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    Revolver.News investigative journalist, Darren Beattie joined Steve Bannon on the War Room on Wednesday to discuss how the 1/6 Commission is now expanding its investigation to include all of the communications records of all the MAGA congressmen and everyone in Trump’s inner circle, including all of their user data from all social media sites, with subpoenas being issued to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

    Late on the evening of the following day, the January 6 Select Committee announced subpoena depositions and records from Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino and Kash Patel.

    Beattie has been staying on his investigation into January 6th, which he calls “The highest-stakes, most dangerous and most important story in the country.”

    In his previous report, Beattie said the evidence was overwhelming that 1/6 was actually orchestrated by the government saying, “I believe was engineered as an infiltration operation. This false narrative is now the key pretext that our National Security state is using to ram through Patriot Act 2.0, the Domestic War on Terror.”

    He said the biggest proof of this were the upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators in the 1/6 indictments made against members of the key implicated militia groups, who have not been charged for the same activities — in some cases, more severe activities — as those named alongside them in the indictments. Beattie believes these individuals were not indicted due to grants of immunity, because they are either federal agents or assets.

    Beattie says:

    “Basically, anyone who set foot in DC within a month of 1/6, the Commission, in this expansionist fishing expedition wants all their communications, all their electronics. But there’s one very notable exception to this fishing expedition.

    “One fish that seems to elude the net and elude interest, completely. And that happens to be the Founder and Head of the key militia group [the Oathkeepers] that both the Government and the media has branded as the ‘Boogie Man’ associated with the ‘insurrectionist elements’ of 1/6. That’s ‘Person One’ in the charging documents. That person is Stewart Rhodes.

    “For all of the Commission’s interest in literally everybody, they’ve expressed zero interest in Rhodes…After 8 months, this head of this main militia, the big Boogie Man has not been indicted, when his own statements and actions have been used by the Government to incriminate and attempt to deny bail to his underlings in the Oathkeepers.

    “And not only that, Stewart Rhodes, ‘Person 1’ hasn’t even been subject to a thorough search. As far as we know, the only search the Government has done on him is they took a single cell phone for months after 1/6, which is amazing when you look at the – look at the search they slapped on Rudy Giuliani, for instance…

    “Just recently, there was a story of a whole family and they were at a Stop the Steal rally…they had their whole house raided. The Feds seized everything, including the 11-year-old’s tablet – and yet, they’ve only taken a single cell phone from the head of the major militia groups and they did it 4 months after the event, when it would have been easy to destroy any evidence in that period.

    “So, again, we ask, ‘Why is the Commission ignoring this key militia leader?'”  


    This oversight cannot be chalked up to Congressional incompetence, because we know that they’re acutely aware of who Rhodes is. As Beattie points out, Rhodes plays a central role in the theory of the case personally advanced by the head of the January 6 commission, itself, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS).

    “Five months before he was tapped as chairman of the Commission, Rep. Thompson filed a lawsuit in his personal capacity, with himself as lead plaintiff, against four parties:

    “Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, the Oath Keepers organization, and the Proud Boys organization [in which Stewart Rhodes was named as a defendant]. In his complaint, Thompson alleges an ‘Alley Oop’ theory of January 6. According to this theory, Trump and his agents on the inside conspired with the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and agents on the outside to incite a crowd to attack the Capitol.”

    “Yet now that Thompson is chairman of the January 6 commission—with total subpoena power to investigate Rhodes—suddenly ‘Attn: Stewart Rhodes’ has given way to ‘pay no attention’ at all.

    “Could it be that this is because Rhodes, if later discovered to have an undisclosed relationship with a Federal intelligence or law enforcement agency, would demolish Thompson’s entire ‘Alley Oop’ theory, revealing the ‘slam dunk’ to be orchestrated by the Feds themselves?”

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    • It’s a shame this was cut short. I would’ve liked to have heard the rest of what he had to say. Does anyone have the link to this full interview?

    • Revolver does some great work and I very much appreciate that which they have already covered but I do have concerns with this narrative.
      We should expect no less than absolute devious and deceptive behavior for the Left, especially when you are looking at such a corrupt and deceitful union as Pelosi and the FBI!
      Is Revolver only scratching and sniffing at the surface of the picture, accepting what is presented on the surface?
      If Rhodes were arrested, being held with other political prisoners, his home and Oath Keepers ransacked, would that not generate support and empathy for Rhodes, as well as Oath Keepers, likely serving as a recruitment drive?
      As such, would it not be more devious, deceptive, deceitful and tactically correct to do nothing, in effect set Rhodes up, as is done so often to criminals who are arrested in a sting, wherein they force an individual to turn with the threat of releasing them, thereby creating the appearance that they are an informant or have turned, maybe even threaten to leak the insinuation, the subject knowing full well his life would be in danger?
      I do not know Rhodes, so I can not speak to his loyalties but we all know the make up of the Left and should expect nothing but the worst from this criminal cabal and painting Rhodes as a plant would do much more harm to Oath Keepers than any arrest could ever do!
      Which scenario do you think the FBI and Pelosi would opt for?
      Just asking for a friend!
      A very old tactic that works very well!

    • I personally believe that there were planted agitators who were assigned to initiate the ‘riot’. and I wonder why the following questions have not been investigated and reported.
      1) Did Pres Trump (as has been reported) offerthe use of the National Guard to protect the capitol on Jan 6?
      2) Was Nancy Pelosi the person who determined who and how many persons would be on guard on Jan 6 and, as reported, did she refuse the use of the National Guard?
      3) If there was someone else involved in the refusal of the offer of the Guard, who else was responsible for refusing to use the National Guard who were more trained to respond during this volatile response to voting irregularities?
      4) Were there substantiated voting irregularities reports that contributed to the protest? (my daughter in Georgia, received 3 unsolicited absentee ballots and she always votes at the polls….her friends reported the same and some received more than 3 ballots… many were refused the right to vote and were told they had ‘already voted’ when they had not.) This also was reported in the recent California elections.
      4) How many total capitol police were available to guard the thousands of expected demonstrators at the capitol while the National Guard was assigned traffic-direction duties?
      5) How many capitol police were actually assigned to control the expected thousands of attendees?
      6) Why were so few police assigned when thousands were expected?
      7) Who was arrested and what are the charges and what were their past records and affiliations?
      8) Who was released and not charged and what were their affiliations and past records?
      9) Was the lack of guards and the refusal to use the National Guard who were in DC a deliberate false-flag to sabotage the protest?

    • So, I’m still not understanding what this guy is trying to get at, about Stewart Rhodes??
      To tell you the truth……I do NOT trust Steve Bannon as far as I could throw him!!

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