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Artificial Intelligence is exponentially in our lives and this video, which I found on Telegram/@STFNReport is an example.

A couple of months ago, legendary YouTuber, SerpentZA (aka Winston Sterzel) published an exposé on the OnlyFans-type girlie sites in China that cater to the overabundance of men who will never have the possibility of marriage.

As products of the CCP’s decades-long One Child Policy, which led to massive female infanticide, they will never have wives, let alone girlfriends.

Winston says that Chinese culture has extremely strict beauty standards and talks about how these AI beauty filters have been created that can transform anybody’s features into the coveted shapes – including those of the mistachioed men seen here, who (sadly) do this for a living.

Jealous of the women who have made so much money using these beauty filters online, some men have decided to get in on the action.

What’s great, here is to get to see the source video side-by-side with the AI beauty filter transformation – something that paying customers don’t get to see on these catfishing websites – which, if they did, they would likely unsubscribe!

Although STFN did not elaborate on where he found this video, these two middle-aged gentlemen appear to be from Southeast Asia and they’ve been transformed into young Caucasian-looking ladies by this impressive AI beauty filter that even irons out their party dresses!

The values expressed in this production are so nauseating, dispiriting and demoralizing, that one can only hope that this particular industry won’t last long and that this particular application of AI won’t become dominant in our lives.

But I really do love the music and they’re actually good dancers! If anybody out there knows what this record is, let me know!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I looked at “serpent zed A”s report on “the boys using girlie filters phenomena”: this ain’t that; this is parody. There are 4 people in this video. Gotta admit, they did a good job, but the details don’t match (for example, check the fingertip placement: a filter might improve how the fingertips look, but not create some when they aren’t actually showing). And what would be their motive to do an expose of themselves?

  • Very sad really. Wonder if the one-child-only policy…. that boomeranged on the favored sex children who now will never have mates… was meant from get go to genocide, create transhumanism in the form of robot babes and/or increase trans/gay doings?? Lotsa birds with one stone. Or no stones in this case. Cause if you’re willing to cut off your appendage, you suddenly become very in demand.

    Don’t fall for it, poor favored-sex guys, just get a blow up doll and better luck in your next incarnation.

  • Interesting. Where can I obtain one of these ugly-screening and age-removing Scag Filters?
    Too bad that they don’t work in real life; my 71-year-old self could be James Bond again!

  • “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”
    ― George W. Bush

    • Well, for sure if you got fooled by one of these guys, that would be memorable enough to do you for quite some time.

  • It’s ironic that these people, while good in faking their look, don’t learn to fake their identity as I observe them starring at Fecebook 24/7.
    No matter how much they fake their look, fecebook, google, apple & other big techs + their contractors alwas know exactly who they are and how they look like.
    I’m astonished that those same kind of dumb people are still wearing slave diaper today, and have absolutely learned nothing about C19 scam while they’ve been online 24/7; wondering how much worse it would be when the scammers unleashes another scamdemic.

  • P. S. Looking CLOSELY, the position and ornamentation of “their” left hands DO NOT MATCH.

    Y’all been punked.

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