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Flight of the Future

If you like advanced aircraft designs and aerobatics, we’ve got ’em.

The new designs of fighter jets coming out of the US and Russian militaries are so advanced that pilots have become the weakest links. The US Air Force has long sought out pilots of smaller, compact stature to better withstand the Gs involved in dogfights and it’s rumored that tests conducted with females have showed that they are able to better tolerate higher G forces. As humans, all pilots have limits and they’re able to do more with the digital assists that are now standard.

We see new technologies that may replace the joy stick, where pilots would steer by using their eyes and by talking to their planes – or by using thought, alone.

But the only way to eliminate human error is to eliminate humans, which is why Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones have become such a booming business. We see Micro Air Vehicles, the Robomoth and other fascinating unorthodox designs, some of which might be called UFOs if seen by people who didn’t know they were experimental aircraft.

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