d means or thinks through the equally Presumptious and hypocritical actions of s.nist,adenochromesucking childsnatchingpedophelic Reptilians.

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