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Firefighters in California counties from San Francisco to Sacramento to Los Angeles, have reported severe neurological damage, headaches, insomnia, memory problems and confusion after 5G towers were installed outside their stations. When tested, they were found to have brain abnormalities and measurable neurological deficits and firefighters have now filed to be exempt from the California law that would enforce the installment of 5G towers near their places of work.

When their fire stations were relocated away from 5G transmitters, firefighters claimed their symptoms stopped. More shocking (no pun intended) was that the radiation levels measured were just 1-2/1,000th the FCC’s allowable “safe” limits for non-ionizing radiation. In other words, the FCC considers radiation levels 1,000 times higher than those which debilitated strapping firemen to be safe!

Like the current generation of cellphone technology, 5G has not been adequately tested to determine its impact on health but following the lead of former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, who eschewed safety testing in favor of economic growth, the industry in the US is moving quickly to establish primacy.

Because the millimeter wave frequencies used in 5G do not travel far, towers will need to be built every 1,000 feet (305 m), necessitating “millions and millions” of towers, according to an exultant Wheeler, to blanket every corner of the Earth in a toxic electrosmog that will enable driverless cars and the Internet of Things.

It’s worth re-telling here the little-known story of John Patterson, who was a senior telecommunications officer for Telstra in Australia, responsible for the deployment of thousands of towers. When he discovered that these towers are capable of emitting microwave radiation 50,000 times the legal limit, he wrote a report to his seniors – and was promptly fired. In order to get the word out, he says he took his friend’s tank and destroyed 8 tower sites and served 20 months in jail. He says he doesn’t regret it because, “People need to know my story.”

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  • US embassies that report their personal suffering ringing in the ears and other medical effects I suspect that the problem is only their own 5g equipment.

  • The push to quickly roll-out the 5G towers, is evidence of elite psychopaths running the show. Slow kill genocide! We need Nuremburg II tribunals at Gitmo!

  • so firemen are the only ones affected????????? is it their union card or their tshirts? …………

    get the towers away from us and change the law to put them near SOMEONE ELSE………

    5 G WILL DESTROY US……………….

    • Firemen I guess have a powerful union in California and we can thank them for their activism/sanity.

  • The FCC is already in the bag on this toxicity. In fact, they’re promoting it.

    Only thing to do is to engage the public (flood the public) with info, call, write, email your representatives and vote them out of office if they don’t stop 5G.

  • I am a communications engineer and ALL wireless devices have the capability to cause health issues.

  • DAH!…That’s because THEY irradiate people, just like ALL those Wireless products do!
    I stopped using them on a REGULAR basis decades ago.
    You MUST get a “Diode” or ware a “Magnetic” devices on either the phone or on your body when using them.
    You can buy them here:

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  • The science is there. Study after study has warned against roll out of 5g due to calcium issues with the human brain. They are ignoring the studies for the sake of growth. Marx was right, capitalists would sell their mother for a profit.

    Migrating birds will also be affected. Their feathers act as sensors to alert them to shifts in the earths magnetism, alerting them when it is time to move south, or north. According to studies, 5g screws this up. If so, get ready for masses of dead birds showing up when they’re not supposed to.

    For the love of God, when will you people wake up?

      • Things will reach an equilibrium point soon. Before very much longer, too many people will have been killed off by this microwave radiation being sprayed all around us to further support any more growth in the grid. Once a predator group kills off too much of its prey, the growth of the group will cease. Cell phones are the planetary IQ test, and very few will pass it.


  • This is an amazing reality check on the so-called “democratic government for the people”! These demonic followers are willing to risk the lives of everyone for the simple selfish goal of getting money! Help us Dear Lord!

  • As long scientist think, that universe base only on virbating waves, the process of creating destructive waves will go on. They will be used at some time.

    There is an unknown energy, which is called dark energy. No one seems to knows of what nature it is, because it can not be measured by waves.

    However, this energy base on direct current and the belonging lines which can bend.
    This energy is the energy of grave mass of the universal soul. (inner god).
    This soul can not become damaged.

    Who wants to meet this inner soul, has to find the inner “emptiness”, where this soul is a thome.

    • Its That “Dark Energy” that is arriving NOW that will Change EVERYTHING back to WHAT it really IS…ONENESS WITH DIVINE PROVIDENCE.
      Its the ORIGINAL “Creative Energy”…It will SHUT Down the “Grid” now running things.

    • I think so as well. If they turn the power all the way up, they have population control. Not control of the population.

    • This should provide really good sport for the ‘hunters’ among us
      as in providing great practice for shooting something ‘productive’
      for a change instead of taking the lives of God’s animal creations.

      In the process the ‘hunters’ just might save their own lives as well
      as the lives of all those the towers would slowly kill off simply by
      being built in the middle of our suburbs and community centers
      et al. Happy Hunting Guys (n Gals). No Limit to your bags here : )

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