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I’ve stayed away from Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Palestine wars because they’re not my wars. I have no side in those wars. I’m on the side of humanity caught in the middle.

My war is the war on America and I’m on the side of a sovereign America, guided by the Constitution.

This video was made by John Hankey, a former subscriber with whom I used to chat, back in 2012, around the time he released this very interesting report about the numerous oddities of the 1999 JFK Jr plane crash investigation, where I learned that neither the flight instructor nor the co-pilot’s seat were ever recovered (did you ever hear that?)

John lived in Los Angeles and I believe he was a public school teacher back then. In light of the current depredations against children in Public Education, I’ll note that John is a very good, moral and decent man who is driven by righteousness. He is also very much a Liberal.

Truth be told, I was a fellow Liberal and registered Democrat in the State of California, when we met back in 2012 but John stopped writing to me and he ubsubscribed after I supported Trump in 2016, which is basically what happened between me and most of my friends and family.

I say all of this to put a face on the creator of this video. Whether or not you agree with him, he is factual, he is cogent and he is sincerely motivated to do what’s right and so are the Israeli Army veterans featured in this film.

I believe John did an exhaustive report that definitively proves his premise that October 7th was an inside job.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Beyond creepy and totally horrific given what has transpired since then. I don’t understand why the Israeli public don’t just get rid of the leadership. It’s so dysfunctional. Of course, the same could be said of our government. Look at California: it’s Soviet lite. Millions and millions of dollars are missing that should have gone to the homeless and would have solved the housing problem—no houses have been built. David Rothchild supposedly lived for awhile in L.A. and Hunter Biden—big party town. No direct relationship between the two but a vague relationship in the sense that the betrayal is the game. No one expects it. It is too incomprehensible. Oh open the flood gates and let in terrorists. Or people vote to solve the social problem of the homeless and the money is confiscated for other purposes…Betrayal as a method of expediency.

    • After reading your comment, it seems that you are not aware, of the past thousand generations of humanity.

      Throughout time everything has become synchronized, even human thought.

      Now we have a modern facade, humanity has always been miserable; controlled by evil psychopaths…..The Aristocracy of the Time and Place……all races, colors, religions, creeds, etc.

      Everything you think and the way that you behave, has been influenced, by this power shell.

      You live within your beliefs of reality.

      So they are corrupted, as all societies are, globally.

      Voting for a leader to follow, is the easy way out for people to avoid responsibility and stay in their comfort zones, even if they are being abused at that time.

      I will stop the reply here, and give you a chance to think about your comment.

      The words Buck Up, come to mind.

  • 100%? That sounds like a red flag already.
    It’s just as grey as both wigs supporting same terrorists and invade other countries one way or the other.

  • I will re-post my old lengthy (long winded) comment, slightly adapted to the topic of this video:

    Let’s look. This is time sequence of events in Israel:

    🙂 “From January to October 2023, large-scale protests took place across Israel in response to the government’s push for a wide-ranging judicial reform. The proposed package aimed to change the makeup of the Judicial Selection Committee so that control over the appointment of judges was effectively given to the government, prevent the Supreme Court of Israel from ruling on the validity of a Basic Law, defend the preference of the “considered constitutional” Basic Laws passed by the Knesset over the Supreme Court’s interpretation of a Basic Law or nullification of a regular law; abolish the use of “unreasonableness” as grounds for review of administrative decisions, reclassify ministry legal advisers from independent authorities to politically selected counsel whose opinions are not binding, and allow ministers to reject the Attorney-General’s advice in any matter. In July 2023, the Knesset passed the law to abolish the Supreme Court’s ability to review government actions on grounds of reasonableness.”

    🙂 International bankers’ military base in the Middle East, going by the name Israel, is endangered. The ingressors – the imported people, turned permanent life-long soldiers, who are kept there behind the walls with means of eternal victim-hood and divinely-chosen race-superiority propaganda in order to man the armaments of the military base for the bankers’ interests in the region – are rebelling and that is a big no-no. Guess who comes to bankers’ rescue in October 2023. It is Hamas, a Israeli creation that does the job of governing concentration camp, going by the name Gaza, for the bankers. Hamas which is, and was from its inception, a Israeli creation that never gone rogue:
    Guess what stopped in October 2023. Yes, you are right, those large-scale protests against Basic law “reformation”. The correct interpretation of the law of the land (military base Israel) is from now on whatever the international bankster consortium decides. And the wall is there to keep people/soldiers in when their warring services are needed in the region.

    🙂 As Gaza concentration camp misdirect winds down a bit, Israeli protesters hit the streets again sometime after February 2024. Now the prime minister (hired gun by the international banksters) is in danger of being deposed. Guess who comes to his clique’s rescue. This time it is Iran with the fake “drone” fireworks stunt which clears streets of protesters and also creates a false impression about impenetrable sky-dome above Israel base. And this false impression of safety will be misused later on if/when people/soldiers return to their daily lives and continue with expansion (fortification as concrete settlements buildup) of bankers’ military base.
    Actually, it is Iran’s ruling elite, which manages the people of Iran for the international banker’s interests, that answered Israeli government’s cry for help (Iranian embassy in Damascus “attack”). Iranian ruling elite are, of course, Phoenician (jewish) cousins in turbans, going by the name the Komnene clan, and they hate people protesting against the(ir) international banking central planning efforts anywhere on the globe:
    The Komnene clan – which successfully infiltrated all the courts of Europe by the way of marriage in the last millennia – is tasked to play a role of boogeyman and to coordinate fake events in the Middle East, all in agreement with their Western cousins:

    Therefore … long lasting (‘sustainable’) conflicts are theatrical productions that serve as a ‘fear-mongering-for-misdirection’ tool. And ‘sudden’ warring outbreaks of those permanent conflicts are a continuity-braking tool, used to misdirect attention from immediate managerial problems arising from the people’s dissent on the farm-grounds of any farm around the world. Goon squads (prime ministers, presidents and generals) running people farming operations around the world for the international bankster elite are in permanent state of discomfort, threatened from the below by the principled pesky people (who refuse their dead personae legal status) and from the above their pay-grade strata by the unscrupulous owners of global beast-system (with their ‘anything goes’ mentality that ensures their top of the pyramid standing).

    We have recently seen another intervention-tool being applied as a course-corrective in a much more serious ‘outbreak’ of people’s dissent (mind bug) and in a much more strategically important theater – in 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests, -, but this production was staged as a global block-buster pan-misdirection (the so called bio-weapon in “action” from 2020 to 2023), that turned out to be a global phantazmic dud.
    Yet the health-related ‘mask’ of the course-corrective-intervention tool served the global banking elite in the same way when being applied on a grandest scale possible in order to save their strategically most important planetary factory (of China people farming) as its security-related portrayal seems to be efficient in saving their strategically important military base (of Israel soldier farming), the ‘masking’ tool used in order to curtail protest at the end of 2019 by the people of Hong Kong who were so successful in fighting oppressive local goon-squad government there that international banksters were forced to hastily test (2019) and then execute (2020) their global scandemic scenario to help mainland China government goons suffocate any potential for protests being initiated inside international banksters’ global factory that goes by the name People’s republic of China. And scandemic ‘mask’ also served the international bankstering cabal to measure people’s potential for protesting on all farms around the world and that potential proved to be very weak in global population, so weak that after just a few years our owners felt safe enough to reverted from centrally managed people-farming back to managing their people-farms individually, case by case, Ukraine to Israel.

    Continuity and logic – in these theatrical productions deployed to urgently stifle public dissent while being sold under ‘health and safety’ logo – are not important or/and necessary, since the ‘masking’ narrative, so aggressively and, if need be violently, salvoed from all the cannons under our masters’ command (media, academia, entertainment, finance), is rendering people unable to see through Their MS- and ALT-media whores’ moralizing bluff presented as a real threat to ‘humanity’.
    ‘They’ all lough knowing people will react, as predicted, to ‘stay-at-home-and-duck-under-table’ fear impulses. Always looking out through the wrong window while subconsciously bending a knee to what’s coming from behind and from the flanks. Rationalčizing silently ‘Their’ planned future in the making which is swelling up under people’s feet and following religiously newest priesthood of sustainable stewardship while inviting influencers, watching from above, in.
    Accepting ‘Their’ specific flavor of World-Peace (without any potential for dissent) thus no opposition to ‘Their’-order-world.
    Now I can see this might be a too long a comment.

  • history repeats like a broken record and this time the satanic war machine sacrificed the pacifist jewish civilians they hated more than the rat patrol ninja hamas stooges running around collecting women and children as bargaining chips in their deal with the devil . somehow this amateur hour worst engineered FF operation in history blew up in their faces and naziyahoo will get a taste of the rope when the Nuremberg 2.0 jewish nazi trials gets underway .

    • I hope his clique doesn’t get any Nürnberg type of justice. They should get good old street justice.

      Those psychopathic goon cliques (politicians and generals running people farming operations, called countries) that set in motion and command over fulfillment of very specific wishes (a war here, a demolition there, …) of international banking cartel don’t get punished, ever. Even trials are hoaxed (various cliques, political or lately pharmaceutical, must be laughing when they hear that people are demanding another Nürnberg type of justice):

      The Nuremberg Trials were Fake

  • Great research! Case closed!! Just a shame that Mr Ganser (whom I greatly admire) repeats the false story of hijacked planes on 9/11. No plane at Shanksville. No plane at the Pentagon. And the official (FAA) statement that the two allegedly hijacked planes at the WTC were travelling at more than 500 mph cannot be true – because passenger planes of the type alleged have a maximum safe operating speed (at sea-level) of not more than 450 mph. They would have disintegrated long before reaching the Towers. No planes. No hijackers. A completely inside job!

    • Have you read Rebekah Roth’s series of novels mapping out her vision of how as an experienced flight attendant the whole operation went down? I’d like to someday see a real investigation on 9-11. But since it’s still too close in time to that horrible day, nobody seems ready to confess. God only knows what threats they got to remain silent.

  • note: *Jeffrey Sachs, the “disaster capitalist” who is a central player with the UN Sustainable Goals agenda. Nothing he says can be taken to be in isolation from this UN job, imo.
    Naomi Klein wrote the Shock Doctrine , wherein Jeffrey Sachs is featured prominently as a leader of “disaster capitalism”. His bio promotion is here:

  • Alexandra,

    Re : the below post-writer, JD,
    advising us to study pre-WW-1

    Forwarded Message :

    “Baron Rothschild
    Buys Ancient
    Palestine” :

    To Helena Glass :

    Re : Zion Khazars—Returning to Palestine

    - original newspaper blurb would not post here –

    So, here is the copy of the 1829
    blurb, about Baron Rothschild’s
    purchase of Palestinian land for,
    as he says, “rich Jews” :

    ################# :

    “ The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany (Vol 29)
    Dec 1829, pg 759—
    Baron Rothschild has engaged to furnish to the Turkish
    Sultan the enormous sum of 35,000,000 piastres, on
    condition of the Sultan’s engaging, for himself and his
    successors, to yield to Baron Rothschild for ever the
    the sovereignty of Jerusalem, and the territory of ancient
    Palestine, which was occupied by the 12 tribes. The Baron’s
    intention is, to grant to the rich Israelites who are scattered
    about in different parts of the world, portions of that fine
    country, where he proposes to establish seigniories, and to
    give them, as far as possible, their ancient and sacred laws.
    —letter from Smyrna. “



  • Is Israel a person. Your video starts with accusations. Im hearing beliefs and words , opinions. Two amy veterans stating their opinion is not fact. If the attack was allowed to happen that could be the actions of one or a few individuals and could be incompetents and not malfeasance. A few people are not an entire country. The title of this film states 100 % proof. Really ?

    • That’s exactly who gets the real blame, this very special few . Since the IDF pretty much defines security it’s laughable . Beyond laughable that they simply left the towers unmanned all at the same time for some mysterious stand down. It just wouldn’t happen by these people unless it was ordered as someone’s plan.
      Seriously this thing was grossly more obvious than 911. Pulling back all the troops except a few sacrificial lambs is so far out of the park that I am very surprised it hasnt gotten at least some airplay even with today’s State Run Media. I’d say offhand that the Davos cabal is the creator of all this evil using their alphabet agency’ special ( unknown to all but a few’) agents just as with 911 and January 6 .

    • Yes, really. Getting the IDF to “stand down” requires a LOT of coordinating with a LOT of people in a LOT of areas. Same thing happened with 9/11 with Cheney holding U.S. Air Force war games out west in order to provide cover and remove air defenses from the Northeast U.S. And FDR fired Adm. John O. Richardson, his biggest military expert regarding a possible war
      with Japan, because Adm Richardson refused to move the Pacific Fleet to Pearl Harbor to get properly sunk in order to provide a pretext for the U.S. to enter the war in Europe (every time they war gamed berthing the ships at Pearl Harbor, all the ships ended up getting sunk by a Japanese sneak attack; although it actually wasn’t a sneak attack as the U.S. had broken the Japanese codes, so FDR knew exactly when it was coming.

  • International Public Notice: Israel, Another Incorporated Phantasm

    You all realize that Israel exists because of Britain’s Balfour Declaration of a military protectorate over “Palestine”.

    You should also know that any modern “Palestine” didn’t actually exist then or now. The Brits just chose a historical name to make their own actions seem more legitimate.

    So modern “Palestine” and all that follows after it, is another corporate phantom created by the ever-meddling Brits, who were seeking both a toehold in the Middle East, and later, being prodded by Jacob Rothschild to provide a homeland for displaced Jews.

    Rothschild sweetened the pot by bankrolling World War II and giving the Perps payment on a 99-year lease on the land of “Israel”, which, as the custodians and occupiers of the land of “Palestine”, the Brits accepted. Even though they didn’t actually own a grain of sand.

    Another consequence of the Brits occupying “Palestine” was the arbitrary creation of “Palestinians”.

    This ersatz demonym was originally applied to everyone within the borders of “Palestine” — Jew, Arab, Muslim, Christian, everyone was suddenly a “Palestinian”.

    Next, we get a huge migration of mostly Eastern European Jews flooding into “Palestine” and the Brits cross out “Palestine” and write “Israel” on the map instead, to accommodate Jacob Rothschild.

    So, now, the Jews were “Israelis” and everyone else was still a “Palestinian”.

    This illegal British piracy and free-booting is what has spawned generations of racial and religious conflict, and ultimately led to the genocide in Gaza.

    They don’t care how much havoc they are causing. They don’t care who gets hurt or what’s fair. Or even sane.

    So now we have mostly Muslim Arab people (with a grab bag of Arab and European Christians thrown in) identifying as “Palestinians” and Jews identifying as “Israelis”.

    Naturally, the fight is on.

    Britain has arbitrarily created these two entities known as “Palestine” and “Israel” and has separated the natural population from the immigrant population.

    Of course, Rothschild starts heavily funding the “Israelis” and their government, which puts the native “Palestinians” at a great disadvantage.

    With Rothschild’s money behind them and Britain’s collusion, Israel wins the 1948 “war”— yet another illegal commercial mercenary conflict. And the scripted miracle in the desert unrolls and the whole storyline of the Happy Kibbutzim is pushed through the mainstream media.

    Pretty soon, we are all sitting around listening to the theme song from “Exodus, the Movie” and people are dancing to Hava Nagila.

    Somehow, under this folksy crust of pro-Israeli media and sentiment, the world lost track of what actually went on in “Palestine” and the British role in it.

    It’s not a matter of “Palestine was here first.” because actually, it wasn’t; “Palestine” was just as much of an arbitrary label as “Israel”.

    There is no vote on record regarding what the people actually living in “Palestine” wanted to call their country. The endlessly elitist British criminals just named the area “Palestine” and that was that.

    The heart of the matter is the pernicious and illegal meddling by the British Monarchy and British Crown in the affairs of other people in other parts of the world— in two words, British Colonialism.

    And the meddling of billionaires in the affairs of entire countries — in two words, Corporate Colonialism, which is even worse and prone to be more criminal.

    Finally, recently, the Balfour Declaration, the 99-year lease, and Jacob Rothschild all expired. “Israel” expired too, like an abandoned housing complex with no owner and no landlord to pay for its maintenance.

    Enter Donald Trump, with an offer to create a new USA, Inc. franchise, the State of Israel, Inc. — a move similar to renaming the Pope the Patriarch of the West.

    So Trump cut a deal to replace Jacob Rothschild as “Israel’s” new landlord, and he recognized Jerusalem as the new capitol of this new “State of Israel, Inc.” franchise being fronted by the USA, Inc.

    The folks back home in the real American don’t have a clue what’s going on or what all the shouting is about, because our media is gagged and commentary is limited to the same old BBC drivel being broadcast by Rothschild’s “news service”, aka, Reuter’s.

    At about the same time, lo, and behold, the new British Territorial Corporation partners now doing business as “the American Government, Inc.” discover a huge new petroleum basin just offshore from the Gaza Strip.

    Of course, the oil companies knew about the “Eastern Mediterranean Oil Basin” decades ago, but their perceived need to compete with Russian-supplied energy in Europe was not an issue back then — and placating their OPEC partners by limiting crude oil supplies, was.

    So they just let this huge petroleum cache sit idle, unexplored, and undeveloped, until now. Just a few miles up the coast from all the suffering in Gaza, they are busy building a whole new port and refinery complex ostensibly belonging to the State of Israel, (Inc.).

    There was just one thing standing in the way of all this Happy-Happy between Trump, Israel, and British interests — especially investor interests — and that one thing was the Gaza Strip.

    Gaza and its entire population and infrastructure had to go, otherwise, it would be apparent to the rest of the world that the pesky “Palestinians” living there were the rightful owners of the oil.

    And that’s why as of October 1st 2023, the officers of MI6 were authorized to begin providing large amounts of cash and military supplies and “assistance” to Hamas, a group otherwise labeled by the same miscreants as “a dangerous Terrorist Organization” — one that they, in fact, created.

    Just like they created Isis out of thin air and our tax money.

    Netanyahu played his part by bullying everyone in the Israeli Intelligence Service and laying down the Israeli “defense” perimeter around Gaza, to expedite the attack.

    Hamas, acting as a hired mercenary force, went in and murdered 1,500 civilians.

    That gave the Bully Boys and Netanyahu the phony excuse they needed to go in and murder 70,000 “Palestinians” and raze their homes and businesses— and clear out the Gaza Strip.

    They are looking for an excuse to kill us, too, because we are their preferential creditors.

    • The British promised to give Palestine to the Ashkenazi fake Jew Rothschilds after the fake Jews got the USA into the first world war in 1917 in order to save Britain and France from total defeat which would have happened in 1918. The ancient Romans called Palestine, Syria Palaestina. There is a book that is freely available online called: “THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE” which details the history of the Khazar fake Jews who converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD but were never ethnic Jews. Most of the so called Jews in occupied Palestine are descendants of the Khazar fake Jews. The Zionist State of Israel was set up by communist fake Jews from the Jewish controlled Soviet Union which they established in 1922 after overthrowing the Christian Monarchy with the help of the USA and Britain in 1917 and executing them in 1918. David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir were both Communist Jews from the Jewish controlled Soviet Union and were the founders of the Zionist State of Israel which in reality is an ultra hard line Jewish communist dictatorship. The fake Jews have always been the sworn enemy of Christian Russia ever since Russia played a pivotal role in helping to destroy the fake Jews Khazar Empire. The fake Jews are still trying to destroy Christian Russia which they lost with the collapse of the Jewish Soviet Union and the coming of Vladimir Putin who they hate as much as the former Christian Monarchy.

  • When Israel made everyone take Experimental vaccine, That is just evil, they know it! The Farsite Remote viewers called this,but great the evidence is there!

    • Among the many sickening things I’ve witnessed in the age of Stupid 19, the agreement that took place between mass murderer Netanyahu and mass murderer Albert Bourla to make billions by forcing almost all Israelis to take the death shot stands out and makes me ashamed to be a Jew.

  • Your friend Hankey, is so liberal, that he is naive, about much; same for his JFK Jr film, JFK Jr might have faked his own death, just as JFK might have faked his death….there are many Anomalies.

    Hankey made a film that moves in only one direction, not objective, and the sequents of events and specific actions, don’t necessarily calibrate correctly…..It can be called a propaganda film, as Hankey no doubt marches with the BDS.

    A display of videos means nothing as they, did not offer any continuity.

    Hamas leader said, they did not want to kill civilians, simply a lie.
    The Hamas leaders live large in Dubai.

    RedShield did NOT take over Britain, this fellow Hankey knows Nothing of the Aristocracy, or how things are put together and run.

    If Israel attacked first and went inside the Wall, then Hankey’s film would be about how Israel was the aggressor.

    The Arabic Caliphate ended in 1924, in this land of SHAAM, …..they are Vertical Rule…Arab Royals.

    The Rothshields set up Israel as a Horizontal Rule Republic.
    The lease between Ottoman Empire and Britain ( Not owned by Rothshield, they are bank managers for the Vatican Bank.)…..ends in 2024.

    It is not about religion, but about the Arab Royalty, Vertical Feudal Rulers, wants the Western Royalty, Horizontal Republics, out of the mid-east.
    Turkey and Egypt are also Horizontal Republics.

    So a War was needed as a smokescreen…….inorder to get the Israelis, in the proper mindset, to fight a War, for their survival as a People.
    They needed, to let the Hamas and others, be the aggressor.
    As all wars are about, the aristocracy, not the people.

    The Palestinians under the Ottoman Empire will be treated much Worse, then they were by Israel. Perhaps that is some kind of justice. Then let us see if Hankey makes another film.

    Gaza has to be moved, because the New Silk Roads trading routes, which include all Maritime routes and Ports, are being setup….China owns the Ports in Israel, and they are run by India.

    I going to leave it at that, except to say that I am disappointed in your statement, Because all Wars are about The War on Humanity, which you constantly kick Bidden about his role with Ukraine….

    Also why don’t you know, that America is not a sovereign Country?

    “I’ve stayed away from Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Palestine wars because they’re not my wars. I have no side in those wars. I’m on the side of humanity caught in the middle.

    My war is the war on America and I’m on the side of a sovereign America, guided by the Constitution.”

      • That means, that you don’t have knowledge about the world that you you live in….

        I don’t really care what you believe…your not able learn, anything of consequence, so just exist in your little comfit zone.

        Appearantly you are another waste of humanity.

        • Oh, I’m able to learn, just not from someone who is so incoherent that they can’t even spell correctly.

    • You see Jackie climbing on the trunk of the limo at the 50 minute mark? Tell me she doesn’t know there were NO REAL BULLETS BEING SHOT AT THE PASSENGERS OF THE LIMO. The Animatrons head was rigged to blow up by radio control; the chunk that landed on the trunk was apparently important enough to drop “Jack” like a hot potato and fairly LEAP onto the trunk of the limo. Anybody finds that chunk and the game is up. They probably had threatened the kids if the President and she did not go along with the coup. The next summer 666disney introduced an EXTREMELY LIFELIKE President Lincoln at the NY World’s Fair. Letter that year, JFK’s gf Mary Meyer was supposedly “randomly shot in the head and heart while out jogging”, BLOODLESSLY; someone apparently forgot to load the Animatron “corpse” with “blood”.

  • John, a California Liberal Nazi DEmOcRaT??
    who unsubscribed after I voted for “Trump”
    whatta resume, .. 🙄

  • “I’ve stayed away from Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Palestine wars because they’re not my wars. I have no side in those wars. I’m on the side of humanity caught in the middle.”

    One of the major points of the video is that the Hamas side and the Israel side are actually the same side, both against humanity.

  • Not to steal John’s thunder, but I have been telling people for many years that if they want to understand current events and recent history they have to go back prior to WWI and do their own homework because official history is a monstrous pack of lies. We are living lies even now!

    Many classic liberals supported Trump, not because we liked him so much, but because we feared the Russiaphobe witch, who turned out to be a Rothschild agent. She is still lurking in the shadows pining away in waiting for Joe to fall and can’t get up.

    But the witch is not the only Rothschild agent in waiting within the duopoly New American Century Party!

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