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John W Warner IV joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to do a deep dive on his Deep State roots, as the grandson of Andrew Mellon, the son of Senator John Warner (who sadly passed away on May 25th) and the cousin of Christopher Mellon, the Pentagon official who is stage-managing the Democrats’ fake UFO Disclosure operation.

John IV says of his cousin, “Chris writes and Op Ed piece for The Hill and says, ‘I challenge the Pentagon to release more!’ You ARE the Pentagon, Chris! You represent factions that don’t want real disclosure going at all!”

John IV is not proud of the dark parts of his Robber Baron ancestry; how his family profited off the Great Depression and how is great-grandfather, Andrew Mellon, as 50% owner of ALCOA was instrumental in making water fluoridation compulsory in America – all the better to help ALCOA dispose of all that toxic fluoride, the main byproduct of aluminum processing.

A life-long UFO buff, he describes many interesting family anecdotes, like the time his grandfather, Paul Mellon told him about being at airplane hangar with General Patton in Czechoslovakia, where he saw a large “disk-shaped aircraft,” and the time Stanton Friedman told him to show his father images of the MJ-12 files downloaded from a 1993 AOL dial-up connection – and how his father, who served as Secretary of the Navy and on the Select Committee on Intelligence was extremely interested and asked if he could borrow them. Months later, John IV asked his father what he thought about the MJ-12 documents and he responded that the “Pentagon told him it was a hoax.”

When he begged his father to come clean with him, the Senator told his son, “I know you’re interested in the subject but don’t go down this road. You’re not going to find what you want to find down this road. This is National Security stuff, the people out West have it all under control, to my knowledge. The military has this under intense classification, you won’t find anything out, you need to just leave it alone. Live your life.”

John IV says that one night, when they were in Switzerland and his father had had a few drinks, after fighting with his then-wife, Elizabeth Taylor, John VI confronted him about his trips to Antarctica and “Operation Deep Freeze”. The Senator told him that they were digging sub bases with steam drills and that “we might have a few missile silos down there”.

John VI asked him, “Why Antarctica? Why do you need them there?” It was a clear night and his father pointed up to the sky and said, “Space Operations.”

He also says that he had many conversations with Liz Taylor about UFOs, as she believed in them.

A self-described “writer and gentleman farmer”, John IV is genuinely affable and he has a real gift for story-telling, besides having many extremely interesting stories to tell. This is a delightful Dark Journalist interview, I think my favorite one in a few years!

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  • John Warner has another phenom interview with DJ. JW is one of those folks you could just listen to for hours on end. I do hope he is able to fully brain dump during his lifetime, because he is a literal segue for so much of US & World history that has no other source. It is a rare person indeed, who grows up amidst elites without being tainted by the false allure of intrigue and power.
    One doesn’t have to trust JW, but you will trust his info once its vetted – which is exactly what he is imploring the GlobalCitizen to do. Moreover, if we held the same level of skepticism with OUR current programming as we do with those few who are trying to raise awareness to break it, we’d be much further along in our evolution as Spirits

  • The introduction, getting to the point, is so long few people will watch this. I am warn down after all the talk that went no where. Talk about fox hunting, walking into hangers, racing in California, I did this, he said that, will cause people NOT to watch the video. I would like to get to the facts, but I am now done watching. Probably will not ever get to anything.

  • You have to be as wary of people like this as you are of cobras. He may or may not be completely truthful. You have to play David Vincent in a land of Invaders. Why trust any part of the government to give you the truth on anything at all? The truth is not in them.

    The biggest fallacy is believing the government can do anything about the “ufo phenomena”. You don’t need them to tell you what is and what isn’t. They may know that the phenomena exists with perhaps some proof, but they don’t want anyone to know that they are more or less impotent to do anything about it. Much of it is probably their own secret projects, and they want those not in the know to believe at least that part of it is a legitimate unknown, per Nick Redfern. Also re: Redfern, what is not a secret project is probably much more than just visitors from space, possibly in the extra dimensional or paranormal realm.

    Bottom line is you don’t need the government, mainly a bunch of attorneys, to legitimize anything.

  • This was so interesting to hear first hand all the things that “they” call us crazy for,thank you❤I’m very upset that Doctors have crippled me with pain,unbelievable pain that could be cured with technology that’s has made me cry to think they withhold this from humanity!!I await their next global false flag🎉with bells on.

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