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    Cicada 3301 has been called “the most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age” and one of the “top 5 eeriest, unsolved mysteries of the Internet”. Two months ago, Swedish YouTuber LEMMiNO published this definitive documentary about it and it’s since gotten around 4 million views and counting.

    Cicada 3301 refers to a mysterious organization that posted a set of PGP-encrypted puzzles to the “Random” bulletin board at in January of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016, with the stated purpose of recruiting “highly intelligent individuals.”

    The clues have included many different communication media, including the Internet, telephone, original music, Linux CDs, digital images, physical paper signs, using references to classic literature and art, philosophy, cryptography and math. The clues unlocked geographical coordinates for a scavenger hunt. We’re shown the cellphone video from the player in Seoul, South Korea of the bike shelter where a paper sign with a QR code containing the next clue was found.

    Corporations and governments have employed similar recruitment techniques since at least the Second World War and Britain’s GCHQ, Google and the US Navy have drawn inspiration from Cicada 3301 to launch their own recruitment projects in recent years.

    Whether an elaborate trolling or an invitation to a cyptic cult, the purpose of Cicada 3301 remains a mystery. Can YOU figure it out?

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I believe that cicada 3011 was used to recruit people to intelligence agencies such as the NSA. One thing that seems very suspicious are the questions. Those questions are not there to see if you believe in privacy and meet some moral/ethics, but to see if you’re going to be okay with going against it.

      Harold Burton

    • Imagine this world class cryptographer goes through the last puzzle, working day and night to get to this point and join Cicada. He finds a link on the last page, he clicks on it and…

    • Nobody is looking into the meaning of the NAME “Cicada.” Cicadas remain underground for most of their lives and only come out every 13 or 17 years. In the same way, cicada 3301 may have temporarily disappeared but we will probably hear from them again sometime in the future.
      Joseph Donahue

    • “maybe its sposed to look hard but actually it is so simple that u wouldn’t think its simple, [email protected] . see what I mean? people are deciphering using code etc, maybe the nsa set it up so they cud find out who is clever enough to use code so they can either use you and offer you a job or if theys ee you are anti globalization and elite then shut u down. if they make it simple simon met a pieman going to a fair, then not only will they think u r retarded but chances are u will boast and the clever coders will say no u r wrong ans start coding and decoding and all sorts, and actually digging your own grave, the nsa wants all hackers in the world working for them or dead, so they can pull of a group hack globally where eveyr hacker all round world using tor or the like hacks there opponent at same time thus completely raping them, so chances are theres 2 answers one for simple way, and the other for the people they want to catch on there hook, will u get put in the water water with a chip in you branded nsa, or wil they just cut the line, leave the hook in and place u in a box to die and feed you to there cats

    • Since this has been in recommendation for too many people for at least a month (including me)…like its been thrown at you and you just trying to dodge it, seems like Cicada 3301 is behind all this too! Saying people to “please solve our puzzle…pleaaase. We worked hard on these puzzles.”

    • Someone slow down and reverse the audio at the end of this video. I can only understand part of what is being said. Post it here so I don’t keep wasting time trying to clean up the audio. 🙂

    • Frequent mention of Cicada can be found at home of one Thomas Paine (nom de plume) who claims as a former NSA crypto guy he has recruited some of the best and brightest minds to crack the system. The site is definitely uncovering some interesting information and is pro Trump, pro nationalist, anti deep state, anti globalist, which to my thinking is a bit one dimensional, as Trump is such a mixed bag as is the power structure of the planet.

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