I’ve heard many explanations for the Japanese obsession with robots but perhaps the one that makes the most sense is that as of 2014, over 71% of the Japanese population was over the age of 60. Japan has the fastest declining population in the world. More adult diapers are sold in Japan than baby diapers, with fewer and fewer workers to support an aging population. Because Japan is notoriously xenophobic as well, it is expected that they will be less likely to engage immigrants workers than other nations. Enter the robots.

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  • Will humans become robots???
    Is this the fuutere, by impanted computer chips, controling any emotion?

  • Considering that in most supermarkets self service checkouts way outnumber those manned by humans (at least in the UK) and that there are already banks which are totally self service, how could anyone assume that this trend will be confined to Japan? This is obviously all a key part of the de-population agenda to replace human slaves (such a pain in the neck) and replace us with robots. I realise that for all those under twenty it will be hard to notice any difference, but for those over thirty with a functioning memory of better times, there is no excuse.


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