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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This is a great article Alexandra. Thank you. We’re experiencing insanity and the breakdown of corruption that we’ve all had to live under. Now if we can all remain hopeful that this slow pace might have an end to it that we want then we’ll be able to see some kind of victory. We’re frustrated as hell but we’re going to have to hang in there.

  • Deep state and the brainless libs, vow to never end it.
    Special counsel has to go. He colluded with Manhattan.
    His accomplice Allison gill, was fired by trump at some veteran center.
    They both along with Ny AG letecia James and her go to judge Engoron who did everything she said she wanted done on Trump, his family and would never stop.
    Jack has a crooked team. General smith said he thinks there’s jury tampering in Miami, judge in Manhattan told Jack she owned the all lib jury in Manhattan. I used to read all his tweets along with Allison.
    What makes me mad is Elon musk shadowbans every truth I post, I told him off and that he’s betraying trump, more than once, but he doesn’t ban me because he’s sending it all to AG garland in hiding, the fbi, possibly cia. I am on their shit list. His staff reads all my messages, they read them in Facebook too, when I message the general when I find out things, I told him they are reading everything, of course he can’t respond, but I am sure he’s reading everything. I think trump told him to hide my tweets because he didn’t want things out, just like he did on telegram. I told him I knew he did it and he needs to untie my hands, and not to think Elon is his buddy,
    But of course it still goes on.
    I told the general I had it months ago, I know it has to be this way, but at 72 I have lost my patience. I hope he doesn’t keep changing dates for what’s supposed to go on in July, he wants to wait till he gets them all.
    Japan says they approved the Brunson case for the one brother, so I hope it ends fast and the general orders indictments for everyone of them.
    I have no one that believes me, so I do vent.

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