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    Here’s a hilarious music video by Media Bear, with witty lyrics worthy of blasting down the streets.




    When a new disease has hit the streets
    And they ask you to mask like a willing sheep
    Thinking for yourself isn’t working out
    Following a mandate without any doubt


    You saw it on the TV
    So you wear it when you’re driving
    You’re having trouble breathing
    And I know that I’m right
    Because you wear it through the night


    I hear you struggling to breathe
    When you’re masking in your sleep
    I think your brainwash is complete
    You indoctrinated sheep


    When you put the mask on late at night
    Don’t you now that something isn’t right?
    And all your fears that keep you safe inside
    You put a mask on your face then you run and hide


    You tell me it’s for safety
    You tell me how to clean things
    You tell it protects me
    And you know that you’re right
    Because they tell you every night


    I see you wearing PPE
    When you’re walking down the street
    I think you’re part of the disease
    You indoctrinated sheep

    I hear the sound of your TV
    Propaganda while you sleep
    I hear you practice what you preach
    While you’re masking in your sleep


    When you close your mind and become a sheep
    You wear a safety mask when you’re out to eat


    You tell me that I’m crazy
    You tell me it’s for safety
    You trust in Dr Fauci
    But I know it ain’t right
    Because you wear it every night


    I hear you struggling to breathe
    As your oxygen depletes
    Your mask, so stylish and so chic
    Now you wear it when you sleep

    Can’t smell or taste the things you eat
    And what happens when you sneeze?
    I think you’re part of the disease
    You indoctrinated sheep

    I hear you struggling to breathe
    You indoctrinated sheep…

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • This is real, I don’t wear a f……. mask most of the time because of medical issues. In Jan. I had my cardiologist appointment. I was in there for half a hour . They always check your oxygen level when you go in, so I made them check in at the end and my oxygen level dropped 8% while talking with him in that half hour. So yes masks deprive you of oxygen and if your exerting yourself it lowers even more!

    • Who the hell got in my head to come up with the lyrics ??? SHEEPLE EVERYWHERE wearing their masks alone in their cars, hard to tell if there oxygen deprived, drunk or stoned!

    • LOVE it! I continue to be amazed at the number of people who STILL wear masks while biking, exercising and driving in their cars, even after the mask mandate was removed in our area. And yes, I do not doubt that there are those who wear masks in their sleep. This is the result of Deep State brainwashing – no doubt about it.

        • I bet they do. Less oxygen to the brain. That’s why they follow himlike sheep. I’m just waiting for 2024. Surely we can find a man or oman wo hs the good of America in him. Not Biden atrump Harris or anyone elsealready in polirics. God send us a man afer your heart.

      • Didja see the story about the guy who wears his mask inside his own house all the time? His wife was asking for help. Am sure he wore his to bed too.

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