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From nipple censorship to breast milk regulation, ReasonTV’s Andrew Heaton says the government is groping where it shouldn’t.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thanks for this, Alex – sorta-kinda Andrew Heaton is great. Where’d you find him? I’m a new fan. I hope he keeps showing boobs, so I’ll keep watching. Of course, the rest of the stuff is pretty good, too (although next time, they need to do a better post job with the gore. I want to see blood!)

    Great Find.

    • You know it, Aham! I say us males need to start a “Ball Liberation” movement, like the feminists did in the 70’s, when women burned their bras and showed their boobs. We males can cut our undies, and let our balls hang through!

      Besides ball, you know the gov’t hates sphincters, too! (except when it has it’s dick in ours..). You never see a sphincter up close; even in film, it’s rare, it’s “derri-rare”. And think you’ll see shit oozing out of an anus on TV? Fugeddaboudit.

      In the 70’s, Helen Reddy sings “I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too great to ignore..”, so for the guys, “Men must free, all our balls, and our buttholes, and our poo, so on tv we can act like me and you..”.

      OK, you do better.

  • We have a breast milk bank at the hospital I work at. I occasionally take blood for screening the donors to ensure they don’t have infectious diseases that could be transmitted in their breast milk. It surprises me that for a nation that is far more religious than New Zealand, the United States is reluctant to give away blood and breast milk for free compared to our more secular society.

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