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End of the Empire: Bill Holter

Sean at the SGTReport interviews Bill Holter from JS Mineset and they get deep into the various forces driving the inevitable failure of the US empire.

They begin with a discussion the totalitarian policies in France, whereby journalists were threatened with jail time by that country’s election commission, if they were to report the details of the incriminating email leaks of new French President, former Rothschild banker, Emmauel Macron’s campaign office. Sean observes that a similar kind of totalitarianism is occurring on Google, with the current CEO, Sundar Pichai saying that they are demonetizing everything that they deem to be “Fake News”.

Then they get into the topsy turvy stock market, where a stock like Amazon is trading at nearly $1,000 per share. Bill warns that despite popular opinion that the DOW, S&P and Nasdaq can only go up, the END could come in a flash, and when that happens, many people who were rich on a Friday could wake up broke on Monday.

The two remark on how “The world has become a Banana Republic,” both in terms of justice and Rule of Law, as well as in financial and monetary policy.

They get into the advantages of the cryptocurrencies, due to their being out of reach of the manipulating banks and they discuss recent drop in precious metals prices. Holter maintains that having physical precious metals is what will see people through the inevitable financial crisis headed our way.


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