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    When I first began publishing ForbiddenKnowledgeTV in 2010, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, who’d been raised, educated and who’d worked in environments that were exclusively Liberal. Barack Obama was in office and I’d voted for him. I never thought to publish anything bad about Obama, therefore, I earned a great income with Google advertising banners on my website.

    The original focus of the site was on science and technology but it was also very anti-George W. Bush, anti-Neocon and anti-war, which of course meant it got into 9/11, which of course meant it got into government corruption.

    I am very against government corruption, which meant that when when 2015 rolled around, I was against Hillary Clinton. I was able to overcome my lifelong anti-Trump bias to appreciate the good things he had to say and I voted for Donald Trump.

    Almost immediately after making my new opinions publicly known, Google demonetized me by more than 80%. Although I didn’t connect the two events at the time, the psychological civil war waged against those who support the President over the past 3 years has proven otherwise.

    My site’s traffic was the same but Google had simply decided to cut me off, without explanation. Perhaps more importantly, Google had cut themselves off from me as a source of income and didn’t care. This cycle has been repeated by other Silicon Valley service providers – twice within the past 3 months, actually.

    It seems Google and all of Big Tech are not really in the business of making money via the services they provide to their users. Their currency is the human mind. They seek to corral the zeitgeist of the global population. They’re imbued with a transhumanist ideology and they seek to transform the opinion of the populace into their own, as the only acceptable worldview.

    It’s a worldview that is in lockstep with that of the Globalists and with all of their corrupt institutions in finance, energy, science, medicine, education, media and government. It’s a worldview that is Corporo-Fascist. It’s anti-human and it is wrong.

    The absolute power held by these tech giants has corrupted them absolutely. It is long past time to put them in check, assuming this is even possible.

    Here’s a clip from yesterday’s Social Media Summit at the White House, which was of course pilloried by the dinosaur moribund Corporo-Fascist mainstream media but hopefully marks an important step toward our regaining the right to our own opinions.

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    • As a British citizen born and bread, I am aghast that my own Government is so corrupt with the Globalists’ heinous agenda.

      However, what troubles me even more, is that the vast majority of my fellow countrymen and women are completely oblivious as to what is going on! Needless to say, prompted by our political leaders and the corrupt media, in particular, the BBC, they view P. Trump as an incompetent idiot!

      For me, it all started, when the Bankster JP Morgan pulled the plug on his sponsorship of Nikola Tesla. Since then the Globalists have steadily hoodwinked society into believing in a totally false view of our world.
      How long must we wait for P. Trump to declare 9/11 a false flag event under the auspices of George W Bush?

      Furthermore, when we see Hilary and Co., along with Bush, Obama, Mueller, and Comey etc., etc., wearing chains around their ankles, we will know the fight is finally being won.

      Until then, Gold help each and every one of us!

      • I agree, I was totally unaware of how bad things are. It was that Spider’s Web doc that opened my eyes. There’s another problem looming that uk media are silent about, EU defence union. They’re militarising the EU block by combining resources from all member states. Teresa May has pledged at least one aircraft carrier. Brussels has stated in a white paper that they want a military that will rival China, Russia and the USA. Now fortress America is starting to make sense! UK people are still being hoodwinked into believing that EU membership stands for peace!

    • Pursuit of truth requires all of us to wear partisan blinders and the willingness and integrity to call a wrong a wrong. It leads us down a long and winding road, sometimes with few friends due to their cognitive dissonance.

      Alexandria, yours is an important story. I appreciate your site and your zeal for the truth. Keep on truckin!

    • I believe I first came across your site by using something called StumbleUpon, in 6/12, and have followed your up’s and downs, over these few years, for one reason. Truth. Thank You!
      I also believe that Trump would not have taken his job as easily, from H.R.C. if not for a person who is now in a prison cell in the U.K.. Who he now says he never heard of…..
      Anyway, the censorship by globalists, I mean, technocraps in silicone valley, has got to be stopped.

      Keep making it a better world to live in, especially if you are a citizen of these (semi) United States. And not an invader from some foreign country, who are here for the new free deal, free votes, free health care, free money…. I will now shut, my mouth off.

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