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42-year-old Secret Service agent, Noel E. Remagen was found unresponsive last Sunday while traveling with President Trump’s security detail in Scotland. He passed away in the hospital on Tuesday and his body arrived in the US yesterday.

There are rumors that Remagen was Trump’s taster and that he died of poisoning. Given the extremely contemptuous anti-Trump climate following his latest disruptions of the Globalist apple cart, these rumors don’t seem entirely implausible.

However, the official report is that the well-respected 19-year veteran of the US Secret Service was protecting National Security Adviser John Bolton when he suffered a stroke.

While the Mainstream Media was hysterically fulminating and pearl-clutching in faux outrage over all things Trump, he and Melania were at Joint Base Andrews meeting with Remagen’s family.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • “Likely the same people that planned 9/11.”

    …and we now have proof…

    That there were two gunmen that killed JFK. Fascinating report based on findings from the latest files release that proves:

    * there were two gunmen
    * a shot through the front windshield
    * a second shot from behind from the book repository
    * that the government (secret service on orders from the VP) replaced the windshield twice shortly after the shooting to destroy the evidence

  • It’s not faux outrage, Alexandra. It’s real.

    They are threatened by nationalism, not just the man who first brought it.

    The other day someone wrote that there are four nations remaining whose central banks are not owned by Rothschild. There is actually five, as Iceland recently made a break. The true list is:

    N Korea

    Hungary and Iceland have shown signs of nationalism, which is also spreading through Europe, as well as parts of China, where that regime is also afraid of it. Don’t be surprised if nations in S America eventually end up going this route too.

    Trump’s success in N Korea will bring them off the lst for Rothschild. He’s laying plans for action in Iran, either in this term or a second, if he succeeds; that would net 2 of the 5. The ELF sound-waves in Cuba are also likely an attempt to disrupt the accord that Obama signed, so he can come back in later all Trump-like and get a bunch more out of them in exchange for peace. Like a new central bank.

    What the dems fear from this (Trump’s success for Rothschild) is irrelevancy. Sorry, Anons, Trump got started in biz decades ago by…Rockefeller. His ties there and in Goldman Sachs has always tied him into the cabal. He is not the storm for you, but rather, for the cabal. He is a competitor, not the enemy…

    The Dem party now teeters on extinction from the move leftward to socialism, as well as neo-liberals departing the party. The only thing they see as a rescue attempt is destroying Trump, regaining the White House after impeachment and an ineffective VP… thereby “saving” neo-liberalism, which will start WW3 for Rothschilds to get all of those banks on the re-build.”

    Delusional and dangerous yes.

  • A ‘taster’ is of no use if they die of a slow acting poison; the food would already have been given a go-ahead. It *has* been mentioned several times though, that the reason Trump eats so much fast food is that he’s afraid of poisoning and figures publicly available food is safer.

    One wonders if he trusts the White House chef and all the protocol behind sourcing food coming into the WH dining room.

  • The fact that any so-called leader needs to have a “Taster”?! screams LOADS of insecurity existing among them…and no small wonder when you consider WHAT they are up too in regards the “Sheeple” they preside over.
    They KNOW they are doing a miserable job at handling their responsibility, but really don’t CARE about the Sheeple in the first place.
    They only cater to the banking and corporate interest who also don’t care either.

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