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    George Webb is on a roll, with the Jeffrey Epstein story, which sketches out, off the top of his head.

    This is one of his classic stream-of-consciousness monologues, in which he says he’s not fact-checking his own recollection. I’ve made notes of some of the hair-raising things that he tells us:

    – Jeff Epstein was flying planes for the State Department from at least 1996 or 1997, during the first term of Bill Clinton and his Secretary of State, Warren Christopher.

    – Peter Strzok became involved with the Clintons at that time as a Secret Service agent. Webb says Strzok was “doctored into looking like he worked for DTRA [Defense Threat Reduction Agency] but he really is the [computer] hacking teams brought into the White House…he is pictured at the Brady Bill signing with Bill Clinton.”

    – This group of Secret Service guys got moved to the Diplomatic Security Services for Hillary Clinton, when Bill Clinton left office. Webb says Strzok “was the key guy on Benghazi, key guy in Libya, key guy on Syria. Later, they tried to dress him up as an FBI guy.”

    – Hillary was a shadow Secretary of State for Madeline Albright.

    – Webb says, “I do believe Jeff Epstein was involved in running drugs. I do believe a lot of the money was laundered into luxury real estate, luxury companies, corporate takeovers by [Les] Wexner I don’t know if [Les] knew that the money was drug money out of various places like Kosovo and and conflict areas in Turkey. etc.”

    – Jeff Epstein’s plane in 1996/7 was registered to the State Department or the CIA and the flights were out of both Kosovo and Bosnia. “Conflict children”, who were around 12 years old were being distributed around major fashion centers in the world through bogus modeling agencies.

    – Epstein’s patron, clothing mogul Les Wexner was founder/CEO of the L Brands retailing and marketing conglomerate, which includes Victoria’s Secret.

    – Epstein is completely at the center of the State Department’s EB-5 scheme to obtain visas for Ukrainian criminals and their girlfriends [The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is for foreign investors with high net worth and/or significant annual income].

    – Hillary used the Secret Service to do compromise operations while she was in the West Wing of the White House with Madeleine Albright, using State Department resources. When Hillary went to the Senate, they moved the Secret Service guys, including Peter Strzok into Diplomatic Security Services.

    – Webb says, “I saw them all [including Strzok]. I saw them all come through – and the actors – come through at the Benghazi trial and none of the DC press, hardly any of the DC press went to the case. They didn’t listen to the DSS guys testify. So, they don’t know what actually happened in the trial…I was the only guy in there!..I was the only guy there who sat through and listened to all the testimony. I know, because I asked the guy sitting next to me, they said well, ‘We’re all FBI. Everybody in the place is all FBI. They want to make sure nobody says anything that outs them.’ A lot of these guys also became FBI guys out of DSS [Defense Security Services]…I can’t imagine what would happen if Hillary would have won the election! Oh, my God. Think of that.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I often find it hard to follow George because he’s such a great source of information and he seems to grasp the whole godawful picture. Some of the links he’s brought out in the Epstein case are staggering and I have a feeling there’s a lot more to come, like Epstein and the Clinton Foundation for example. I sincerely hope the investigation and court case brings everything out. Justice is long overdue for those poor children.

      Great work, George! I’ll be following his updates closely.

      As he said, imagine if Hillary had become president… What a nightmare scenario that is!

      PS. I hope you are doing okay Alexandra and that you can keep going despite the attacks. You’re a woman of deep integrity and I thoroughly appreciate FKTV.

    • Ah, history of the deep state.
      Dirt, everywhere.
      Let’s hide it under the lawn! In plain sight where no one can see it.
      Thank you, Alexandra, I am seeing the connections, at long last!! Or at least some of them.

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