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    France has been thrown into chaos as riots rage across the country following the deadly shooting of a 17-year-old boy, a French citizen of Moroccan and Algerian descent, by a police officer during a traffic stop.

    Nahel was in a Mercedes AMG with two others before being stopped by two police officers for breaking traffic rules, France24 reported.

    While initial reports said the teenager was shot because he was driving his car at the police officer, a new version of events contradicted the report by a video circulating on social media.

    The footage showed the police officers standing by the side of the stationary car while one pointed a weapon at the driver.

    A voice is heard saying, “You are going to get a bullet in the head.”

    The officer appears to fire at the driver at point-blank range as the car drives off before crashing.

    One passenger was detained and released after an investigation, while another is missing as fleeing the scene.

    According to the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, Nahel died “following at least one gunshot wound.”

    The police officer responsible for the shooting has been taken into custody for questioning by prosecutors.

    The Nanterre prosecutor’s office has ordered a comprehensive investigation, which includes an autopsy of the victim, a toxicology report, and additional examinations.

    Following the news of the shooting, tens of thousands took to the streets as violent protests and riots raged cause chaos across France.

    Images of burning vehicles looting, and clashes with the police have dominated the news cycle.

    French President Emmanuel Macron held a crisis meeting and called for peace to quell the riots, emphasizing the need for a complete and thorough investigation into Nahel’s death.

    France has since suspended all public transportation in response to the nationwide protests and riots.

    Meanwhile, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced the deployment of 40,000 federal and local police officers to quell the nationwide protests and riots.

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    • The government should have opened fire on the rioters rather than let them foment revolution. That’s how it was in the old days. Wholesale violence and violations of law and order were not tolerated. Governments stood up for the peace, what’s doing on in France would have been nipped in the bud.

    • The video clearly shows the vehicle accelerating away before hearing the pistol’s report!

      Hence Inspector Cluso asks why was the officer pointing his pistol at the driver in the first place. This brings to mind the first safety rule of fire arms, never point a weapon at anyone you are not willing to shoot. The second is keep your finger off the trigger unless you intend to shoot Next it appears the officer’s arm was resting on the vehicles window frame which raises the second question. Why was this pistol in the face of the driver?

      It would be interesting to know where this tactic originated, in the mind of that officer or is it an element being taught in that police department and if so where did it come from?

      Getting to the bottom of this will take considerable determinations and people must insist upon full disclosure..

      • Probably some military tactic is my guess. Half, if not more of the cops in Ontario are (PTSD?) veterans who also get a bump up in rank after joining the local police. They even have accelerated training for veterans entering into the police force. All cops are trained more to use their guns than their words. The Swiss technique of de-escalation should be taught around the world and mandatory for every police officer. However, this is how government likes their enforcers, violent and thuggish. The irony here is that these protests have been going on in France for almost 7 months since they raised the retirement age and now it’s in the suburbs.

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