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    There’s much more to the Jeff Epstein story than will ever be officially revealed. George Webb seems to know the most and to be sharing more than anyone else out there.

    Webb says Jeff Epstein is not just a billionaire pedophile, he is a CIA/State Department cut-out and a pilot involved in compromise operations in child sex trafficking and the trafficking of weapons from conflict zones for decades.

    Some may recall that private military contractor, Dyncorp was involved in child sex trafficking in Bosnia in the 1990s. Webb says that Epstein was there and at the center of that.

    Here, Webb disgorges a veritable Finnegan’s Wake of subterfuge, showing Epstein’s connections to Imran Awan, the FBI’s Lisa Page and to AG Bill Barr. The latter’s father, Donald Barr was the headmaster at New York City’s exclusive Dalton School and he hired Jeff Epstein – a two-time college drop-out – on as a physics teacher.

    Webb gives such an amazing download of mind-blowing details, I can’t do it justice, you have to see it for yourself!

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    • The corruption within our government and the world makes me so ill that I literally want to throw up.

      This entire story is beyond barbaric, disgusting and criminal. Our country is beyond sick and all of these perverted people are beyond help.

    • Jeffrey Epstein is finding out WHO his Friends are….or are NOT. Nobody can openly defend him for fear of their own exposure! Should be interesting to watch this mess progress!!

    • I’ll make a bet that when all this boils down we’ll find that the Clintons have their
      dirty hands deep in this along with other illegal going ons.

      • Nutty or not there’s no denying the fact that he had the goods on Epstein a long time ago. Look at his 2017 videos where he lays out a lot of this info.

    • There is a YouTube channel called Amazing Polly that has a lot of good info and shows some connections too…like Les Wexner.

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