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    My friend, Jeff Berwick, the Dollar Vigilante and Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange trespassed onto Jeffrey Epstein’s island yesterday and have posted the first footage taken from the ground of such world-famous sites as the weird temple, the sundial, a utility room that some had speculated was an “underground entrance” and a rectangular area that some have called a “sacrificial arena”. The latter is strangely disguised as a tennis court on Google Maps but its earthen walls are now being used to enclose a small fleet of utility vehicles.

    Although they were able to enter an unlocked outbuilding that has been used as an office, all the computers were removed during a recent FBI raid. They also found that the temple structure is basically a cheap, poured concrete bunker. The blue and white masonry and the big wooden door are just painted on. Berwick notes that the whole place is like a Hollywood set. There’s even a big plastic cow grazing next to the beach.

    The two were on Little St James Island for about half an hour before caretakers on golf carts chased them off.

    It’s amazing how the Epstein story vanished in a puff of smoke after his suspicious suicide. This was a mass red-pilling event that awakened many hardcore normies to the reality of a criminal Deep State. Only the very naïve believe that Epstein committed suicide. Like Berwick, I doubt he’s even dead.

    George Webb has posted several videos about how there is so much more to Jeffrey Epstein than a child sex trafficking ring and a blackmailing operation. Webb says Epstein was not just a billionaire pedophile, he was a CIA/State Department cut-out and a pilot involved in the trafficking of weapons from conflict zones for decades.

    Some may recall that private military contractor, Dyncorp was involved in child sex trafficking in Bosnia in the 1990s, as reported by UN peacekeeping recruit Kathryn Bolkovac and the subject of the 2010 film, The Whistleblower. Webb says that Epstein was at there at Dyncorp and at the center of all of that.

    Webb also says that Epstein was involved in the logistics of a scheme run by Teneo, the private intelligence contracting firm founded by Bill Clinton’s right hand man, Doug Band to extract information from the State Department’s many covert operations around the world and to privatize this information for private gain.

    Others involved in this operation included Huma Abedin, who worked at Teneo and who transferred this information to her husband, Anthony Weiner.

    With Epstein’s “suicide”, it’s unlikely that any of this will ever become widely known.

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