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by RT

The US Air Force has unveiled its latest generation of pilots: no one.

An experimental F-16 fighter jet, dubbed the X-62, has been shown off to the press that can be flown entirely by artificial intelligence, proving that not even elite test pilots are safe from losing their jobs.

It’s early days yet. Colonel James Valpiani, Test Pilot School Commandant, explained that, “The X-62 has one purpose, which is to advance the state of machine learning… This aircraft really allows us to take relatively immature machine learning tools and agents and place them airborne. And to do that in a safe manner.”

However, it’s not clear exactly what these “tools” entail, and how much control the AI truly has.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The Most used Element on the Planet is SAND.

    Used to build Societies, from glass to concrete, and processes for other materials,,,etc.

    The ostrich, uses sand to hide from reality……The horned viper, uses sand for stealth, so it can jump out and bite an unsuspected victim.
    Ex-potus’s always make the sign of the horned viper.

    The Least used element on the Planet, is TRUTH…….because truth is the first casualty of War…..all reading this, have been born into the War on Humanity.

    Knowledge travels at the speed of light.

    ForbiddenKnowledgeTv.Net, travels at an even a greater speed.

    There is literally, a handful of Real and Good Alternative websites….
    Not the big Icons, who front for the Scumbags, but Real People.

    This is a Gormet Menu, for Brain Food.

    So Eat Hardy and Support, Alexandra and her endeavour.

  • Secy Kendall, said reuseable, remember the Space Shuttle, describled as reuseable, also.
    It must cost a lot.

    It is fitting that RT reported this……this maintains the illusion of a cold war, both sides building new weapons, with a special budget.

    The Future of Warfare, which is now actually.

    Is Unmanned Vehicles, Air, Land Water, also I would suspect CyberSpace is to be included in this.

    Ofcourse a new Woke Phrase, for unmanned has to be thought of.

    Global Militaries have UCAV, 6 Generations, probably 6G WiFi is used.

    It is a nice machine, but so is a baby’s toy.
    Wars are about the Aristocracy, which includes all races, creds, colors and religions….Aristocrats are the invention of the Pharaoahs.

  • To them it doesn’t really matter what it does (whether it’s a Hollywood production or not) as long as their story gets sheep excited enough for continuous waste of budget.
    Russians, on the other hand, will have more excuse to waste their budget.
    Grab some popcorn and watch their show if you have much time to waste.

    Speaking of real AI concern, you should be noted that your Apple products + new Android devices do have AI & bluetooth mesh capability in order to perform client side scan and send data to HQ (which is to be passed either to Chinese or 3 letter communists) without the user noticing.

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