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After 14 years, the Mars rover Opportunity is still roving about and taking measurements on the Martian surface, due to these mysterious, recurring “cleaning events,” which have wiped the rover’s heavily-encrusted solar panels completely clean, enabling it to receive solar power and to continue doing its tasks.

The Opportunity is designed to power down during the night and it is during these periods, while it is not recording anything that something (or someone) has been conducting these deep cleaning events, as evidenced by the rover’s own cameras, which have several times photographed from one day to the next, the solar arrays change from completely covered in red dust to sparkling clean. These cleaning events have been attributed to wind but given the encrusted state of the panels and the apparent “power washes” they receive, this just doesn’t seem possible to me.

Ironically, the notorious hacker Gary McKinnon, who allegedly hacked NASA’s databases and discovered crew lists for off-planetary missions called “Solar Warden” is seen on the YouTube comment thread of this video, defending the wind hypothesis, saying, “…the atmosphere is thinner and the gravity is far less so dust blows off easily.”

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  • its being cleaned by the people watching it, there are photos of the rover on earth in a place named mars something cant remember the name. basically they are not even hiding the fact its on earth. its all ludicrous , supposedly having all this monitoring crap on it and carrying out all those tasks

  • OMG! Have you seen google’s little animation du jour? It shows symbols progressing from free speech around the campfire to entrapment in a Ai microchip!

  • Whoever is cleaning the Opportunity Mars Rover is doing high quality work.

    List of Mars missions

    The Curiosity Mars Rover (not shown in the cleaning video) is nuclear powered.

    Self cleaning nanotechnology coated glass surfaces exist but these require both sunlight and water to breakdown small particles and clean glass (use of rubber wipers reduce ability to self clean).

  • Cleaning?
    Would it be better, when all people would be able to clean up INSIDE?
    How much sleepy stuff is present inside the own brain?
    At least there is stored the painfull past, which pains are rooted in the body.

    By cleaning up inside, a new human being appears, where there is no more a need for time travel into universe.
    This new being is until now an alien, so unknown.

  • I seriously doubt someone is tramping out into the Martian landscape just to clean a device that sends back information to mainstream, low-level scientists who believe they are special because they work for NASA. Ugh.

    So, if this thing is self-cleaning why don’t I have the same technology in my home? The question I’ve been asking for many, many years? “Why don’t we have self-cleaning homes?” I’ll pose the answer–because the energy source that drives the Rover system falls into the same category as an even bigger question: “Combustion engines–why are we still driving them after 100-years?”

      • Elle, I love your comments all the time, so, on the money. It appears that way because that is what your mind saw. But you know this.

      • Are not all scientists, male or female, penis oriented projecting their knowledge into universe?

        It was Freud who said there is a penis envy inside woman, making clear that a female being, as woman or man, takes all inside?

        Now all information can come inside and the outside knowledge becomes inside wisdom. Mystic disappears and I know who/what I am, where the last discovery is: I am universal.

        • I don’t think Freud was so metaphysical, Aham. He was a letch, mostly. And, just for the record, his “penis envy” theory was do-do. Women do not have penis envy. I suppose if a woman wanted to physically be a man she might experience it. Otherwise, no. His theory was a reflection of his era and his beliefs regarding male supremacy. And, I’d add, perhaps his attachment to his own penis.

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