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The Universe Inside You channel specializes in making controversial claims about ancient civilizations in lush videos with advanced motion graphics.

In this piece, the eye candy illustrates the theory that the purpose of Egypt’s Great Pyramid “Was not at all a tomb but a power plant, generating and transmitting [wireless] electricity to the civilization surrounding it,” suggesting that the angled tunnels, granite and dolomite were conductors of telluric and piezoelectric currents generated by the flowing water in the pyramid’s basement.

Giza and Tesla: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together!

One need not buy into persuasive arguments for how the giant sarcophagi found in the Pyramids of Giza were actually energy capacitors to be thoroughly amazed by more prosaic data, like how the pyramids were actually built around these massive sarcophagi, to say nothing about the mystery of how any of this digitally-accurate stone cutting, megalithic construction and astronomical alignment was achieved in the Bronze Age.

One need not agree that the pyramids were created to be energy generators in a broadcasting system for the purpose of wirelessly transmitting electricity – which would imply a complete rewrite of history – to agree that there’s a lot more to the ancient Egyptians and the pyramids than we’ve been told.

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  • It is highly possible that Pyramids in issue were built immediately before the deluge of Noah. And, it is presumed that the deluge of Noah took place around 4,500 years ago from now.

    The history of the earth is 3 trillion years and God had made a Judgment against human beings every 4,500 years on average. It is expected that scientists can find out the exact age of the earth and the universe in the near future.

    After each Judgment by Creator God, the history of human beings started again in the primitive state according to God’s plan and then they accumulated their knowledge for average 4,500 years on average. That is why pyramids in issue could be made by the highly developed science.

    Please refer to “The Start and End of a Human Being” (Published on December 12, 2018).

  • Not a new theory – I figured this was likely 20 years ago. Although, it might have been free wireless power, it could have also been a “psychic internet”, using the frequencies of power to include data. How about that? A wireless, consciousness internet?

  • Couple of inconsistencies in the video. Those bull sarcophagi were not found in any pyramid but in a temple. The best known of the pyramids, TGP@Giza contains just one, with no lid. When Al Mamun busted in there in the 9th century, that’s exactly what he found, and how he found it. Those casing stones didn’t come off in the 13th century but much earlier, and were used to build one of the first mosques in Cairo. The Queen’s Chamber has been known since forever, and so were the ventilation shafts, just that nobody knew where they went to. There were NO swivel doors inside TGP that you could open with one finger! These were multi-ton blocks that had been lowered in place to keep people out. Good to note that with all the flashy graphics and animations, it’s still a long way from the truth, and makes one wonder about Universe Inside You channel. Same with their assertion that TGP was connected to the ground water in some way. It was not. The Grotto underneath was probably used as what a trimmer cap would be used for in a circuit to adjust the volume and tune it to a specific frequency. The whole pyramid is finely tuned and a mere whisper in the King’s Chamber can be heard in The Grotto! Whatever theory anyone might have, it was not intended for people because it’s not designed that way. You walk in, make a left and climb through a 1 x 1 m shaft at 30 degrees where you hit the Grand Gallery 8m high, then at the top AGAIN go into a tiny shaft that again opens up then get down again before you hit the King’s Chamber. Makes no sense! The exterior of the Sarcophagus is rough, but the inside of that thing is perfectly smooth even at the very corners. I have no idea how anybody can polish the inside cut of a stone like that and neither does anybody else. It may have been cast in place using an inflatable inner mold.

  • What is perplexing in this day and age that we still have babbling idiots called Egyptologists.
    Science boxed in via closed systems bereft of open system thinking and actually tell good scientist they aren’t scientist because of open system thinking.
    If anything, the commoner lives in a very dark age enchanted thru techno highly addictive thingies that keeps them mesmerized and distracted and above all stupid.

    Once again only the 1% wins and have co-opted the open system thinking scientists willingly or under duress thru a breakaway civilization we all pay for. That or I am totally brainwashed by R. Dolan + C.A. Fittz and J.P. Farrell which is entirely possible. But their hypothesis makes very much sense to me. One can only wonder what those 1%ters have garnered for knowledge thru this brainpower and techno devices combined in a positive way!!!

    • Yes but of all the scientific research and theories out there that you or I could test on our own, pyramids are probably the easiest one. I HAVE actually replicated nearly all the pyramid experiments that have been done using a 1 meter high model and found that all the effects are REAL. It’s suble and very small, but the anomalous effects are there and they’re unexplainable. The ones that shocked me the most was proving that the pyramid causes an increase in centripetal acceleration and angular momentum of a gyroscope. There is literally nothing you can do to a gyroscope to affect its angular momentum assuming a constant speed. Even if you did this in space, the momentum should be exactly the same for the same gyroscope. It is NOT. And because I convinced myself of the power of the pyramid, I’m planning on building a much larger version as soon as possible.

  • ” lush videos with advanced motion graphics.”
    It’s become axiomatic; any presentation that smells of generous funding, is suspect. The disinfo-artists, and peddlers of distraction, know well enough that low-budget vids are more convincing, but if the Rockefellers want to give them big budgets, who’s going to argue?
    The best material I’ve seen lately, is Laird Scranton’s stuff. He’s a hell of a researcher, who knows how to gather masses of info, and not jump too soon to conclusions.
    Love your work, Alexandra

  • I do think that those piles of stone are closer to twelve thousand years old. Granite on the inside, perfect fitting no gaps, no mortar, then you have limestone, and once upon a time, a granite cover stones, some are still in place on the bottom about four or five layers . There are tunnels under the pyramids going down about eighty feet. One of the first things, before building them was leveling the ground to build them on, that’s thirteen acres, just for the “great” one. But anyway, they were power plants. Check out Chris Dun and his book, The Giza Power Plants. There was so much she got wrong, I had to speak out. I didn’t get it all perfect either, however… Then we had Tesla, who our government cleaned up on. After J P Morgen black balled him for trying to give energy away for nothing. One of Donald Trumps uncles examined Tesla’s papers after his death. Isn’t that interesting?

    • One other little thing, two million three hundred thousand stones, twenty years. That’s placing a stone every two and a half minuets twenty for hours a day. And they are all multi ton stones. And it’s only off approximately three quarters of a degree from true north. Try that now days, lots of luck.

  • I am hoping the 21st century will FINALLY put an END to Science and religion fallacies and dogma; that have proven to be false for many years.

  • The problem here is the extant papyri construction logbook dated around 2550BC which seems to fix the date of construction of the Great Pyramid which isn’t the oldest. They are found all over the world and the oldest is in Kazakhstan. Surprisingly no mention was made of Ley Lines here, but I suppose that would have distracted from the theme line.

  • This is very interesting. I posted a video to YT back in 2012 showing how the flow of water from one IBC fish tank (in our new Aquaponics system) to another would generate a high voltage differential between the cages of the IBCs. Here is the link to my 5 yr old video:

  • Is there anyone that is researching this that you know of? Recreating this technology to see if it works in practice?

    • I think Joseph Farrell wrote speculatively about this idea in great detail. He has decent science chops. It won’t be easy to find mainstream scientists studying this.

      • I wonder if it’s possible to use a computer to model the technology and to predict the outcome. Maybe such capability exists?

        • The conditions today are different from what they were when they were built (which might be as far back as 10k years ago, if Robert Schoch’s geological analysis is correct). The Nile used to flow right alongside the Giza complex but I bet it could be done with accurate readings of the local conditions (telluric fields and the flow of groundwater).

          • Some years ago a researcher stated that the age of the pyramids as deduced from inscriptions was ca.15,000BC possibly older. In 1981 I visited the pyramids, went inside the King’s chamber etc. In 2000 I had a series of repeated lucid dreams wherein i viewed living, multiple layers of extremely complex and beautiful symbolism, one after the other. One of those layers was the Egyptian hieroglyphs. I was in total awe and have always considered this to be a representation of the Quantum energy matrix. Has anyone else had this experience? Early on I saw through the religious hoax(s) was attracted to Eastern philosophy, have developed my own pranayama meditation system for divine re-connection, am in awe of Jeshua (the real Jesus) and am so glad that we are waking up so fast. There is still hope. Thanks Alexandra for posting this wonderful vid.

    • There are many researching the subject.

      The broader subject, of advanced technologies available to the ancients, and that they likely had to come from outside influence (ancient aliens), is covered on that History Channel entertaining show.

      This actual theory has also been covered there, with interviews of some of the researchers. There are also other cable shows about the subject, which could be found doing a search from your streaming provider.

      I think this theory, which does have some evidence to support it, makes much more sense that the written history, which for many reasons, is in need of a complete rewrite. At least, to those who value truth.

    • The OLDEST civilizations Knew of this technologies…ALL from AFRICA, and once WE “Return” back to WHAT We really are…We will KNOW too.

      • I myself look forward to the further exploration of the sunken pyramids off the Cuban coast that also has a couple of Sphinx statues. The word is that there are clear pictographs inside that may tell a story.

    • I believe Chris Dunn has done the most research on the powerplant idea. MANY people and researchers are convinced. I’m just not sure. There is a verse in Scripture about a monument located in ” central and border” of Egypt. Strangely, Giza would match this locale when northern and southern Egypt were separated.

    • Yeah, Dr. Krasnogolovetz at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences did quite a bit of research on pyramids and discovered quite a bit including the fact that they work when made of any material except aluminium (connection to chemtrails?). Also discovered that the steeper the angle, the more dramatic the effects. This was why a Russian millionaire funded the construction of 40 pyramids around Novgorod and that city experienced a ~60% decrease in alcoholism, heart disease, car accidents, and cancer. I’ve personally replicated many of the experiments using a 1 meter high pyramid and found that it increases centripetal acceleration and the resulting angular momentum by about 0.5%. I have no explanation for this. Another researcher found that ALL blood values went closer to optimal in test subjects after just 15 minutes inside a pyramid. While I did spend more than that in TGP King’s Chamber I didn’t notice anything unusual, which leads me to believe that whatever the Egyptians were using it for, it no longer works, or has been depleted.

      • Robert Eady mentions quantum dreams. After my visit to “King’s” chamber I had a 20 min video play in my head. It ended with: “Welcome Home.” A flame went off on the top of my head. I returned to USA and wrote my book. It took 10 years. Then the flame subsided. Chris Dun and others are close to the truth: It is older and it is a power plant. It is 52,000 years old. Piezoelectricity is part of it, but there are 7 overlapping technologies. The tall ones who built it were “flash frozen” (see Antarctica Info, many youtube sources, uncovered bodies etc) when the comet hit and brought the pyramid power to an end. This started an ice age. It also created us, a hybrid race. I will read other researchers given above, at this point I only know Chris Dun. We both were speakers at the UFO Congress in 1997. To Debbie: I need help to build a model to demonstrate one of the principles: Each outer layer was a distinct membrane that did not touch the inner pyramid. It was free to vibrate. That resonant frequency was 12 cps. The wind, the earth, and the moon kept it going. The inner pyramid converted this to a high frequency that radiated outward. Somewhat like Tesla’s idea, however, Teslas was using the wrong frequency. Would love to have help. Please contact me. Oh and the name of my book is: “Pyramid Truth Gateway Universe.”

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