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by Toria Brooke

BREAKING 🚨 Former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach says they have proof that Biden family member affiliates, both Burisma founders and employees, are complicit in the blowing up of Nord Stream 2 and other terrorist activity by way of at least a $50 million collective bribe.

According to Derkach, a $6 million cash bribe was reportedly handed over to Ukrainian law enforcement to shut down the investigation into Burisma. $12 million was given to a drone army under secret court order.

The Burisma lawyer who handed over the $6 million did it on camera. The other $12 million, according to Derkach, was donated to a drone army under secret court ruling. The drone army reportedly kills people and does not target infrastructure facilities.

Derkach says that the chains of transactional records would lead investigators to believe that funds were used to supply American companies to send to the Central Intelligence Office (GUR).

The $6 million has been held as evidence, by a secret court order. The money was handed over to a military unit of the Central Intelligence Office (GUR) for the sake of carrying out terrorist activities. After that, Derkach says, the Nord Stream explosions occurred, Prilepin was attacked, Darya Dugina, daughter of far-right political activist Aleksandr Dugin, was assassinated.

Top officers of security agencies in Ukraine—Malyuk, Budanov—they reportedly conduct interviews using extra-budgetary cash.

Derkach says all transactions of funds have been traced from Burisma to Morgan Stanley to Rosemont Seneca, which is affiliated with and owned by Hunter Biden. U.S. Congress is using these documents to prove influence peddling.

The criminal case initiated in regard to Burisma, actively investigated by Prosecutor General Shokin was not closed until 2020.

Derkach says all who have sponsored and participated in terrorism will be held accountable for their crimes.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Joe and Hunter Biden involved in bribes to blow up the Nordstream pipeline belonging to Russia? Corrupt Ukrainians? Drone factions that kill people taking huge bribes? The CIA carrying out terrorist activity for bribes??? Nah, that’s not possible. Sounds like Russian disinformation….

    (I hope you know I’m kidding.)

  • The interviewer is Ukraine’s version of Stew Peters.

    I don’t trust these news bites coming within the election diorama; on all sides.

    June is early voting and Nov. the main Con.

    Truth was Removed from the Lexicon, before it was called a Lexicon.

    • Yeah….all of that stuff, including evidence brought forth tracking all the bribery transactions between the Bidens, the CIA and various criminal entities, is just so far out, completely unbelievable. Just like Stew and his anti-vax doctors showing blood slides of hideous destruction of blood cells and bots unfolding and beginning to transmit God knows what to God knows who…..RIDICULOUS!!! Complete conspiracy theories meant to prevent the re-election of the best president we ever had, Joe Biden, no doubt about it.

    • I’ve been following Andrii Derkach since 2020 when he outed the Biden Crime family during this livestream, which included an audio tape of Biden bribing then-President Poroshenko to make the Burisma investigation go away.

      • I can appreciate Biden, bribing to cover up criminal acts.

        But the Scope of destroying large resources, that effect countries and continent……would have to come from Octogon out of Switzerland, that is not something a crooked politician would do on his own.

        • Absolutely. Biden is human garbage but I doubt that he’s glad to be going down in history as the worst traitor in US History, to say nothing of worst president.

          • A psychopath has no human feelings,any publicity is good publicity.

            That maggot put through his distruction, he gets praise from the other maggots; his private club, of degenerates.

            Supposedly the best way to get to a psychopath in a tormenting way, is through humor.

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