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by Greg Reese

The southern border of the United States is wide open, and the Federal government has been conducting a wide-scale criminal operation of flooding the country with unvetted foreigners, distributing them across the United States, and providing them with homes and financial support. The GOP’s talking point has been that this is all about election fraud, but this has been happening all across the Western world for over a decade. This is something far more sinister than election fraud.

The Population Division of the United Nations concerns themselves with international migration. In the year 2000, they published Replacement Migration, a solution put forth to deal with declining and ageing populations. For years we were told that this was a conspiracy theory, but now that we are seeing tens of millions murdered by the experimental shots, it is becoming more clear what the objective is.

We are told that these are poor families fleeing tyranny, but there are massive amounts of healthy young men without any families. And time and time again we have seen them act violently against the native population, with very little repercussions from the law. As we are expecting the announcement of Disease X, and another lockdown, a recent report from the UK’s Jim Ferguson provides a plausible explanation of what we are seeing.

Jim Ferguson: This isn’t normal. There’s something not right. This isn’t just refugees coming, these aren’t people fleeing from some kind of war zone. These are predominantly men aged between 25 and 35, young fighting age man, as my old boss, Nigel Farage once referred to them. And I think he’s right. John, what do you think’s going on here mate?’

John O’Looney: So I can tell you, these are UN soldiers and they will be deployed by the W.H.O. when they announce the next pandemic lockdown. That’s what’s going to happen. They’ve been trained by British soldiers. Been trained by the Black Watch Regiment. They were trained in Antalya, in Turkey, and in the east of Ukraine. They’re predominantly down to sergeant ranks. They’re then shipped to France. They all signed the Official Secrets Act, then they’re ferried over. If you were fleeing war and tyranny, I don’t know about you, but I would certainly take my wife and children with me. The most precious, They’re my prized asset, you know, they’re everything to me. If you’re going to war, you go to war with lads. They gonna be deployed, they will be deployed.

Jim Ferguson: John, I mean you say you spoke to people in the Black Watch. I mean, Black Watch, a very famous yellow regiment. Are they actually going along with this?

John O’Looney: They’ve got no choice. I kind of said, you know, why are you doing it? And he said, soldiers follow orders. What you’re going to see is the following, we’ll have a minister somewhere in cabinets, suddenly come up with a great idea on how we’re going to get these guys to contribute to help us. And they’re going to put them in uniforms. A couple of people have told me these uniforms are burgundy. Others have told me they’re U.N. blue. I really don’t know. I guess we’ll see when they deploy them. They are gonna be deployed. Because otherwise, if they announce another lockdown, what would everyone say? They’d say bollocks. And they’d go about their business wouldn’t they? They’re gonna need armed young men in uniform to try and enforce it. Why did they import young men from the East? Because, traditionally, if you want to kill and tyrannize white people, you put black soldiers in. Because there’s a cultural disassociation. And that’s their method. That’s the way these globalists are gonna do it.

Jim Ferguson: You know, in America, when it was a colony of the United Kingdom of Britain, there was a revolution against British colonial rule.

John O’Looney: That’s right.

Jim Ferguson: And, you know, a lot of people don’t realize, but it was only 3% of those people in America that overthrew the British forces and basically got rid of them. 3% of the population, John.

John O’Looney: I look forward to it. I’m ready, I’m ready. I can’t wait because I know it’s gonna be the beginning of the end for them. I do foresee victory. I see that at a very great cost. But we will see it. And people, I think the world will become closer than ever when we do see victory. It’s gonna come on the back of a load of bloodshed. And unfortunately, it has to. Once people of all colors come together and recognize their common enemy, We’ll walk over these people in ten minutes.

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  • Cuomo plausible deniability script…Now he can claim “Hey I took it too…I got duped just like you…” BS – he did not take the jab! He is hoping the citizen “retribution” team won’t swing him from the nearest lamp post.

  • This is a battle of good vs evil. Many of us have known this and predicted that this would occur in our lifetime.
    So for me and my own, these “soldiers” will be shot on sight if they show up at our doors. We will see who is made of more strength, grit, and rightuous determination in fighting ability to win this invasion. No one has ever defeated tyranny by complying. These evil doers have entered a land that we know well and they do not. We wont obey. We will be savage in our defense because we must be to defeat them. We will defend what is ours and when they kill some of us we will make sure to take as many of them with us as possible and do so with extreme prejudice. Again; this is a battle of good vs evil. Make your mind up know because when the time comes you need to be ready.

    • There will be a lot of blue hats laying around when its deployed. When our Constitutional Republic surprise is deployed I expect them to turn and run because of our resilience for Freedom.

      We The people will Walk All over them time and time and again !

  • Believe it or not this is what happened: woke up one night in the middle of a nightmare. It was martial law everywhere. Tanks were enforcing order and guess who were on these tanks? exactly the gentlemen described in the article. In the morning, hours after my dream, there were the attacks on the subway and airport in one European capital. It think the timing of my dream was to show that my nightmare is going to happen in reality.

    God help us because it was really scary!

  • Michael Yon has reported this for a long time. He has been in South and Central America and witnessed the military training camps. Muckraker has documented the invasion route and evidence of which organizations are facilitating and financing these people to make it to America.

  • Remember when the USG & NATO was busy destroying Israel’s neighbors?

    In retaliation for 911 of which none of them were responsible? Not a one of them were guilty of 911 nor did any of them even possess the wherewithal to defeat the home defense system of the most powerful and advanced military on earth! Not a one!

    The outcome was waves of Muslim refugees into Europe, the US and Canada, Waves of Muslim refugees being openly aided and abetted by the Vatican, by Israel and NATO member rulers—REMEMBER?

    I studied out NATO members like France, Holland, Sweden, Portugal and Italy in particular and they have been devastated by Operation Global Murder and Mayhem on behalf of______________________ (you fill in the blank).

    What sort of diabolical genius would do this to their own countrymen, women and children, and why?

    The answer is in our faces every day.

  • Wars are not described, they are proscribed, then prescribed.

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