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  • until we reach the 100th monkey level of connected consciousness we will suffer under the black magic of these satanic a-holes. we the people are the enemy of the children of satan they hate you and want to destroy you and creation. we should pray for their souls and sent them on their way.

  • Capitalism is the kids setting up a lemonade stand in the front yard. Supply and demand in a free market. If Government is involved it is not capitalism.

  • I refuse to allow Yuval Harari to have power over me, and the same goes for the minions that he represents. The key is “will” as he said. Since the marketing and game theory gurus can anticipate our every move, they think they can use their “will to power” to rule over all of us. Hmmm…where have I heard that before? Remember when the marketing geniuses said someone could be completely defined by her zip code? Now the “zip code gods” have seized power and plan to automate the entire planet. But if we are all replaced by droids, who pays for the robot project, and who will buy the junk that supposedly defines us. And what happens when the grid goes down? Who is going to fix it? I’ll try not to get trapped in their “will to power net.” Now we know who they are and so we run when they come for us. Thanks to Ice Age Farmer…

  • Just as we’re climbing out of the dark winter into the springtime of lived conscious light, the corruption wants to prolong its life. Just turn your back on it….something else is trying to connect with us. We’re impressionable by nature, we’re surrounded by information rich light. We’re living in a state of distraction, even spoken language is a distraction. The rest of nature doesn’t speak, they’re communing sharing in a constant communion with each other and the earth. We are about to discover that. The aspect of ourselves that we’ve learnt to ridicule is the psychic, this is the real fraud! We should be living in a grounded blissful state of belonging not this distracted state. We are just about to rediscover this that’s why the corruption wants to lock us in. Their system is an artificial copy of the real thing, for some reason the natural way scares them. Remember what Bush Snr said, “the rule of law will govern the conduct of nations, not the law of the jungle” union with the natural way is coming for us and they don’t want it.

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