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SerpentZA, Winston Sterzel is the hardest-working man in the podcasting business and this latest episode explores the world of these non-pornographic OnlyFans-type girlie sites in China that cater to the overabundance of men who will never have the possibility of marriage, as products of the CCP’s decades-long One Child Policy, which led to massive female infanticide.

Chinese culture has extremely strict beauty standards and digital beauty filters have been created that can sweep anybody’s features into the classic coveted shapes. Some girls have made so much money using these beauty filters that some men have decided to get in on the action.

It’s an infernal, mass circle jerk of fakeness.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Nothing special with these slaves; however, this behavior is NOT limited to Chinese.
    Don’t ya see narcissists 24/7 around ya these days?
    Those people (sheeple) spend a lot of their time trying to imitate these fake trendy online stars, who’s done a lot of plastic surgery.
    They are so good in faking their look, but once you manage to sleep with them, you would not want to see their real face in the morning, RUN!

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